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Theater Chains Are Accelerating The Death Of Movie Industry -- The Lrm Weekend

  By David Kozlowski   |   18 August 2017

Welcome to Issue #9 of The Lrm Weekend, a weekly column offering strong opinions about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you, our awesome Lrm community! Share your feedback or ideas for future columns: @LRM_Weekend and we'll post your Tweets below!

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Hey Lrm Weekenders, this week we're featuring some of the most intriguing, powerful, and successful women in Hollywood. Its easy to become fixated on our male action stars, since that's how Hollywood tends to market their films, so we sometimes fail to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our female action stars! But first, we want to discuss the elephant in the room: the dwindling audiences at movie theaters -- we'll explore some problems, one potential solution, and hopefully provide some insight into an issue that's only going to get worse if everything remains status quo.
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'Black Widow' vs 'Elektra'

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Sneak Peek footage of 'Elektra' stunt double Lauren Mary Kim (for actress Elodie Yung in Netflix' "Daredevil"), fighting Amy Johnston, the stunt double for 'Black Widow' actress Scarlett Johansson in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier":

\Elektra appears in Neflix' "The Defenders", also starring Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, Sigourney Weaver, Eka Darville, Simone Missick, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Scott Glenn, Rachael Taylor, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Henwick.

Black Widow is next set to appear in Joe and Anthony Russo's "Avengers: Infinity War", opening May 4, 2018.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Lauren Mary Kim and Amy Johnston...
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Black Widow's Stunt Double Fight's Elektra's Stunt Double in Fantastic Action-packed Video

We have always had questions about who would win in fights. A few years back we even had a web-series called Geektyrant Vs where we would argue about specific combatants doing battle and who would win. One question we never got to, however, was who would win between Elektra and Black Widow. Both incredibly well trained in what they do, the fight would have to be something spectacular. And it is!

Someone posed the same question to Lauren Mary Kim who is the stunt double for Elektra in The Defenders series. Well, instead of just talking the talk, she got together with Black Widow's stunt double from Captain America: Winter Solider, Amy Johnston, and staged an amazing choreographed fight scene with the help of famous stunt choreographer Tsuyoshi Abe.

This looks so much better than many fight scenes that we've seen in films because they don't have to hide
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Middle-earth: Shadow Of War full gameplay trailer

Ryan Lambie Mar 9, 2017

A fuller trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow Of War showcases what to expect from the game itself...

Update: We've now got the full gameplay trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow Of War. Take a look right here...

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From last week...

Well, this escalated quickly. Not long after word of Shadow Of War - the sequel to 2014's majestic Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor - leaked out, along comes the official announcement trailer.

It seems likely that Monolith and its publisher Warner Bros decided to go ahead and put out the first promo, since the game was well and truly up thanks to a slip by Us outlet, Target.
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Shadow Of Mordor 2 outed by stunt actress




Evidence of a sequel to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor has emerged courtesy of a stunt actress's CV...

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor was an absolute cracker of a game - the perfect balance between variety, action and a modicum of beard-stroking strategy. 

Given its critical acclaim and strong sales, you'd probably expect a sequel to be announced in short order, yet Monolith has remained surprisingly quiet about the whole thing so far. It now appears as though Shadows Of Mordor 2 really is a thing, if the work page of a stunt actress named Lauren Mary Kim is anything to go by.

There, nestled among Kim's videogame credits, was a mention of Shadows Of Mordor 2 - an entry since deleted, but cunningly screengrabbed by Nerdleaks. 

The same page also listed Blur as Kim's employer - Blur being a studio which makes CGI trailers on behalf of other developers. It seems fairly likely,
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Evidence Mounts For Middle-Earth Shadow Of Mordor 2 Following Leak

Evidence continues to mount suggesting that developer Monolith Productions is busy at work on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 2, with the latest tidbit being a leaked résumé from stunt actress Lauren Mary Kim.

First spotted by Nerdleaks (via GamesRadar), the now-pulled CV featured Shadow of Mordor 2 alongside the already announced Mafia 3. Couple this with the fact that several Monolith employees have filed an “unannounced project” on their own résumés and it seems safe to assume that the developer along with Warner Bros. Interactive is prepping to showcase the action-adventure sequel at E3 in a few months’ time.

Digging a little deeper, GamesRadar notes that Kim listed Blur Studio as her employer while working on the yet-to-be-confirmed Shadow of Mordor 2. In the past, the company has specialized in crafting lavish CGI game trailers – exactly the kind of sizzle reels one would expect to see at a certain La trade show.

Alas, it
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John Carl Buechler to Take the Reins of Upcoming Film Dark Star Hollow

Who better to lead a veteran cast that includes The Highlander, 30 Days of Night hero Eben Oleson and a Canadian scream queen than John Carl Buechler, the man who helmed Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Troll and Cellar Dweller?

The director and special effects wizard returns to the captain's chair after a five-year hiatus from directing to oversee the upcoming Dark Star Hollow, a film about a man who makes a deal with the devil to save the life of his wife.

From the Press Release

While best known for directing part 7 in the Friday the 13th series, Buechler's special make-up effects and other works are well known in films like Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Halloween 4 and Trancers. He is also working on a remake of his classic film, Troll, from 1986.

The cast of Dark Star Hollow includes many familiar faces, forgotten favorites and new blood:

Josh Hartnett plays Dan Reece,
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