'My 600-lb Life' Star Nicole Lewis Is Still Committed to Her Weight Loss Journey Today!

You go, girl! TLC's My 600-lb Life has documented some of the most dramatic weight loss transformations we've ever seen. And mother-of-two Nicole Lewis is one of them. Being raised by drug-addicted parents, Nicole's only comfort growing up was food, which led her, at just 23 years old, to tip the scales at over 700 pounds. "Even as a toddler, I remember food was what made me happy," she said on her episode of the show. "When I was little, me and my mom never really got along because she had a really bad temper and would explode on me for things that I just didn't understand. And when that happened, I would always run to the garage, because my dad would be out there working on something. So I would just sit with him, and he would give me a snack. And that was safety." When Nicole was at her heaviest,
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Former 'My 600-lb Life' Star Nikki Webster (Now Nikki Gray) Dropped 450 Pounds — and Gained a Man!

She's off the market! Former My 600-lb Life star Nikki Webster is now Nikki Gray after tying the knot late last year to her husband, Marcus — whom she lovingly calls Marc. According to Starcasm, the duo went on a date during her follow-up episode, which aired last year. The two were super adorable with one another, and it was clear that her weight loss had allowed Nikki to think about romantic possibilities for the first time in ages. "I don't know where things are gonna go with Marc," Nikki said at the time. "But the things that I'm feeling from him — the love and affection I feel from him — that's what I want. That's the part of myself that I covered up for so long... I would not trade who I am right now, in this moment, for anything in the world." She added, "Things have been going really well between us,
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Indie Thriller Alert: Resurrection: Wrath of the Rabisu Ready to Make Its Demonic Presence Known

Another independent horror feature is ready to wrap up this March, 2011. Resurrection: Wrath of the Rabisu is a "plot and character driven film," (Giordano) which focuses in on ancient creatures from an anonymous text. Resurrection: Wrath of the Rabisu stars DJ Perry (Gps) and Dai Green. Have an early look at the film's first demonic poster left and read the developing details on this thriller below.

The film's plotline is here:

"The film is a unique blend of mafia-life and demonic lore wrapped in a story of faith. The film follows Dante, the young priest, Laura, the mafia wife in trouble and Rhys, the eccentric sidekick filled with occult lore. Together they try to deal with a supernatural plot while a jealous mafia husband, Nico brings a Vegas crew head on into the dark world of the Rabisu" (Giordano).

Release Date: 2011 (Theatrical).

Writers: Victoria Claibourn and Jeff Ross.
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Resurrection, Rise Of The Rabisu Releases some Cool Ass poster art

We got a pretty cool poster sent over to us this morning for Reserrection, Rise of the Rabisu and here it is for you in all its evil looking anit-glory to feast your eyes on.

From the Press Release:

Las Vegas, Nv – Starquest Productions and director Jeff Ross are about to complete filming on “Resurrection, Rise of the Rabisu” this March/April 2011. Initial filming went right up to the 2010 holiday season before breaking camp. The film is a suspenseful plot and character driven film filled with twists and turns that will keep the audiences riveted and guessing. The film penned by Victoria Claibourn and Jeff Ross is a unique blend of mafia-life and demonic lore wrapped in a story of faith. The film stars Rocky Fain as Dante, the young priest, Jaime Preston as Laura, the mafia wife in trouble and DJ Perry as Rhys, the eccentric sidekick filled with occult lore.
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