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Deadland and Searching for Meaning in the Ashes: A Movie Review

Director: Damon O'Steen.

Writer: Gary Weeks.

Deadland is a film being distributed by Lightning Entertainment on DVD November 23rd. The trailer for the show has already been posted (here) on 28Dla and this is an independent film that has won many awards for excellence. This recognition is deserved, as writer Gary Weeks pulls double-duty by being the central writer and main character. This post-apocalyptic, gripping story of what happens after the fallout of World War III, shows that love still matters and that following your heart, while often punishing, reaps great rewards.

The film's central story follows character Sean (Weeks) through a battered landscape and through a whole heap of trouble to find his lost wife, Jane (Emily-Grace Murray). Now, after a pre-emptive nuclear strike from North Korea, the United States is reduced to thirteen provinces. In these provinces are loosely banded military organizations, who are fighting off a lingering plague.
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