Former Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron To Head TV For Londonderry

Carl Cameron, former chief political correspondent for Fox News Channel, has joined Londonderry Tales as president of the company’s TV production unit. In his new role, Cameron will oversee the financing and production of all upcoming slate of scripted and non-scripted television projects, reporting directly to Londonderry’s founder and CEO Patrick Millsaps. Cameron recently retired from Fnc after more than 20 years with the company. Dubbed "Campaign Carl," Cameron…
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Fox News Alum Carl Cameron to Head TV for Londonderry Tales

Veteran Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has made a big career shift. He’s joined the Atlanta-based production and finance firm Londonderry Tales to head its television production arm.

Cameron retired from Fox News earlier this month after more than 20 years with the all-news cabler. He was most recently chief political correspondent.

Londonderry founder Patrick Millsaps said Cameron’s background of covering every presidential campaign and White House since 1996 made him well-suited for the job of developing compelling stories for TV. Millsaps formerly worked as chief of staff for Newt Gingrich during his 2012 presidential bid. He launched a talent management firm in 2014 and expanded into film and TV production last year with the Londonderry banner. Former Walden Media executive Chip Flaherty joined Londonderry in July as head of its film arm.

“I am thrilled to have TV veteran Carl Cameron join the Londonderry team,” said Millsaps. “Carl and I met when I was running my first and
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Carl Cameron Is Done With Cable News, Hopes Political Journalism Can Be Fixed

Carl Cameron has had the last 22 years to think about how the media, and in particular cable news, covers the men and women who run for and hold elected office. Cameron, a Fox News original who announced his retirement from the network on Tuesday, said he has no regrets about his career and loved his time at the network. But he does have some suggestions for how the media can do things differently.

Some of the political coverage issues he has identified: an excessive focus on clashing "personalities" and personnel moves to the detriment of policy debates; excessive "screeching"...
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How Donald Trump Made Fox News’ Carl Cameron Ditch His Red Bull Habit

Fox NewsCarl Cameron says he used to drink ten to 15 Red Bulls per day, but had to stop because the crash of coming down from the energy drink made it too hard to cover Donald Trump. “I’m off the Red Bull,” Cameron, the network’s chief political correspondent, told TheWrap. “This campaign is one of the most exhausting. Every other campaign I’ve covered, we’ve gone out earlier and more often and worked harder , not necessarily smarter or better, but I make damn sure I work harder and stay out longer than anybody else. Doing that with Trump.
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Super Tuesday: News Networks React to Big Wins By Trump, Clinton

Super Tuesday: News Networks React to Big Wins By Trump, Clinton
Television news divisions have called early races in the Super Tuesday bonanza, entering the homestretch of a day on which nearly a dozen states headed to the polls to select Republican and Democratic candidates. And with Donald Trump taking Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Virginia, much of the media coverage has focused once again on how a Trump candidacy would dismantle the Republican party. “This is a hostile takeover of the Republican party and they should have seen it coming,” observed Bret Baier, Fox News' chief political anchor. The network then cut to chief political correspondent Carl Cameron, who

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Obama Wins & Romney Concedes – Finally: But Fnc Says “Not So Fast” At First When Mitt (And Karl Rove) Act Like Sore Losers Even After Networks Call Ohio For Barack: Deadline Live-Snarks TV News Coverage

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Breaking… Refresh For latest updates… Tuesday 9:43 Pm: Fnc reports that Mitt Romney has just called President Obama and conceded. Fnc’s Carl Cameron now says Romney aides expect his public concession speech to come at 9:55 Pm. This happens just as Virginia is called for Obama (courtesy of Politico news alert). Mitt comes out and concedes. Look for this guy — the ‘Hollywood” guy: Romney Strategist’s Ties To George Clooney – to get much of the blame for Mitt’s losing campaign. I’m outta here because the moronic TV news anchors and pundits are already talking about 2016. Ugh. Tuesday 8:57 Pm: Drama, drama, drama, tonight on Fox News Channel this Election Night. Now Karl Rove is backing down after Fnc demonstrates his Ohio numbers were outdated and that President Obama indeed won Ohio. Fascinating television but also public humiliation for Rove. Ouch! Fnc handled an extremely awkward situation very professionally.
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What to Watch Tuesday: Your Guide to Election Night Coverage and More

What to Watch Tuesday: Your Guide to Election Night Coverage and More
On TV this Tuesday: It’s Election Day, so go vote! And after you do, settle in for a long night of speculation and waiting that’ll make the American Idol finale seem like a study in instant gratification. Here’s our guide to the broadcast networks’ coverage of the event, as well as a few suggestions for other fare (like Covert Affairs and Sons of Anarchy) to keep you entertained until the returns are all in.

ABC | The alphabet net’s election coverage begins at 6:30 pm with a special edition of World News with Diane Sawyer. Then, George Stephanopoulos,
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Shep Smith, Carl Cameron Push Back Against Accusations of Bias Against Candy Crowley

On Monday, Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith and Carl Cameron discussed the dynamic they expected to see in Tuesday night’s town hall debate between the presidential candidates and the audience. In the process, they defended CNN anchor Candy Crowley who is slated to moderate the debate and is already facing criticism from both members of the media and the campaigns of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Cameron and Smith said that Crowley knows the issues and the candidates well and the only bias she was likely to show was that which favors the American voter.
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Paul Ryan On Foreign Policy Credentials: ‘I Voted To Send People To War’

Speaking to Fox News' Carl Cameron Saturday morning, Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan made the case for why he believes his foreign policy credentials are stronger than President Obama's, emphasizing that he has been a voting member of Congress longer than the president. Ryan cited his votes in favor of the Iraq War as evidence that he has had more foreign policy experience than Obama.
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Fox News Channel's Iowa Caucus coverage schedule

Fox News Channel will present extensive live coverage of the Iowa Caucuses beginning Sunday, January 1st through Tuesday, January 3rd, culminating in a three-hour primetime special, America.s Election Headquarters: Iowa Caucuses (8:00-11:00 Pm/Et). Co-anchored by Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, the program will report the voting results from across the state determining the winner of the Iowa Caucuses. Also contributing to the network.s special programming are Fox News Sunday.s Chris Wallace and Fnc.s Shepard Smith who will anchor their respective shows live from Iowa leading up to Tuesday night. Throughout the coverage, Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron, Correspondent Steve Brown and Supreme Court Correspondent Shannon Bream will track voter turnout and outcomes live from candidates. headquarters and Caucus
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Watch A Hot Dog-Eating Mitt Romney Stumble Into ‘Surprise’ Fox News Appearance

Ah, the campaign trail: that all-American journalistic adventure where, equipped with a camera, a notepad, and dreams, anything can happen. Just take what happened to "Campaign" Carl Cameron in Iowa today-- giving an on-location report of a Republican fundraiser, who is to appear but Mitt Romney, munching on a hot dog and "spontaneously" bumping into Cameron to say hello on camera. If Romney doesn't win the presidency, this appearance at least merited him a good 27 Oscars.
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Did Carl Cameron Sell Out Fox News To DailyKos? Not According To Cameron

Fox News reporter Carl Cameron sold out his own network to a DailyKos blogger. That's what a Daily Beast contributor would have you believe. In a story posted yesterday a report claimed that Cameron said that Fnc had organized the Tea Party and overreached in their influence over the Sherrod scandal. Mediaite exclusively spoke to Cameron, who explained that much of what was reported was taken out of context.
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Shep Smith Compares Arizona Immigration Law To “Driving While Black” Law

For a straight news representative of Fox News, Shep Smith continues to throw in plenty of opinionated asides - and to delightful effect. Today's example? While discussing Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio's opposition to the controversial new immigration law in Arizona with reporter Carl Cameron, Smith called the new law the "breathing while Latino law" and later compared it to another racial profiling controversy, the "driving while black law." Whoa.
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Vote goes down easy, early in tiny town

DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H. -- Mix the drama of an election and democracy with a little of Christmas and Groundhog Day, and you've got the quadrennial spectacle that is the first-in-the-nation voting in this tiny hamlet.

Every four years since 1960, dozens of reporters and cameramen travel the four or so hours from the primary central of Manchester to the remote little town nestled in the woods near the Canadian border. They converge on the Balsams Resort Hotel, a Victorian-style grand hotel that serves as the site of the voting and where the residents live and work.

Like so much in the Granite State, which prides itself on fierce independence and a strict adherence to the idea of retail politics, there's something more than a little quaint about the ritual that that began in 1960 with the Balsams owner, the late Neal Tillotson. A hotel compound wouldn't normally be allowed to vote as a town -- the real Dixville is down the road a piece -- but because it's uncorporated, different rules apply.

And Dixville Notch gets to open and close its voting right around midnight because of an arcane law that says that a polling place doesn't have to remain open until evening if all voters are present.

"It's a gimmick"t on state politics. "Dixville Notch is essentially a hotel, that's all it is."

That doesn't mean that Smith doesn't think it's emblematic of New Hampshire.

"It's fun. It's part of the hoopla, like kissing babies and wearing silly hats," Smith said. "In New Hampshire, politics has a deep element of tradition, and the New Hampshire primary is special because politics is deeply rooted here back to the days of the town meeting."

Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron agrees.

"Dixville has always been first and always been wrong, and it's delightful," Cameron said before traveling up again this year. "They stay up until midnight ... and at 12:03, we know the results of the first in the first, and that is cool."

This time around, the carnival atmosphere starts early in the evening as the TV cameras arrive in the Ballot Room, a small room near the pool tables, where the ballot box lives and where tall, narrow voting booths have been set up for each of the 13 voters present.

SUV keeps Fox on top of campaign news

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Fox News Channel's latest technical innovation is an SUV tricked out for TV.

ElectionLink, a rolling live news bureau wrapped inside a Ford Expedition, has seen heavy use in the past month or so on the campaign trail. Fox News has two of them, one stationed in Iowa until after the caucuses and another here in New Hampshire to cover the primary.

Most live TV shots are done by large satellite trucks that require a lot of planning, a wide berth and plenty of space where they're going. But some networks, Fox among them, have been experimenting with mobile news bureaus that combine the ease of an SUV with the technical firepower of a satellite truck.

That's the idea with ElectionLink. The Fox News-branded truck comes complete with a flat, upside-down satellite truck on its roof, a video camera that rotates 360 degrees and can be used while the unit is rolling or for live shots alongside the road and another camera that is connected by a WiFi-like device to the satellite dish and can travel with the reporter and camera operator about a quarter-mile away from the dish.

It's turned out to be very handy for Fox News correspondents like Carl Cameron, Major Garrett and Brian Wilson, who have a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time.

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