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Interview: ‘Weekend Workbench’ Host Ryan Salzwedel’s Do-it-Yourself Fix

Chicago – Locally produced TV shows are old school, but Wgn-tv in Chicago has had a long tradition of that type of show and hosts. Tapping into the legacy of Ray Rayner and Bozo the Clown, local programming is making a comeback, and one of the newest Wgn-tv hosts is Ryan Salzwedel of “Weekend Workbench.”

“Weekend Workbench” is a simple concept – break down common household repairs that on the surface are complex (think installing a ceiling fan) into simple steps that anyone can follow. Ryan Salzwedel represents that “anyone” on the show, as he demonstrates with experts what tools are necessary and how to tackle the chore with plain language.

Keeping the World Safe for Do-It-Yourself: Host Ryan Salzwedel of Wgn-tv’s ‘Weekend Workbench’

Photo credit: Wgn-tv

Salzwedel has injected his slightly skewed personality into the show, and highlights include his blooper reels, which he posts on the YouTube. He was born in Grand Rapids,
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Interviews: Illinois Short Filmmakers at 2011 Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago – One of the exciting events at the Chicago International Film Festival is the “City & State” Short Film Spotlight, highlighting local filmmakers presenting new or emerging short films. Two notable directors from the October 10th screening are Anna Musso (”L Train”) and Alaric S. Rocha (”Winter”).

Winter” and “L Train” were shown, along with “The Vacuum Kid,” “The Ghosts,” “The Doctor’s Wife” and “The Truth” on City & State Shorts night, and caught up with two directors at the afterparty, talking to them about the background for their passionate short films.

Anna Musso, Writer and Director of “L Train

L Train” is remarkable, using Chicago’s transit system as a symbol for life’s journeys. Sunny (Khadijah Davis) is a high school student whose misery is apparent on her daily commute. A chance encounter with a fellow passenger replaces that misery with something different, something that may be a cause for redemption.
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Watch Shorts from the Chicago International Film Festival for Free

"Life Is Short," the title of the short films program at this year's Chicago International Film Festival reminds us, and Ciff and Mubi aim to sweeten it with a sampling of a few of the films you can watch for free.

When Ghost, about a man hiding out in an empty house, premiered in Cannes, daazo interviewed director Ma Dahci.

Shot on 8mm and then edited digitally, Alaric Rocha's Winter is about a prisoner on a chain gang who's dreaming of escape when his chain breaks.

Jonas Rothlaender's The Shirt (viewable everywhere but in France) is built on a moment of discomfort between a father (62) and a son (28).

Ciff describes Noam Ellis's Narkis (viewable everywhere except Israel) as a "subtle tale of one girl's sexual awakening in the sultry summer heat."
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