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Print Biographies (6)

The Bathroom Readers' Institute. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1988. ISBN 0312026633
Kimberly K. Smith. Governing Animals: Animal Welfare and the Liberal State. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012. ISBN 9780199895755
Charlotte Laws. Rebel in High Heels. New York: Stroud House Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9780996133517
Lynn Comella and Shira Tarrant. New Views on Pornography: Sexuality, Politics and the Law. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2015. ISBN 9781440828058
Laws, Charlotte. Undercover Debutante. New York: Stroud House Publishing, 2019. ISBN 9780996133562
Laws, Missy. Meet the Stars. Berkeley: Ross Books, 1988. ISBN 0894960024

Interviews (374)

Refinery 29 (DE) October 27 2020, by: Erika W. Smith, Elisabeth Kochan, "1st Kiss on the 1st date? 9 people tell why they (don't) do this"
Android Kosmos (DE) October 17 2020, by: Editor, "Tom Jones Makes A Fortune"
Vanitatis El Confidencial (ES) June 7 2020, by: J. Madrid, "Tom Jones: A tragic love affair"
Express (GB) March 4 2020, by: Amber Peake, "Tom Jones wife: How Linda reacted to husband's affairs"
15 Min (LT) February 29 2020, by: Editor, "The Infidelity Scandals of the Legendary Tom Jones"
Express (GB) February 15 2020, by: Jenny Desborough, "Tom Jones wife: How did Linda react to Sir Tom's affairs?"
Daily Kos (US) February 11 2020, by: Yolando Mitchell Brown, "Interview with Charlotte Laws, a Warrior against Revenge Porn"
New York Daily News (US) February 11 2020, by: Nelson Oliveira, "Disease caused by new coronavirus finally has a name - but the internet is not impressed"
Express (GB) February 8 2020, by: Jenny Desborough, "Tom Jones affairs: How wife Linda "turned blind eye""
Express (GB) February 1 2020, by: Jenny Desborough, "Tom Jones wife: The Shock person who helped Sir Tom have an affair"
USA One (RU) January 30 2020, by: Alexandra Bugaev, "Germany Confirms Europe's First Human-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission"
Express (GB) January 18 2020, by: Georgina Laud, "Tom Jones wife: Linda's Explosion after singer's affairs - "She punched and shouted""
Vegan Food and Living (GB) January 2020, by: Kris Kelly, "My Vegan Life: Charlotte Laws"
Express (GB) November 23 2019, by: Georgina Laud, "Tom Jones Wife: Heartbreaking guilt singer as over wife's death - "Was I to blame?""
YC News (US) November 18 2019, by: Jonathan Riches, "Convicted Sex Pest & Revenge Porn Perv Hunter Moore Back to His Old Shenanigans"
Refinery 29 (US) November 8 2019, by: Erika W. Smith, "Would You Want Your Family & Friends To Watch You Get Engaged?"
Yahoo News (US) November 8 2019, by: Erika W. Smith, "Would You Want Your Family & Friends To Watch You Get Engaged?"
Newsweek (US) October 29 2019, by: Marika Malaea, "Reporter Who Broke Katie Hill Story Called Herself "Campaign Manager" For Hill's GOP Opponents"
Buzzfeed News (US) October 28 2019, by: Amber Jamieson, "Katie Hills Says She Will Fight "Revenge Porn," Even Though The Laws Are A Mess"
Oregon Daily Emerald (US) October 10 2019, by: Allie Holt, "More Than Just a Headache"
Oped News (US) October 3 2019, by: Kris Kelly, "From Stripper to Politician: Q&A with Charlotte Laws on Feminism, Animal Activism, and Her Memoir, Undercover Debutante"
Express (GB) September 21 2019, by: Kaisha Langton, "Tom Jones son: The touching remark Sir Tom made of son Mark as estranged son snubbed"
Los Angeles Daily News (US) August 16 2019, by: Holly Andres, "Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, Aug 16-23"
Atlanta Jewish Times (US) August 14 2019, by: Jan Jaben-Eilon, "In Search of a Birth Family"
Refinery29 (US) July 2 2019, by: Erika W. Smith, "Why People Do - Or Don't - Kiss On The First Date"
Thrive Global (US) July 1 2019, by: Paulette Mahurin, "Author Charlotte Laws reveals secrets about writing, promotion, and sneaking her book to Oprah at the Golden Globes"
Express (GB) June 9 2019, by: Georgina Laud, "Tom Jones wife: The Sex Bomb's Most shocking secrets revealed"
Express (GB) May 25 2019, by: Kaisha Langton, "Tom Jones affair Shock: How son Mark arranged his father's dates behind mum's back"
Express (GB) May 18 2019, by: Amalie Henden, "Tom Jones Shock: The Astonishing Admission Sir Tom Made About His Sex Life"
Publisher's Weekly (US) April 26 2019, by: PW Staff, "First Lines: April 2019"
Express (GB) March 23 2019, by: Georgina Laud, "Tom Jones wife: Linda's anger at hundreds of affairs Sex Bomb had behind her back"
Express (GB) February 16 2019, by: Kate Whitfield, "Tom Jones mistress shock: The Three women that threatened Sir Tom's marriage"
The Weekly Observer (GB) February 8 2019, by: Editor, "Tom Jones' three-year secret affair, speaks out after the bad news of his health"
Express (GB) February 2 2019, by: Amani Hughes, "Tom Jones Mistress: Meet Charlotte Laws, the woman who had 3-year affair with singer"
Daily Express (GB) January 24 2019, by: Amalie Henden, "Tom Jones affairs revealed: The women, sex and 'no regrets' - How Sir Tom became Sex Bomb"
TAdviser (RU) January 22 2019, by: Editor, "DeepFake"
Daily Express (GB) January 18 2019, by: Amalie Henden, "Tom Jones sex life revealed: The women, sex and no regrets"
Express (GB) January 17 2019, by: Kat Hopps, "Tom Jones wife: The women linked to Tom Jones revealed"
Fortune (US) January 15 2019, by: Jeff John Roberts, "Fake Porn Videos Are Terrorizing Women. Do We Need a Law to Stop Them?"
Express (GB) January 12 2019, by: Amalie Henden, "Tom Jones secret fling revealed: Mistress claims three year affair with the Sex Bomb star"
Ethos Magazine (US) 2019, Vol. 11, Iss. 1, pg. 8-10, by: Allie Holt, "More than just a Headache"
Daily Express (GB) December 13 2018, by: Editor, "Hickey"
Daily Mirror (GB) December 7 2018, by: Kathryn Spencer, "Engelbert Humperdinck says he wants to end "decades-long feud" with Tom Jones"
Veritas News Network (US) December 7 2018, by: Sam Schoenfeld, "Online Privacy in the Age of Everyday "Big Brothers""
Courier Mail (AU) November 25 2018, by: Editor, "Mum takes down revenge porn site"
The New Zealand Herald (NZ) September 29 2018, by: Emma Reynolds, "The 60 women who have accused Bill Cosby"
Northside Neighbor (US) April 27 2018, by: Neighbor Staff, "Atlanta native Laws returning for Buckhead book event"
Birmingham News (US) April 26 2018, by: Staff, "TV star Charlotte Laws reads her bestselling book at Books A Million on April 30"
Arkansas Times (US) April 21 2018, by: Editor, "2018 Arkansas Literary Festival Schedule"
VICE (US) March 19 2018, by: Anna Goldfarb, "Expert Advice on How to Deal with Online Harassment"
US News & World Report (US) January 20 2018, by: Carter Walker, "Author Pens Book About 1948 Murder in Fairmont"
Times West Virginian (US) January 14 2018, by: Carter Walker, "Author pens book about 1948 murder in Fairmont"
Washington Examiner (US) November 23 2017, by: Steven Nelson, "Is Rep. Joe Barton the latest harasser or a victim in nude selfie case?"
VG (NO) November 9 2017, by: Øystein Reistadbakk, "Facebook encourages users to submit nude pictures"
The Daily Beast (US) October 7 2017, by: Mandy Stadtmiller, "Why Every Parent Needs to Know About Sextortion"
Buzzfeed (US) August 28 2017, by: Allie Hayes, "Twitter Challenged People To Share Their #FakeMusicHistoryFacts And OMG They're Kind Of Perfect"
Fox News (US) August 24 2017, by: Diana Falzone, "How does Celeb Jihad continue to share hacked celebrity nude pics?"
New York Post (US) August 24 2017, by: Diana Falzone, "Hacked celebrity nude website survives because of its secrecy"
Mail & Guardian (ZA) August 18 2017, by: Rashima Essop, "Snap of shame: The rough road to stamping out "revenge porn""
Vox (US) July 13 2017, by: Rebecca Scheffler, "I got doxxed by a stranger - and the online harassment quickly took over my life"
Fox News (US) July 6 2017, by: Diana Falzone, "Rob Kardashian could be in legal trouble for Blac Chyna revenge porn posts"
Your Tango Magazine (US) July 5 2017, by: Emily Blackwood, "Could Rob Kardashian Go To Jail For Revenge Porn For Posting Nude Pics Of Blac Chyna?"
Globe (US) July 3 2017, by: Editor, "Correction"
Rights Info News (GB) June 28 2017, by: Saxon Norgard, "Cyber Abuse: Tackling the Revenge Porn Epidemic"
Globe (US) June 19 2017, by: Staff, "Priscilla Ditches Sex Perv Tom"
Deadline (US) June 17 2017, by: Greg Evans, "Cosby Accusers Respond To Mistrial: "Exposed As A Predator," Says One"
Globe (US) June 12 2017, by: Staff, "Tom Jones' Sex Bomb Explodes"
National Enquirer (US) June 8 2017, by: National Enquirer Staff, "Tom Jones: More Accusers Blast Singer As Sexual Predator"
Narratively (US) June 7 2017, by: Rebecca Scheffler, "Someone Posted My Phone Number On Craigslist and Said I Wanted Strange Men to Rape Me"
Focus Online (DE) June 6 2017, by: Staff, "Frau aus Kalifornien bringt Porno-Fürsten ins Gefängnis"
Fox News (US) January 24 2017, by: Diana Falzone, "Sextortion becoming major problem with minor children"
Irish Times (US) November 25 2016, by: Louise Bruton, "Gilmore Girls return, and there's plenty of room under the duvet"
Irish Times (IE) November 23 2016, by: Louise Bruton, "On the Edge review: Vogue Williams tackles online bullying"
Express (GB) October 28 2016, by: Fraser Moore, "'He had no conscience' Donald Trump's ghostwriter tears into White House hopeful"
Express (GB) October 28 2016, by: Joe Barnes, "Hillary Clinton far more likely to start a war than 'pacifist' Donald Trump"
Mashable (US) August 11 2016, by: Carmen Triola, "All of your worst nightmares about security camera hacks are true"
Revelist (US) July 18 2016, by: Emily Shugerman, "Congress officially introduces a bill that'll nail men who leak women's nudes as revenge"
VG (NO) July 3 2016, by: Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Christina Quist, "Ble utsatt for hevnporno: Magen vrengte seg, jeg svettet og kastet opp"
The Examiner (US) June 29 2016, by: Jack Dennis, "Ultimate list of American heroes and champions supporting Donald Trump"
Times West Virginian (US) June 24 2016, by: John Veasey, "Veasey Notebook: Elizabeth Swiger has amusing comment about Wendell Hardway"
VG (NO) June 4 2016, by: Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian, Maiken Svendsen & Christina Quist, "Sophie Elise Isachsen abused online: The worst I have experienced in my entire life"
Irish Independent (GB) April 17 2016, by: Darragh McManus, "Tom Jones - a lothario who loved one woman for 63 years"
Belfast Telegraph (GB) April 16 2016, by: Darragh McManus, "The legendary lothario who loved one woman for nearly 60 years"
El Mundo (ES) April 14 2016, by: Conxa Rodriguez, "A Tom Jones, viudo desde hace cinco dias, le vuelven a salir amantes"
WalesOnLine (GB) April 13 2016, by: Tyler Mears, "Woman claiming to be Sir Tom Jones' former mistress sends him a message about his late wife"
The Sun (GB) April 13 2016, by: Howell Davis, "Sir Tom Jones' former mistress sends message to singer following his wife's death"
Daily Mail (GB) April 13 2016, by: Lucy Crossley, "Sir Tom Jones' ex-mistress sends condolences to singer after his wife Linda's death"
Express (GB) April 13 2016, by: Jessica Earnshaw, ""I'm heartbroken for you" Tom Jones' former mistress speaks out after his wife's death"
OK! Magazine (GB) April 13 2016, by: Rishma Dosani, "Sir Tom Jones' former mistress speaks out following wife's passing"
The Mirror (GB) April 12 2016, by: Halina Watts, "Sir Tom Jones' former mistress speaks out following his wife's death"
The Mirror (GB) April 11 2016, by: Alistair McGeorge, "Who is Lady Melinda Rose Woodward? Sir Tom Jones' high school sweetheart stood by him despite heartbreak"
Cosmopolitan (FR) April 11 2016, by: Staff, "Mort De La Femme De Tom Jones, Apres 59 Ans D'Amour"
Daily Mail (GB) April 11 2016, by: Alison Boshoff, "Betrayed. Humiliated. Too Scared to face the world. But she loved him right to the end"
The Philippine Star (PH) April 2 2016, by: Joaquin Henson, "How it all began"
Cracked (US) March 11 2016, by: Patrick Coyne, "5 Hilarious Ways Women Got Revenge On Creepy Guys"
Daily Mail (GB) March 9 2016, by: Naomi Greenaway, "It IS Unusual. Sussex Mansion owned by Sir Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck"
Inquisitr (US) March 4 2016, by: Traciy Reyes, "Break-Up Nightmare"
Bustle (US) March 1 2016, by: Hillary E. Crawford, "5 Accidentally Feminist Donald Trump Quotes That You Might Just Agree With"
San Jose Mercury News (US) February 2 2016, by: Elliot Almond, "Crashing the Super Bowl: Tips from a legendary sneak"
San Jose Mercury News (US) February 2 2016, by: Elliot Almond, "Five famous gatecrashers: Super Bowls, royal palaces and even the White House"
Daily Pakistan (PK) December 22 2015, by: Khawaja Daud, "US author distributes "Muslim Welcome Zone" signs to fight Islamophobia"
The Moderate Voice (US) December 22 2015, by: Joe Gandelman, "Dr. Charlotte Laws Distributes "Muslim Welcome Zone" Signs To Fight Islamophobia"
Business Insider (AU) December 4 2015, by: Rob Price, "This is what happens to you when your naked photos are hacked and published on the web"
Catalogue Magazine (AU) December 4 2015, by: Catalogue Staff, "Revenge Porn Jerk Hunter Moore Will Go to Jail, World Rejoices"
VICE (US) December 3 2015, by: Sarah Jeong, "Hunter Moore Revenge Porn Victim Got a Whopping $145.70 in Restitution"
Women's Weekly (NZ) November 29 2015, by: Judy Kean, "Sex bomb Tom's shock secret"
Inquisitr (US) November 24 2015, by: Amy Feinstein, "Guys Behind Revenge Porn Case Headed To Jail"
Blogher Magazine (US) November 23 2015, by: Steph Carter, "Charlotte Laws dishes on Sex Bomb Tom Jones and his new autobiography"
San Fernando Sun (US) November 19 2015, by: Fred Schuster, "Studio City Man Gets 25 Months in Federal Prison in "Revenge Porn" Case"
Naked Security News (US) November 18 2015, by: Lisa Vaas, "Cyber thief who stole nude images for revenge porn king gets 2 years"
Daily Caller (US) November 17 2015, by: Steve Ambrose, "Revenge Porn Lands LA Man 2 Years in Federal Prison"
Los Angeles Times (US) November 16 2015, by: Matt Hamilton, "Judge sentences "revenge porn" hacker to 2 years in federal prison"
National Enquirer (US) November 3 2015, by: National Enquirer Staff, "Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck: Musical War Over A Mistress!"
The Examiner (US) November 2 2015, by: Casey Scheffler, "Tom Jones ready to clear the air wants DNA tested for black ancestry"
International Business Times (US) October 13 2015, by: Ruchi Singh, "Tom Jones tells the truth about "The Voice" UK"
El Dia (AR) October 11 2015, by: Editor, "Llamativas memorias de Tom Jones"
Daily Mail (GB) October 10 2015, by: Caroline Graham, "Solved! Riddle of Sir Tom and Engelbert's 20-year hump: Singers feel out after fighting over a girl"
ABC (ES) October 10 2015, by: Luis Ventoso, "Las pudicas memorias de Tom Jones, el hombre que reconocio acostarse con 250 fans al ano"
Daily Mail (GB) October 9 2015, by: Alison Boshoff, "Lonely world of the wife Tom Jones humiliated"
Dnevnik (HR) October 6 2015, by: Editor, "Tom: Depresija ju je unistila. Izgubila je sjaj u ocima koji mi najvise nedostaje"
The Guardian (GB) October 5 2015, by: Guardian Staff, "Tom Jones webchat - as it happened"
NBC News (US) October 5 2015, by: Phil Dreschsler, "Sextortion: Protecting Your Family"
Daily Mail (GB) October 4 2015, by: Sarah Barns, "The woman Sir Tom Jones can't live without"
The Greanville Post (US) September 26 2015, Vol. IX, by: Denise Fleck, "Charlotte Laws: Rebel with a Cause"
Revista Sabado (PT) September 19 2015, by: Maria Espirito Santo, "Charlotte Laws: fura-festas e vingadora"
NRK - Norsk Rikskringkasting (NO) August 20 2015, by: Caroline Drefvelin, "Hevnen"
Express (GB) August 15 2015, by: Neela Debnath, "Tom Jones fans react with anger at shock axing from The Voice UK"
AOL News (US) August 14 2015, by: Editor, "17 times Steve Martin proved he was the King of Social Media"
The Sunday Times (GB) August 12 2015, by: Stephanie Marsh, "My revenge porn experiment: why I uploaded raunchy pictures of myself"
VG (NO) August 10 2015, by: Brynjar Skjaerli, "Kvinnen som knuste USAs hevnporno"
The Worldly Magazine (GB) August 9 2015, by: D'Arcy Ritchie, "Cyber Rape or Revenge Porn?"
Altavoz (PE) July 24 2015, by: Bruno Garcia, "Infonre: Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre bill Cosby y sus 40 acusaciones por violacion"
Bustle (US) July 16 2015, by: Claire Warner, "Alex Frulling was Slut-Shamed Online For A Public Threesome, But She Had The Perfect Response"
Ottawa Sun (CA) July 12 2015, by: Julienne Bay, "High profile sex assault cases helps empower victims to report it"
Women's Health Magazine (US) July 9 2015, by: Korin Miller, "This Woman's Husband Secretly Stalked Her - for 9 Years"
Elmeme (AR) July 8 2015, by: Editor, "Bill Cosby admitio haber drogado a mujeres para luego abuser de ellas y se desato el escandalo"
Fusion (US) June 29 2015, by: Kristen V. Brown, "Why did it take so long to ban revenge porn?"
Huffington Post (US) June 29 2015, by: Soraya Chemaly, "A Primer On Online Misogyny: 'Revenge' Porn Is Only One Dimension"
Los Angeles Times (US) June 24 2015, by: Hailey Branson-Potts, "Anti-gay ballot proposal is halted"
Snatch (FR) June 24 2015, by: Kevin Poireault, "Revenge mom contra le king du revenge porn"
Dallas Voice (US) June 24 2015, by: Tammye Nash, "'Kill the gays' measure tossed by California judge"
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Christian Science Monitor (US) June 20 2015, by: Denise Hassanzade Ajiri, "Why Google joined the fight against revenge porn"
Variety (US) June 16 2015, by: Peter Bart, "Public Hollywood Apologies Become Part of the Zeitgeist"
Univers (NL) June 12 2015, by: Editor, "Wraakporno: het kan je leven verwoesten"
De Volkskrant (NL) June 11 2015, by: Pascal Lemaire, "'Tegen wraakporno is wet nodig'"
De Volkskrant (NL) June 11 2015, by: Pascal Lemaire, "Facebook voor Nederlandse rechter om seksfilmpje"
Life Press Magazin (HR) June 7 2015, by: Editor, "'Tom Jones ima otvoren brak, s njim sam izgubila nevinost'"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) June 3 2015, by: Bob Egelko, "Act mocking antigay measure cleared for signature drive"
Sacramento Bee (US) June 3 2015, by: Dan Walters, "Measure filed to counter gay murder proposal"
Los Angeles Times (US) June 3 2015, by: Hailey Branson-Potts, "'Intolerant Jackass Act' author may collect signatures for ballot proposal"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) May 29 2015, by: Caille Millner, "Maybe California needs the 'Initiative Suppression Act'"
El Confidencial (ES) May 25 2015, by: Eva Catalan, "Matar homosexuales y otras aberraciones de la democracia directa"
El Mundo (ES) May 20 2015, by: Pablo Scarpellini, "La 'pequeña Nicolasa' que alternaba con la 'jet' de EEUU"
Nigeria Daily News (NG) May 18 2015, by: Terry Saline, "How Charlotte Laws got her own back on Hunter Moore"
The Globe (US) May 18 2015, pg. 42, by: Jim Nelson, "Sex Bomb Tom Jones Took My Virginity"
New York Post (US) May 17 2015, by: Marissa Charles, "Meet the angry mom who took down the king of revenge porn"
Daily Mail (GB) May 17 2015, by: Belinda Robinson, "How Charlotte Laws, the Erin Brockovich of revenge porn, got her own back on Hunter Moore"
Inquisitr (US) May 17 2015, by: Editor, "'Revenge Porn King' Crossed The Wrong Mum"
Hola! (ES) May 16 2015, by: Staff, "Charlotte lleva 30 años colándose en las fiestas de los más famosos de EEUU... ¡por la cara!"
Signal Tribune (US) May 15 2015, by: Administration, "Rally, march to highlight women's issues"
Daily Mail (GB) May 14 2015, by: Staff, "Charlotte Laws talks about how to bypass secret service"
Daily Mail (US) May 13 2015, by: David McCormack, "Celebrity party-crasher reveals exactly how she repeatedly evaded the Secret Service to cosy up to presidents and A-listers for this remarkable Who's-Who photo album"
CBS News (US) May 6 2015, by: Editor, "Victims of Revenge-Porn Site Creator Break Their Silence"
San Jose Inside (US) May 5 2015, by: Jennifer Wadsworth, ""Kill the Gays Bill' Inspires Push for Warnings Label to Voters"
Observer Weekly (US) April 29 2015, by: Editor, "'Jackass Act' takes aim at kill-the-gays filing in California"
Windy City Times (US) April 28 2015, by: Staff, "National: Biden at HRC event; Little Rock trans gamer's suicide"
The Star (GB) April 27 2015, by: Jimmy McCloskey, "'Tom Jones took my viriginity' Secret 3-year affair claims Voice star was 'real gentleman'"
Blic (RS) April 27 2015, by: Editor, ""SEX BOMB" Ispovest ljubavnice: Tom Dzons mi je oduzeo nevinost"
China Times (CN) April 27 2015, by: Luyi Xiu, "Veteran singer's romantic history exposes mistress"
Daily Mirror (GB) April 26 2015, by: Charlotte Wareing, "Tom Jones' 'mistress' claims they had three year affair - and his wife turned a blind eye"
Economic and Political Weekly (IN) April 25 2015, by: Nishant Shah, "The Selfie and the Slut"
Daily Mail (GB) April 25 2015, by: Caroline Graham, "My secret three-year affair with Sex Bomb Tom Jones"
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Los Angeles Times (US) April 20 2015, by: Hailey Branson-Potts, "'Intolerant Jackass Act' proposed as response to anti-gay initiative"
Laist (US) April 20 2015, by: Juliet Bennett Rylah, "Woman Files 'Intolerant Jackass Act' in Response to Anti-Gay Proposal"
San Jose Inside (US) April 15 2015, by: Jennifer Wadsworth, "Broken Initiative System Attracts Lunatics, Pranksters and Reform"
Advance-Titan (US) April 15 2015, by: Lauren Winkler, "Anti-revenge porn activist visits UWO"
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Santa Barbara Independent (US) April 2 2015, by: Jerry Roberts, "Murder by Initiative"
Common Dreams (US) March 27 2015, by: Abby Zimet, "Bullets to the Head: God's Just Wrath For Tolerating Wickedness In Our Midst Increasingly, and May We Say Dubiously, Being Called Upon To Get Rid of Pesky Gay People"
Inquisitr (US) March 27 2015, by: Aric Mitchell, "'Intolerant Jackass Act' Would Require Individuals To Make $5,000 Contribution To Gay Rights Groups"
Business Standard (US) March 27 2015, by: Editorial Staff, "Kamala Harris seeks to block 'kill the gays' ballot move in US"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) March 27 2015, by: John Diaz, ""Shoot the gays" measure shows flaw in state's initiative process"
Wisconsin Gazette (US) March 27 2015, by: Lisa Leff, "California attorney general seeks to end "sodomite suppression" ballot initiative"
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The Independent (GB) March 26 2015, by: Evan Bartlett, "To counter the 'kill the gays' proposal, an activist has proposed an 'Intolerant Jackass Act'"
Newsweek (US) March 26 2015, by: Stav Ziv, "California AG Seeks to Block Ballot Initiative to Execute Gay People"
The Daily Evergreen (US) March 26 2015, by: Kathryn Anderson, "Speak free, but prepare for the consequences"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) March 25 2015, by: Bob Egelko, "'Shoot the Gays' initiative countered by 'Intolerant Jackass Act'"
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Sacramento Bee (US) March 25 2015, by: Christopher Cadelago, "Kamala Harris seeks to block 'kill the gays' ballot measure"
Advocate (US) March 25 2015, by: Trudy Ring, "California AG Seeks to Quash 'Death to Gays' Proposal"
United Press International (US) March 25 2015, by: Andrew V. Pestano, "Activist counters 'Sodomite Suppression Act' proposal with 'Intolerant Jackass Act'"
New York Times (US) March 25 2015, by: Editorial Staff, "California Attorney General Moves to End Anti-Gay Initiative"
Daily Mail (GB) March 25 2015, by: Caroline Graham, "My secret three-year affair with Sex Bomb Tom Jones"
Huffington Post (US) March 25 2015, by: Lydia O'Connor, "California Attorney General Asks For Permission To Throw Out 'Shoot The Gays' Initiative"
U-T San Diego (US) March 25 2015, by: Steven Greenhut, "Gay-bashing initiative sparks backlash"
The Modesto Bee (US) March 25 2015, by: Christopher Cadelago, "Harris seeks to block 'kill gays' initiative"
Newser (US) March 24 2015, by: Rob Quinn, "'Intolerant Jackass' Act Counters 'Shoot Gays' Act"
Salon (US) March 24 2015, by: Jenny Kutner, "California forced to take signatures for horrifying "shoot the gays" ballot initiative"
Cosmopolitan (US) March 24 2015, by: Megan Friedman, "The Reason This Woman Started the "Intolerant Jackass Act" Will Make You Furious"
Advocate (US) March 24 2015, by: Trudy Ring, "California Activist Has Perfect Response to 'Shoot the Gays' Initiative"
Marie Claire (US) March 24 2015, by: Megan Friedman, "Meet The "Intolerable Jackass Act," A Piece Of Proposed Legislation We Can Really Get Behind"
Slate (US) March 23 2015, by: Mark Joseph Stern, "One Californian's Response to That "Kill the Gays" Measure: The Intolerant Jackass Act"
Huffington Post (US) March 23 2015, by: Lydia O'Connor, "California Forced To Allow Signatures For Appalling 'Shoot The Gays' Ballot Initiative"
Christian Science Monitor (US) March 19 2015, by: Fruzsina Eordogh, "Why an algorithm may be the answer to fight 'revenge porn'"
Westside Today (US) February 26 2015, by: Westside Today Staff, "Owner of 'revenge porn' site pleads guilty in L.A."
Los Angeles Times (US) February 25 2015, by: Matt Hamilton, ""King of Revenge Porn" pleads guilty, faces up to 7 years in prison"
The Straits Times (SG) February 20 2015, by: Editor, "US revenge porn kingpin Hunter Moore agrees to guilty plea"
Washington Post (US) February 20 2015, by: Andrea Peterson, "Activists in the war against revenge porn are finally seeing results"
Glamour magazine (US) February 20 2015, by: Danica Lo, "Taking Back the Internet"
The New York Observer (US) February 19 2015, by: Jordyn Taylor, "This Mom Made It Her Mission to Take Down Revenge Porn Kingpin Hunter Moore"
Le Parisien (FR) February 19 2015, by: Editor, "Le roi du "revenge porn" américain plaide coupable à Los Angeles"
Los Angeles Times (US) February 18 2015, by: Joseph Serna and Veronica Rocha, "'King of revenge porn' to plead guilty; prison time expected"
Daily Democrat (US) February 18 2015, by: Associated Press & Democrat Staff, "Woodland 'revenge porn' operator tp plead guilty in Los Angeles court"
VG (NO) February 13 2015, by: Catherine Ekehaug, "Hun kan felle hevnporno-knogen"
The Washington Post (US) January 30 2015, by: Caitlin Dewey, "The government just took a huge step in the fight against revenge porn"
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