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Martin (Javier De Pietro) is a schoolboy in Argentina, who fabricates an injury during swimming practice to engineer some time alone with his teacher, Sebastian (Carlos Echevarría), to whom he has taken something of a liking.

By pretending that his grandmother is out and he was supposed to stay over with a friend, Martin spends the night at Sebastian’s apartment, after which he returns to school and his mightily distressed parents, who had no idea where he was. Sebastian, meanwhile, is also struggling to come to terms with how he feels about Martin’s obvious affections.


An intriguing film that ends up as far less than the sum of its parts, this nonetheless has some interesting and effective moments, even if it doesn’t in the end hang together coherently enough to really grab the attentions of the mainstream. De Pietro is an effective actor, his strong physique coupled
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First Images From Argentinian Horror Lo Siniestro

We’ve covered a good amount of Argentinian horror film in these pages in the past and the more we do the more I realize just how interconnected the film scene is there, and just how supportive many of the key players are of each other’s work. Case in point: upcoming title Lo Siniestro. The film was directed by Sergio Mazurek with producing duties handled by Hernan Findling (director of Breaking Nikki), cinematography by Daniel De La Vega (director of Death Knows Your Name) and some of the script writing chores handled by Nicanor Loreti (director of El Kuervo). Oh ... and the lead actor? That’s Luis Ziembrowski, co-director of The Owner. See what I mean?

Clara (Paula Siero) is a 30 something year old nurse suffering from amnesia. After her mother’s death, she travels to Mar Sereno, the town where she was born. But she will be followed by a terrible curse,
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