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  • (1934) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1934. Musical revue. Music by Vernon Duke, Samuel Pokrass, Billy Hill, H.I. Phillips, Fred Allen, Harry Tugend and Ballard MacDonald. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Musical Director: John McManus. Sketches by: H.I. Philips, Fred Allen and David Freedman. Written by Harry Turgend. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, Billy Rose, Billy Hill and Edward Heyman. Featuring songs by Joseph Meyer, Richard Myers, Dana Suesse, Peter DeRose, Billy Hill and James F. Hanley. Additional numbers staged by John Murray Anderson. Costume Design by Russell Patterson, 'Raoul Pène Du Bois', Charles Le Maire, Billy Livingston and Kiviette. Scenic Design by Watson Barrett and Albert R. Johnson. Lighting Design by John Murray Anderson. Dialogue Directed by Edward C. Lilley. Directed by Bobby Connolly. Winter Garden Theatre: 4 Jan 1934- 9 Jun 1934 (182 performances). Cast: John Adair, Joanna Allen, Virginia Allen, Louene Ambrosius, Peggy Ann, Eve Arden [Broadway debut], Margorie Baglin, Judith Barron, Leon Barte, Mary Bay, Betzi Beaton, Anna Bell, Herman Belmonte, Helen Bennett, Al Bloom, Hazel Boffinger, Mary Bolles, Mildred Borst, Patricia Bowman, Fanny Brice, Mary Ellen Brown, Dorothy Buckley, Joanne Cannon, Joseph Carey, Jean Carson, Jacques Cartier, Jack Coogan, Gloria Cook, Dorothy Daly, Hope Dare, Hope Dare, Maxine Darrell, Loretta Dennison, Eva Desca, Buddy Ebsen, Vilma Ebsen, Frank Ericson, Lonita Foster, Helene Frederic, Jane Froman, Marjorie Gayle, Gloria Glennon, Julia Gorman, Irene Hamlin, Helen Hannon, Pearl Harris, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Brice Hutchins, Vivian Janis, Julie Jenner, Ruth Kane, Gladyse Keating, James Kitson, Evelyn Laurie, Naomi Leaf, Clark Leston, Rose Lipton, Dorothy MacKinnon, Florence Mallee, Florence Malley, Carlotta Mann, Charlotte Mann, Lillian Mann, Fred Mannat, Everett Marshall, Camilla Masters, Sara Mazo, Pam McAvoy, Frances McHugh, Vicki Michak, Bobbie Miller, Dinty Moore, Victor Morely, Jane Moxon, Evelyn Nichols, Evelyn Nielson, Cherry Preisser, June Preisser, Ina Ray, Ruth Reiter, Susanne Remos, Edith Roark, Thora Roberts, Don Ross, Caroline Ryan, Ruth Saks, Sid Salzer, Marion Santre, Sunya Shurman, Leone Sousa, Edwina Steele, Maria Steele, Marie Stevens, Jean Stuart, Lucile Stuart, Adlynn Swan, Gladine Sweetser, Ethel Thorsen, The Vikings, Oliver Wakefield, Mildred Webb, Gil White, Marguerite White, Betty Worth. Produced by Mrs. Florenz Ziegfeld (Billie Burke).
  • (1933) Stage Play: George White's Music Hall Varieties [1932/Second Edition]. Musical revue [return engagement]. Book by George White and Billy K. Wells. Music by Irving Caesar and Harold Arlen. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh. Featuring songs by Carmen Lombardo, Sam H. Stept, Herman Hupfeld, Cliff Friend, George Gershwin and George White. Featuring songs with lyrics by Herman Hupfeld, Herb Magidson, Ted Koehler and George White. Musical Staging by Russell Markert. Directed by George White. Casino Theatre: 2 Jan 1933- 21 Jan 1933 (24 performances). Cast: Connie Alderson, Betty Allen, Margorie Baglin, Pearl Bradley, Alice Carleton, Dorothy Daly, Helen Dell, Edna Eustace, Myra Gerald, Herr Al Gordon, Beverly Gordon, Helen Gordon, Julia Gorman, Marie Graham, Roger Gray, Pearl Harris, Florence Healy, Eugene Howard, James Howard [final Broadway role], Willie Howard, Chic Jordan, Bert Lahr, Madeline Lawson, The Loomis Sisters, Rita Mackin, Lela Manor, Lila Manor, Joan Marsh, Melissa Mason, Lenora McDermott, Kay Michels, Jewel Morse, Nancy Nelson, Marion O'Day, Lucille Osborn, Tom Patricola, Edna Pence, Barbara Pepper, Dorothy Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Eleanor Powell, Harry Richman, Peggy Seal, Zynaid Spencer, Betty Sundmark, Gwen Tremble, Joseph Vitale, Amy Weber, Eleanor Witt. Produced by George White.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Ballyhoo of 1932. Musical comedy/revue. Book by Norman B. Anthony. Additional dialogue by Sig Herzig. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Music by Lewis E. Gensler. Musical Director: Max Meth. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek. Directed by Norman B. Anthony, Lewis E. Gensler, Bobby Connolly and Russell Patterson. 44th Street Theatre: 6 Sep 1932- 26 Nov 1932 (95 performances). Cast: Albertina Rasch Dancers, Leon Alton, Inga Anderson, Jeanne Aubert (as "She"), Marjorie Baglin, Firley Banks, Al Bloom, Mildred Borst, Lucille Brodin, P. Brookes, Mary Brooks, Hugh Cameron (as "Mr. Throckmorton/Big Business/Senator from Texas"), Joe Carey, Alice Carleton, Helene Carson, Barbara Coswell, Jack Douglas, Margaret Durande, Florence Earle (as "Miss Park Avenue/Mrs. Colfay"), Ruth Fischer, Marion Forbes, Gloria Gilbert, Gloria Glennon, Rosalind Golden, P. Gurney, Ray Halberg, Grace Hartman, Paul Hartman, Tom Harty, Bob Hope (as "Minsky" and "chorus"), Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Milton LeRoy, Vera Marshe, Billy Marvil, Lulu McConnell, Nina Mae McKinney, Vida McLain, Paul Murdock, Dorissa Nelova, Sunnie O'Dea, Lucille Clay Osborne, Edna Pence, John Peters, Ruth Reiter, Josephine Robert, Bernice Roberts, Jack Ross, Sid Salzer, Ralph Sanford, Marguerite Slattery, Donald Stewart, J. Stillman, Dorothy Van Hest. Produced by Ballyhoo Productions Inc.
  • (1931) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Book by George White, Irving Caesar and Lew Brown. Additional text by Harry Conn. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Howard Jackson. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 14 Sep 1931- 5 Mar 1932 (202 performances). Produced by George White.
  • (1929) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue.
  • (1928) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue. Music by Ray Henderson. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Book by George White and Billy K. Wells. Musical Direction by William Daly. Featuring songs by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Ted Fio Rito, Abel Baer, J. Fred Coots and Neil Moret. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, Dave Dreyer, Richard Whiting, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Lou Davis, Edward G. Nelson and Harry Pease. Costume Design by Erté and Charles Le Maire. Musical Staging by George White and Russell Markert. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 2Jul 1928- 19 Jan 1929 (240 performances). Cast: Gladys Astor, Marjorie Barley, Bernice & Emily, William Blanche, Pearl Bradley, Barbara Bright, Mary Brown, Arthur Cardinal, Alvina Carson, Violet Carson, James Carty, Kathryn Cathcart, Marie Cole, Beryl Collinson, Jean Cutler, Marion Cutler, Rae Davis, Dorothy Dawn, Marion Dickson, Elsie Duffy, Lois Eckhart, Elm City Four, Jacqueline Feeley, Selma Freeman, Ednamay French, Ivy Gayner, Elise Gerndon, Dolly Gilbert, Marjorie Gilbet, Ruth Goodwin, Ivena Hall, Ann Hardman, The Hastings Twins, Mitzi Hayes, Mabel Hill, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Helen Howe, Renee Johnson, Arnol Johnson's Band, Marie Keve, Wynne Lark, Muriel LeCount, Georgia Lerch, Alice Lorraine, Frances Lyle, June MacCloy, Boots Mallory, Margaret Manners, Marion Martin, Laverta McCormack, Isabel Mohr, Harry Morrissey, Peggy Moseley, Gloria Murray, Catherine NaVarro, Jo Navarro, Louise Newman, William O'Neal, Gloria O'Neil, Belle Osborne, Margie O'Shea, Mildred Ott, Arthur Page, Sally Parsons, Tom Patricola, Ann Pennington, Rose Perfect, Edna Rabbe, Catherine Reynolds, Harry Richman, Florence Robinson, Russell Markert Dancers, Lilyan Sabolis, May Slattery, Gertrude Smith, Elsie St. Clare, Dorothy Stewart, George White Girls, Frances Williams, Geraldine Wright. Produced by George White.
  • (1926) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Sky High. Musical. Music by Robert Stolz, Al Goodman, Carlton Kelsey and Maurice Ruebens. Book by Harold Atteridge and Harry Graham. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge and Harry Graham. Musical Director: Carlton Kelsey. Additional lyrics by Clifford Grey. Based on an English musical farce by Harry Graham. Based on a Viennese Operette by Robert Bodansky, Bruno Hardt-Warden and Robert Stolz. Featuring songs by Hal Dyson and Irving Weil. Choreographed by Seymour Felix. Entire production supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by Fred G. Latham and Alexander Leftwich. Shubert Theatre (moved to The Winter Garden Theatre from 20 Mar 1925- Jun 1925, then moved to The Casino Theatre from 15 Jun 1925 to close): 2 Mar 1925- 5 Sep 1925 (217 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames (as "Alfred Horridge, Esq."), Arthur Appel, Charlotte Ayres, Jack Baker, Joyce Barbour, Hazel Beamer, William Birdie, Allen Blair, Peggy Brown, William Brown, Ysobel Cayer, John Creighton, Charlie Dodge, Edward Douglas, Violet Englefield, Elsie Frank, Norma Gould, Carol Grey, Ethel Guerard, Dorothy Hathaway, Bella Heyman, Roland Hogue (as "Duke of Dulchester, Montague Lush"), Willie Howard (as "Sammy Myers"), Joe Hughes, Catherine Huth, Walter Johnson, Emmy La Mar, Margy Lane, Betty Lee, James R. Liddy, Marcia Mack, Ruth Mayon, Lillian McNeil, Wallace Milam, Ann Milburn, Emily Miles, Mildred Morgan, Lorene Mumma, Fred Murray, Lucille Osborne, Betty Pecan, Gene Philips, Edith Pierce, Beatrice Reiss, Albert Royal, Bert Shadow, Betty Sheldon, Emily Sherman, Stella Shiel, Penny Singleton (as "Cloak Room Girl/Chorus") [credited as Dorothy McNulty) [Broadway debut], Billie Smart, Gladys Smith, Marcella Swanson, Jeanne Tanny, Vanessi, Helen Veronica, Lucile Vinik, Billy Wagner, Marie Warner, Thomas Whitely, Margy Whitney, Emma Wyche. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Eugene Howard.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1922. Musical revue. Music by Alfred Goodman. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Jack Stanley, Laddie Cliff and Gus Kahn. Additional music by Walter Donaldson and Ivy St. Helieu. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by James C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 Sep 1922- 2 Dec 1922 (85 performances). Cast: Alma Adair, Janet Adair, Mlle. Alborn, Fred Allen, George Anderson, Sam Ash, Gilbert Barr, Bert Best, M.T. Bohannon, Bobby Boles, Peggy Bond, Monica Boulais, William Brand, Mary Breau, Nellie Breen, Olive Brown, Dorothy Bruce, Helen Christie, Molly Christie, Louise Cross, Pauline Dakla, Dorothy Daniels, Florence Darling, Wilbur De Rouge, Dolores Edwards, Betty Fitch, The Fooshee Sisters, Helen Fox, Alexander Frank, Elsie Frank, Rose Gallagher, Alfred Gilday, Agnes Hall, Gladys Hall, George Hassell, Nan Henderson, Helen Herendeen, Marjory Himes, Portland Hoffa, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Jack Kearns, Gertrude Lang, Mary Lawlor, Rose Lee, The Lockfords, The Macweys, Arthur Margetson, Elsie May, Belle McLaughlin, Emily Miles, Carol Miller, Phyllis Miller, Marion Mooney, Nat Nazarro Jr., Sidney Nelson, Beatrice O'Brien, Helen O'Brien, Mabel Olson, Edith Pearce, Francis Renault, Phyllis Reynolds, Joseph Riley, Helen Rogers, Grace Rossiter, Beulah Rubens, Katherine Saxe, Charlotte Schuette, Sidney Shaar, Grace Shea, Ethel Shutta [Broadway debut], Maxine Sickle, Madeline Smith, Orilla Smith, Edna Starck, Louise Starck, May Sullivan, Florence Summerville, Jean Thomas, Billy Wagner, Ethel Walker, Fred Walton, Louise Wayne, Florence Wilde, Beatrice Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Louise Winn, Helen Wright. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1918. Musical revue.
  • (1916) Stage Play: The Show of Wonders. Musical revue.
  • (1915) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1915. Musical revue.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Whirl of the World. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge. Music by Sigmund Romberg [earliest Broadway credit]. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Additional music and additional lyrics by Harry Gifford and Fred Godfrey. Additional Direction by Henry Lehman. Directed by William J. Wilson. Winter Garden Theatre: 10 Jan 1914- 30 May 1914 (161 performances). Cast: Muroff Allo (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Barnett (as "Babette/Chorus"), Fred Bates (as "Chorus"), Myrtle Bauer (as "Chorus"), Mabel Benelisha (as "Chorus"), Lena Betts (as "Chorus"), Pearl Betts (as "Chorus"), May Boley (as "Viola"), Jennie Callan (as "Chorus"), Ruth Carberry (as "Chorus"), Lucille Cavanaugh (as "Chorus"), Louis J. Cody (as "M. Archambault" / "A Wireless Operator"), Harry Delf (as "Pierre"), Rozsika Dolly (as "Olivia"), Grace DuBoise (as "Chorus"), Vera Dunn (as "Chorus"), Alice Eldon (as "Chorus"), June Eldridge (as "Elise" / "Chorus"), Allen Fagan (as "Chorus"), Follie Faulkner (as "Chorus"), Irving Finn (as "Chorus"), Art Garvey (as "Chorus"), Grace Georgian (as "Chorus"), Mazie Gilmore (as "Chorus"), Helen Glenmore (as "Chorus"), Ray Goodrich (as "Chorus"), Lawrence Grant (as "Gen. Pavlo"), Bernard Granville (as "Jack Phillips"), Evelyn Hall (as "Chorus"), George Hanlon (as "Sergeant of the Police"), Ralph C. Herz (as "Marquis Tullyrand"), Edna Hettler (as "Chorus"), Eugene Howard (as "Steward of the Amber Club/Captain of 'La France'/Purser of 'La France'/The Mysterious Arabian"), 'Willie Howard' (as "Sammy Meyers"), Lillian Howell (as "Lorette/Chorus"), Rose Huber (as "Chorus"), Irving Jackson (as "Chorus"), Arthur Kelly (as "Chorus"), Walter C. Kelly (as "The Virginia Judge"), Florence Kern (as "Chorus"), Lydia Kyasht (as "Dance Specialty"), Dorothy Landers (as "Chorus"), Mazie Lawless (as "Chorus"), Vivian Lawrence (as "Chorus"), Jean Leprince (as "Footman"), Juliette Lippe (as "Nanette"), Serge Litavkin (as "Dance Specialty"), Liana Lorelli (as "Adele/Chorus"), Lillian Lorraine (as "Fifi/Cleopatra II"), Larry Mack (as "Chorus"), Helen Marche (as "Chorus"), Rena Markey (as "Chorus"), Marion McDonald (as "Chorus"), Rossella Meyers (as "Chorus"), George Moon (as "Jacques/Ahmed"), Dorothy Moran (as "Chorus"), Daniel Morris (as "Hassan/Beppo"), Dot Page (as "Chorus"), Winnie Parker (as "Chorus"), Lillian Parrish (as "Chorus"), Felix Patty (as "A Gendarme"), Claire Pearl (as "Chorus"), Rena Pelham (as "Chorus"), Nellie Pennington (as "Chorus"), Anna Perine (as "Chorus"), Stanley Rayburn (as "Chorus"), Trixie Raymond (as "Annette/Chorus"), Bobbie Roberts (as "Chorus"), Dot Rozelle (as "Chorus"), Emily Russ (as "Chorus/Louise"), Eleanor Ryley (as "Chorus"), Marie Salisbury (as "Clarice/Chorus"), Lester Sheehan (as "Francois"), Virginia Shelby (as "Chorus"), Elita Sherman (as "Marguerite"), Paulita Sherman (as "Chorus"), Lois Stowe (as "Chorus"), Earle Talbot (as "Captain of the Police"), Vera Tirrell (as "Chorus"), Charles Townshend (as "Chorus"), Elinor Wallace (as "Chorus"), Lawrence Ward (as "Archie Piccadilly"), Robert Ward (as "Bertie Strand"), Harry Weber (as "A Gendarme"), Arthur Welsley (as "Claudie"), Ethel Wheeler (as "Chorus"), William Wilder (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1912. Musical revue. Written by Louis A. Hirsch, Earl Carroll, Harold Orlob and Irving Berlin. Lyrics by George Bronson Howard. Music orchestrated by Oscar Radin and Frank Saddler. Ballet Choreographed by Theodore Kosloff. Choreographed and directed by Ned Wayburn. Winter Garden Theatre: 22 Jul 1912- 16 Nov 1912 (136 performances/Note: In rotation with The Ballet of 1830). Cast: Adelaide & Hughes, Emile Agoust, Isabel Barclay, Dorothy Barnett, Fred Bates, Mabel Beck, Alma Braham, Bertie Britton, Nellie Brown, Florence Cable, Celeste Campbell, Hilarion Ceballos, Rosalie Ceballos, Jerry Childs, Helen Clagett, Austin Clark, Marie Corty, Charlotte Cushman, Edward Cutler, Roger Davis, May Dealy, Elinore Dell, Ethel Dennison, Marie Earle, Harry Fox, Lottie Franklin, Etta Franklin, Trixie Friganza, Edward Gordon, Edward Grant, Fannie Grant, Sydney Grant, Bessie Gray, Charlotte Greenwood, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Herbert Hall, Ernest Hare, Lillian Harris, Clarence Harvey, Olga Hempstone, Margie Herman, Henry Holt, Eugene Howard [Broadway debut], Willie Howard [Broadway debut], Jobyna Howland, Albert S. Howson, Kathryn Humphreys, Isabelle Jason, Alex Keene, Shirley Kellogg, Fanny Kidston, Kitty Kyle, L'Aerolia, Jack Laughlin, Clara Lloyd, Helen Lloyd, Vivian MacDonald, Louise MacFarlane, Maurie Madison, Connie Magnet, George Moon, Hazel Mooney, Greville Moore, Daniel Morris, Frances Morris, Lotta Morse, Ralph O'Brien, Alleyne Pickard, Ester Pierce, Charles J. Ross, Gertrude Rutland, Edward Scanlin, Oscar Schwartz, Betty Scott, Bessie Shannon, Esther Shannon, Clara Stanton, Ray Strath, Harry Sulkins, Lola Taylor, May Tormey, Billie Townley, Stanley Vickers, Marie Wallace, Anna Wheaton, Edith Whitney, Winona Wilkins, Maudie Worden, Emil Zajah, F. Zanfretta. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1912 - 1941) Active on Broadway in the following productions:

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