Anna Chlumsky Reveals the Best Moment From "Veep"

"Veep" star Anna Chlumsky reminisces about the show and picks the Disney movie that always makes her cry during our Take 5 challenge.

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Pulo ng Engkanto Producer
Dalawang ina Producer


Hide Hide Show Show Producer (295 credits)
  Tupada (executive producer)
 1980 Kakabakaba ka ba? (executive producer)
 1961 Triplets (executive producer)
 1961 Oh sendang (executive producer)
 1961 Sandata at pangako (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1961 Bakit ka nagtampo (executive producer)
 1961 Prinsipe Diomedes at ang mahiwagang gitara (executive producer)
 1961 My Serenade (executive producer)
 1960 Awit ng mga dukha (executive producer)
 1960 The Three Musketeers (executive producer)
 1960 Kung ako'y mahal mo (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1960 Botika sa baryo (executive producer)
 1960 Teen-age Crush (executive producer)
 1960 Dahlia (executive producer)
 1960 Emily (executive producer)
 1960 Navy Blues (executive producer)
 1960 Unos sa laot (executive producer)
 1960 Juan Tamad Goes to Society (executive producer)
 1960 Yantok mindoro (executive producer)
 1959 Tayo'y magsaya (executive producer)
 1959 Biyaya ng lupa (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1959 Nukso nang nukso (executive producer)
 1959 Chinita (executive producer)
 1959 Bayanihan (executive producer)
 1959 Puro utos, puro utos (executive producer)
 1959 Kundiman ng lahi (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1959 Baguio Fever (executive producer)
 1959 Tuko sa Madre Kakaw (executive producer)
 1959 Panagimpan (executive producer)
 1959 Walang takot (executive producer)
 1958 Anak ni Waray (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1958 Austerity Love (executive producer)
 1958 Gerilyang patpat (Short) (executive producer)
 1958 Limang dalangin (executive producer)
 1958 Verganza (executive producer)
 1958 Combo Festival (executive producer)
 1958 Rosalina (executive producer)
 1958 Rose Tattoo ng buhay ko (executive producer)
 1958 Mr. Kuripot (executive producer)
 1958 Wala kang paki (executive producer)
 1958 Casa grande (executive producer)
 1958 Ana Maria (executive producer)
 1958 Hiwaga ng pag-ibig (executive producer)
 1958 Ay Pepita! (executive producer)
 1958 Tuloy ang ligaya (executive producer)
 1958 Zarex (executive producer)
 1958 Malvarosa (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1958 Barkada (executive producer)
 1958 Rebelde (executive producer)
 1958 Kastilaloy (executive producer)
 1958 Alembong (executive producer)
 1958 Villa milagrosa (executive producer)
 1958 Faithful (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1958 Eddie Junior Detective (executive producer)
 1958 Balae (executive producer)
 1957 Walang sugat (executive producer)
 1957 Bahala na (executive producer)
 1957 Tingnan natin (executive producer)
 1957 Bad Boy (executive producer)
 1957 Krisalis (executive producer)
 1957 Si meyor naman (executive producer)
 1957 Conde de amor (executive producer)
 1957 Sampung libong pisong pag-ibig (executive producer)
 1957 Turista (executive producer)
 1957 Basta Ikaw (executive producer)
 1957 Pintor kulapol (executive producer)
 1957 Sanga-sangang puso (executive producer)
 1957 Badjao: The Sea Gypsies (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1957 Hukom Roldan (executive producer)
 1957 Kalyehera (executive producer - as Maria Narcisa B. Viuda de Leon)
 1957 El robo (executive producer)
 1957 Sebya, mahal kita (executive producer)
 1957 Cuatro vidas (executive producer)
 1957 Dalawang ina (executive producer)
 1957 Phone Pal (executive producer)
 1956 Welga (executive producer)
 1956 Higit sa korona (executive producer)
 1956 Ganyan ka pala (executive producer)
 1956 Kumander 13 (executive producer)
 1956 Big Shot (executive producer)
 1956 Among tunay (executive producer)
 1956 Medalyong perlas (executive producer)
 1956 Laging ikaw (executive producer)
 1956 Idolo (executive producer)
 1956 Everlasting (executive producer)
 1956 Aling kutsero (executive producer)
 1956 Puppy Love (executive producer)
 1956 Abandonado (executive producer)
 1956 Luksang Tagumpay (executive producer)
 1956 Easy ka lang, padre! (executive producer)
 1956 May araw ka rin (executive producer)
 1956 Ulillang Bituin (executive producer)
 1956 Chaperon (executive producer)
 1956 Anak dalita (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1956 Handang matodas (executive producer)
 1956 Ilaw sa karimlan (executive producer)
 1956 Charito, I Love You (executive producer)
 1955 1 2 3 (executive producer)
 1955 Dinayang pagmamahal (executive producer)
 1955 Palasyong pawid (executive producer)
 1955 Tagapagmana (executive producer)
 1955 Talusaling (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 Ikaw kasi (executive producer)
 1955 Salamangkero (executive producer)
 1955 Pilipino kostum no touch (executive producer)
 1955 Dalagang taring (executive producer)
 1955 Panyolitong bughaw (executive producer)
 1955 Karnabal (executive producer)
 1955 Sonny Boy (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 Indian pana (executive producer)
 1955 Lelong mong panot (executive producer)
 1955 No Place to Hide (executive producer)
 1955 Banda uno (executive producer)
 1955 Ang ibong Adarna (executive producer)
 1955 Niña bonita (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 Pasikat (executive producer)
 1955 Mariang sinukuan (executive producer)
 1955 Higit sa lahat (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 Hagad (executive producer)
 1955 Saydwok bendor (executive producer)
 1955 Banal o makasalanan (executive producer)
 1955 Darling ko (executive producer)
 1955 Lapu-Lapu (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 No Money No Honey (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1955 Dalagita't binatilyo (executive producer)
 1954 Damong ligaw (executive producer)
 1954 Doce pares (executive producer)
 1954 Hiram na kasintahan (executive producer)
 1954 Luneta (executive producer)
 1954 Mabangong kandungan (executive producer)
 1954 Tin-edyer (executive producer)
 1954 Waray-waray (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1954 Singsing na tanso (executive producer)
 1954 Galawgaw (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1954 Ikaw ang dahilan (executive producer)
 1954 Tinalikdang dambana (executive producer)
 1954 Kandelerong pilak (executive producer)
 1954 Dambanang putik (executive producer)
 1954 Donato (executive producer)
 1954 Abarinding (executive producer)
 1954 Krus na bakal (executive producer)
 1954 Playboy (executive producer)
 1954 Virtuoso (executive producer)
 1954 Dalaginding (executive producer)
 1954 Dakilang pagpapakasakit (executive producer)
 1954 Tucydides (executive producer)
 1953 Batangueña (executive producer)
 1953 Dalagang nayon (executive producer)
 1953 Highway 54 (executive producer)
 1953 Hijo de familia (executive producer)
 1953 Hiyasmin (executive producer)
 1953 Kuwentong bahay-bahayan (executive producer)
 1953 Leilani (Tabu) (executive producer)
 1953 Mga pusong may lason (executive producer)
 1953 Sa paanan ng bundok (executive producer)
 1953 Señorito (executive producer)
 1953 Tatlong labuyo (executive producer)
 1953 Dagohoy (executive producer)
 1953 Luha at musika (executive producer)
 1953 Makabuhay (executive producer)
 1953 Dalawang pag-ibig (executive producer)
 1953 Squatters (executive producer)
 1953 Huk sa bagong pamumuhay (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda de Leon)
 1953 Kuwintas ng pasakit (executive producer)
 1953 Ganyan lang ang buhay (executive producer)
 1953 Kidlat... ngayon! (executive producer)
 1953 Tumbalik na daigdig (executive producer)
 1953 Philippine Navy (executive producer)
 1952 2 sundalong kanin (executive producer)
 1952 Babaeng hampaslupa (executive producer)
 1952 Haring Solomon at Reyna Sheba (executive producer)
 1952 Matador (executive producer)
 1952 Romansa sa nayon (executive producer)
 1952 Sa paanan ng Nazareno (executive producer)
 1952 Tenyente Carlos Blanco (executive producer)
 1952 Taong Paniki (executive producer coordinator, various (as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1952 Digmaan ng damdamin (executive producer)
 1952/I Rodrigo de Villa (executive producer)
 1952 Bohemyo (executive producer)
 1952 Kambal tuko (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1952 Correccional (executive producer)
 1952 Korea (executive producer)
 1952 Tiya Loleng (executive producer)
 1952 Harana sa karagatan (executive producer)
 1951 Ang tapis mo Inday (executive producer)
 1951 Dalawang prinsipeng kambal (executive producer)
 1951 Dugo sa dugo (executive producer)
 1951 Haring Cobra (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1951 Nasaan ka, giliw (executive producer)
 1951 Pag-asa (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1951 Satur (executive producer)
 1951 Venus (executive producer)
 1951 Amor mio (executive producer)
 1951 Probinsiyano (executive producer)
 1951 Shalimar (executive producer)
 1951 Prinsipe Amante sa Rubitanya (executive producer)
 1951 Talisman (executive producer)
 1951 Anak ng pulubi (executive producer)
 1951 Bayan o pag-ibig (executive producer)
 1951 Pulo ng Engkanto (executive producer)
 1951 Reyna Elena (executive producer)
 1950 Ang bombero (executive producer)
 1950 Kontrabando (executive producer)
 1950 Mutya ng Pasig (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1950 Apat na alas (executive producer)
 1950 Sohrab at Rustum (executive producer)
 1950 Edong Mapangarap (executive producer)
 1950 In Despair (executive producer)
 1950 Doctor X (executive producer)
 1950 Prinsipe Amante (executive producer)
 1950 Dayang-dayang (executive producer)
 1950 Tininti del barrio (executive producer)
 1950 Nagsaulian ng kandila (executive producer)
 1950 Nuno sa punso (executive producer)
 1950 Candaba (executive producer)
 1950 Hantik (executive producer)
 1950 Mahal mo ba ako? (executive producer)
 1949 Don Juan Tenoso (executive producer)
 1949 Florante at Laura (executive producer)
 1949 Lupang pangako (executive producer)
 1949 Makabagong Pilipina (executive producer)
 1949 Milyonarya (executive producer)
 1949 Tambol Mayor (executive producer)
 1949 Virginia (executive producer)
 1949 Hen. Gregorio del Pilar (executive producer)
 1949 Kuba sa Quiapo (executive producer)
 1949 Camelia (executive producer)
 1949 Capas (executive producer)
 1949 Hiyas ng pamilihan (executive producer)
 1949 Gitano (executive producer)
 1949 Ang kandidato (executive producer)
 1949 Biglang yaman (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1949 Maria Beles (executive producer)
 1949 El diablo (executive producer)
 1949 Parola (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1949 Kampanang ginto (executive producer)
 1949 Ibigin mo ako, lalaking matapang (executive producer)
 1948 Malaya (Mutya sa gubat) (executive producer)
 1948 Puting bantayog (executive producer)
 1948 Waling-waling (executive producer)
 1948 Sa Tokyo ikinasal (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1948 Kaaway ng babae (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon)
 1948 Huling dalangin (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1948 Pista sa nayon (executive producer)
 1948 Hampas ng langit (executive producer)
 1948 Sierra Madre, bundok ng hiwaga (executive producer)
 1948 Maestro Pajarillo (executive producer)
 1948 Sumpaan (executive producer)
 1948 Tanikalang papel (executive producer)
 1947 Backpay (executive producer)
 1947 Ina (executive producer)
 1947 Magkaibang lahi (executive producer)
 1947 Romansa (executive producer)
 1947 Violeta (executive producer)
 1947 Sarung-banggi (executive producer)
 1947 Himala ng Birhen (executive producer)
 1947 Maling akala (executive producer)
 1947 Oh, salapi! (executive producer)
 1947 Miss Philippines (executive producer)
 1947 Ikaw ay akin (executive producer)
 1946 Victory Joe (executive producer)
 1946 Dalawang daigdig (executive producer)
 1946 Principeng hindi tumatawa (executive producer)
 1946 Aladin (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1946 Alaala kita (executive producer)
 1946 Angelus (executive producer)
 1946 Garrison 13 (executive producer)
 1946 Orasang ginto (executive producer)
 1943 Tiya Juana (executive producer)
 1942 Caviteño (executive producer)
 1942 Niña bonita (executive producer)
 1942 Prinsipe Teñoso (executive producer)
 1941 Ilang-ilang (executive producer)
 1941 Lihim (executive producer)
 1941 Ikaw pala (executive producer)
 1941 Ibong Adarna (executive producer - as Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon)
 1941 Ararong ginto (executive producer)
 1941 Villa Hermosa (executive producer)
 1941 Rosalinda (executive producer)
 1941 Binatilyo (executive producer)
 1941 Angelita (executive producer)
 1941 Hiyas ng dagat (executive producer)
 1940 Hali (executive producer)
 1940 Hatinggabi (executive producer)
 1940 Magtanim hindi biro (executive producer)
 1940 Nang mahawi ang ulap (executive producer)
 1940 Pangarap (executive producer)
 1940 Prinsesa ng kumintang (executive producer)
 1940 Nagiisang Sangla (executive producer)
 1940 Maginoong takas (executive producer)
 1940 Sawing gantingpala (executive producer)
 1940 Lambingan (executive producer)
 1939 Mabangong bulaklak (executive producer)
 1939 Giliw ko (executive producer)
 1932 Sa pinto ng langit (executive producer)
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Alternate Names:

Sisang De Leon | Dña. Narcisa B. Vda. de Leon | Dña. Narcisa B. Vda de Leon | Dña. Narcisa Vda. de Leon | Maria Narcisa B. Viuda de Leon

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Gave Luz Valdez her screen name. Dona Sisang Valdez's previous name, Mila Bernardo, is too long and can't harder be remembered. See more »


Dona Sisang

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