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Rooster Teeth To Host Weeklong Live Podcast Recording Event In Austin

Rtx, the annual gaming and internet culture conference hosted by Rooster Teeth, has announced a breakout event next month dubbed Rtx Presents: Live From Austin!

At the gathering, to be held from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23, Rooster Teeth will record four of its top podcasts live from The Sunset Room in downtown Austin. Tickets, starting at around $35, are available here. One podcast will be recorded every evening, including Rt Podcast, Always Open, On The Spot, and Off Topic. On the final night of the event series, Rooster Teeth will host a community meetup that will also serve as a birthday celebration for performer Gus Sorola.

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Rooster Teeth’s Gaming And Internet Convention Boasts Biggest Attendance Ever at 62,000

One of Austin’s most popular events just saw its largest attendance ever. Rtx, the gaming and internet culture convention thrown by local digital production company Rooster Teeth, attracted over 62,000 attendees to the Austin Convention Center from July 7-9, 2017.

This headcount is the most Rtx has ever entertained. In 2016, the event boasted around 60,000 attendees, which was 15,000 more than in 2015 (45,000). The year before that, the fourth annual Rtx saw 30,000 fans converge on the convention center, roughly 20,000 more than showed up in 2013 and 25,000 more than in 2012. All of those numbers started from the first Rtx in 2011 with a modest 600 attendees.

To put Rtx’s 62,000 headcount into perspective, the most well-known online video industry event, VidCon, saw about 30,000 attendees in June of this year at its Anaheim, California location. That's a difference of some 32,000 people.

So, how has a physical event dedicated to the community surrounding only one digital media brand managed to
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‘Unconventional’ Trailer: Rooster Teeth Documentary Explores the Wild World of Fan Conventions

‘Unconventional’ Trailer: Rooster Teeth Documentary Explores the Wild World of Fan Conventions
Rooster Teeth, the digital production company behind the popular feature film “Lazer Team” and web series “Red Vs. Blue,” has been breaking into the documentary space recently with efforts such as “Haus of Pain” and “The Tattooist.” This June, their doc efforts continue with with the hilarious fan convention documentary “Unconventional.”

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The latest Rooster Teeth documentary follows company co-founder Gus Sorola, no stranger to the convention scene himself having been a big presence at Rtx Sidney and E3, as he travels the country and attends the most unconventional conventions there is to offer. Why embark on such a mission? To identify the connection that draws thousands of people together no matter how obscure the interest.

“Unconventional,” directed by Mat Hames of Alpheus, premieres on June 30t exclusively on First, Rooster Teeth’s streaming service available at and on Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps.

Watch the exclusive trailer below.

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SXSW: Nerdist Releases Schedule to Highlight Baby Driver, American Gods and Free Fire

‘Tis the season for film screenings, amazing music, and nonstop eating. That’s right, it’s time for SXSW, and Nerdist is back in Austin taking over Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden (79 Rainey St.) for Nerdist’s Backyard Bash presented by Alpha. Taking place from Friday, March 10 –Sunday March 12, fans who attend will be treated to party games, celebrity interviews, live performances, and all the beer and BBQ they can handle.

Highlighting this year’s event will be cast appearances from Baby Driver, American Gods, Win It All, and Free Fire. The time of these appearances and the list of talent attending (along with the rest of the entire weekend schedule) is below.

As an added bonus, Alpha members who attend will get a free beer and entrée any day they attend.

For more information, go to backyardbash

Friday, March 10:

12pm - 1pm: Rooster Teeth (Gus Sorola, Miles Luna,
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Round-Up: Read the First Chapter of Former, Lazer Team Release Details, Terror Tales Casting Update

Would you want to be saved when everyone you care about is damned? In this round-up, we have the first chapter from Former, a novel by A. E. Stueve. Also: screening dates for Rooster Teeth's first feature film, Lazer Team, and an update on the casting of Terror Tales.

Former Preview: "Unlike his wife, his family, and his friends, Billy Dodge is alive. Profine, an international pharmaceutical and defense conglomerate, has cured him of an infection that has ravaged the Earth for over a decade. Life isn't easy for former infected, however, and despite Profine’s help, Billy is struggling to cope in a less than welcoming world. When Billy and a friend are blamed for an unfortunate death, things only become more difficult, and Billy finds himself at the center of a global crisis. As Billy wrestles with his inner demons and the strife around him, society struggles with
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Rooster Teeth: Insights From A Very Successful Entertainment Company

Austin, Texas-based Rooster Teeth has been an iconic online video entity since it was founded way back in 2003. In the past decade-plus, the creators of such internet sensations as Red vs. Blue and Rwby have consistently ranked among the Top 100 Most Viewed Channels on YouTube (with an aggregate total of over 2.8 billion views on the platform), founded a popular convention, and shown emerging creators how to build a business on and off YouTube doing what you love. What can we learn from Rooster Teeth’s success? Quite a bit. Tubefiter had the opportunity to catch up with Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum and Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Gus Sorola and ask a few questions about their history, their company's strategy, and what’s in store for Rooster Teeth in the future. Tubefilter: If you had to write an equation for success on and off YouTube, what would it be? Gus Sorola
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Machinima Rolls Out ‘Infonaut’, A Documentary Series About Creators

Machinima, creators of one of the most widely watched channels on YouTube, have built up a strong network of YouTube creators. The gaming hub has launched Infonaut, a new documentary series where the minds behind popular YouTube channels chronicle the ways in which they've turned their ideas into online video successes. The first episode of Infonaut is launching in three parts; the first third was released last week. The subject of the debut documentary is Rooster Teeth, the creators of Red vs. Blue. Four principle members of Rooster Teeth were interviewed for the episode, including co-creators Gus Sorola and Burnie Burns, but what's equally impressive is the other YouTube names who show up to voice their opinions on the hugely popular machinima (the style, not the channel) series: Freddie Wong and gamer SeaNanners appear in this installment, and iJustine will show up later in the documentary

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Video Games Meet Real Life in ‘Immersion’ by Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth is the Austin-based entertainment company responsible for popularizing the filmmaking art of machinima. For the unitiated, machnima is the use of video game engines to render graphics in real-time and generate computer animations. Savvy filmmakers use environments from first-person shooters (games like Doom, Quake, or Halo), control characters' actions and camera angles with the use of video game controllers, record the footage, and presto! Make wildly popular, financially viable, and incredibly entertaining web series. Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, and the rest of the team at Rooster Teeth Productions have created a number of machinima entertainment properties since the launch of the original Red vs. Blue in 2003. The shows are successful, sustainable and bring in enough income to support Rooster Teeth's production staff because they're relatively cheap to make and comprised of compelling storylines. Burns and company have a knack for infusing relatable, human attributes - character,
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