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Nat Geo Wild Renews ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ 3 Other Shows (Exclusive)

Nat Geo Wild has renewed its No. 1 show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” and three other series — “Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER,” “Snake City” and “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” — TheWrap has learned exclusively.

We’ve also got your first look at the fluffy cable channel’s upcoming “Pupparazzi,” one of four new specials and three new series for 2018-19. Next season, “Big Cat Week” returns for a ninth hunt, “BarkFest” chases its tail a fifth time and “SharkFest” swims for a seventh lap.

We’ll also get a third installment of “Savage Kingdom” next season.

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“Nat Geo Wild has always been 100 percent dedicated to animals and the people who love them, and our relentless commitment to creating premium content that entertains, inspires and educates viewers of all ages continues to make us the leading destination for wildlife programming,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo Wild. “This new programming slate highlights how Nat Geo Wild continues to find innovative ways to push the boundaries of storytelling, and we are confident that these new programs will strike a chord with our viewers.”

Below is Nat Geo Wild’s full 2018-19 slate, with all descriptions in the network’s own words.

Watch our exclusive “Pupparazzi” sneak peek video above. Yes, that one follows a pair of skilled pet photographers capturing some amazing dog and cat portraits.

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9th Annual “Big Cat Week” – Premieres November 2018

The fiercest week on television returns this fall with “Big Cat Week.” In its ninth-year, this annual event delivers an all-new roaring lineup puts the spotlight on heartwarming, surprising and inspiring stories of big cats around the world. In this year’s “Big Cat Week,’ discover the moving story of a young lion learning what it takes to become the king of the jungle in Beverly and Dereck Joubert’s latest special “Lion Prince,” follow the extraordinary tale of a strong-willed mother tiger who risks it all to rear her young cubs in “Tiger Mom,” and head to South America with big cat expert Boone Smith to witness the rare behaviors of pumas preying on penguins in Argentina in ‘Man Among Pumas.” More than a television event, “Big Cat Week” is an extension of the Big Cats Initiative, a long-term commitment by the National Geographic Society to halt the decline of big cats in the wild. This global initiative actively supports on-the-ground research and conservation projects to protect the planet’s top felines. For more information on the Big Cats Initiative and how you can get involved, visit NatGeoBigCats.org.

5th Annual “BarkFest” – Premieres Spring 2019

Woof woof! Your dog’s favorite week of television returns with more floofs and floppy ears than ever before. Who can say no to a marathon of adorable and silly mutts? Curl up on the couch with your pup and tune in for some tail-wagging good TV with the return of Nat Geo Wild’s pawsome “BarkFest” event.

7th Annual “SharkFest” – Premieres Summer 2019

Television’s second-best week of sharks returns next summer with incredible stories from the world’s leading scientists, along with wall-to-wall sharks. Nat Geo Wild is your go-to channel for the most sharks per square inch of television.

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“Pupparazzi” – Two-Hour Special Event Premieres Fall 2018

(Produced by High Noon Entertainment)

Call the “Pupparazzi!” Renowned pet photographer Kaylee Greer and her fiancé Sam have become some of the most sought after “dogtographers” in the world. Their ability to capture unique, adorable portraits of dogs, cats and other four-legged animals has earned them a successful pet photography business and an impressive portfolio. Forget the clean white studio and pristinely combed coat, this creative duo would rather photograph “dogs being dogs” in all of their silly, unpredictable, playful glory. From shooting global ad campaigns for major dog food brands, to arranging photo shoots for shelter dogs to help them find their forever homes, to staging whacky themed portraits for private clients, “Pupparazzi” delves into the heartwarming, exciting and often comical world of pet photography. Expect a lot of laughs, “aww’s,” floppy ears and muddy paws as we look at what goes into photographing man’s best friend.

“The Flood” – Two-Hour Special Event Premieres November 2018 Following “Big Cat Week”

(Produced by Natural History Film Unit Botswana and Icon Films)

The famous Okavango Delta is one of the most diverse habitats on earth – a lush, wild kingdom like no other. Here, life depends on the arrival and disappearance of water. Produced and filmed by award-winning Botswanan filmmaker Brad Bestelink and the team behind Nat Geo Wild’s miniseries “Savage Kingdom,” “The Flood” follows the lives of the animals fighting to survive in a dramatic and unpredictable wilderness. Using breathtaking cinematography and innovative storytelling methods, “The Flood” is an unparalleled natural history television event that follows the incredible stories of animals surviving during an infrequent natural phenomenon. When the lands are flooded, this landscape is both a sanctuary and a trap, giving and taking life in equal measure. Above and below the water, never ending battles of wits and survival play out. The fate of these tens of thousands of animals that live in this place of spectacular natural drama are at stake.

“Zeb Hogan’s Monster Fish: Philippines” – One-Hour Special Event Premieres November 2018

(Produced by Ifa Media)

Fish biologist and National Geographic Fellow Dr. Zeb Hogan is diving back into the water in search of the world’s biggest fish: the Whale Shark. In this new special, Hogan heads to the Sea of Cortez, where these gigantic prehistoric-like creatures congregate in hopes to uncover the hidden secrets of this aquatic paradise. On his journey, Hogan encounters giant tuna, rays and Hammerheads before coming face-to-face with a giant. What brings these elusive Whale Sharks to these waters? To find out, Hogan investigates other dangerous predators lurking beneath the water’s surface.

“Tree Lions” – One-Hour Special Event Premieres Fall 2018

(Filmed by Alex Braczkowski and produced by National Geographic Global Production Services)

It’s incredibly rare for lions to climb but there’s a little-known spot in Uganda where these big cats climb massive trees to hang out high above the plain. Cat biologist and cameraman Alex Braczkowski observed this behavior when he was counting the lions and leopards left in Queen Elizabeth’s National Park in Uganda. Now he’s on a mission to show these lions to the world like never before. He will get the first-ever shots of lions and their cubs 60-feet high in the trees using drones and special camera traps. The world’s lion population is disappearing rapidly but these climbing lions might have an edge over the others.

New Series

“Prairie Dog Home Companion” – New Series Premieres January 2019

(Produced by Radley Studios)

Think Meerkats are the most dramatic critters in the animal kingdom? Think again. Just outside of the quiet village of Jemez Springs near the New Mexico/Colorado border lives a vibrant prairie dog colony packed with secrets. What these animals lack in size, they make up for in drama. Prairie dogs are highly intelligent, social animals that live in communities made up of a dozen or more tight-knit family clans, and just like any small town, the Jemez prairie dog colony has it’s fair share of drama. On the outside, you’ll see a group of prairie dogs pleasantly playing, and nursing newborns … but take a closer look and you’ll see adultery, murder and the occasional case of cannibalism. Join Biologist John Hoogland, who has studied the lives of these prairie dogs for 43 years, as he brings us into their incredible world.

“Babies Diary” – New Series Premieres January 2019

(Produced by One Planet Productions)

Baby Animals! Need we say more? Using innovative camera techniques, “Babies Diary” immerses us into the center of five animal families – lions, jackals, cheetahs, hyenas and meerkats – as they raise their young in the wilderness. By following these animals’ stories from the moment their babies are born, “Babies Diary” provides a heartwarming and intimate look at the different parenting techniques each of these species employ to give their newborns the best chance at survival in the unforgiving wilds of Africa. Discover the tender, emotional, and often stressful moments of new life in the animal kingdom as we follow these fur balls through the different stages of maturity.

“Savage Kingdom III: After the Fall” – Six-Episode Series Premieres Spring 2019

(Produced by Natural History Film Unit Botswana and Icon Films)

Following the success of Nat Geo Wild’s global miniseries events “Savage Kingdom” and “Savage Kingdom: Uprising,” comes our third installment of this breakout global hit, “Savage Kingdom III: After the Fall.” Using innovative techniques that continue to push the boundaries of wildlife storytelling, “Savage Kingdom III” follows a new clan of characters in Africa’s richest and most dynamic habitats: the Okavango Delta. From the familiar blood-curdling battles between leopards, lions, hyenas and wild dogs, we meet new characters like cheetahs, jackals and baboons. They may once have been reviled, pitied, hated or seen as the cruelest of enemies, but in each new episode everything can change. The only law is the law of survival.

Returning Series

“Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER” – Season 6 Premieres Fall 2018

(Produced by Spectrum Productions)

Nat Geo Wild’s star of Sunday nights returns for an all new season! Dr. K’s exotic cases and cures are as wild and unexpected as the animals that come through the door. Along with Dr. T and a dedicated staff, Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a dynamic array of patients ranging from kangaroos, to monkeys, birds, rabbits, pigs, fish and every imaginable animal in between.

“Snake City” – Season 5 Premieres Fall 2018

(Produced by Earth Touch)

An all new sssss-season of “Snake City” is slithering its way back to your TVs! Join extreme snake wrangler Simon Keys and his herpetologist girlfriend Siouxsie Gillett as they respond to terrified calls from people who have problem snakes in their houses and yards in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa. Unfortunately for their clients, business is booming for Keys and Gillett as the summer heat brings the native snakes — like spitting cobras, green mambas, black mambas, pythons and more — out of hiding. Watch as the brave duo capture these venomous snakes by hand and then release them back to safety in the wild.

“Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” – Season 6 Premieres Fall 2018

(Produced by Lucky Dog Films)

Dr. Michelle Oakley returns with an all-new season of “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.” Follow her as she makes house calls across thousands of square miles in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada, and throughout Alaska, where she’s responding to some of the most unique and challenging cases of her career. From moving bears with tractors and horses with helicopters, to castrating angry boars and capturing wild bison, she’ll have to use every trick she knows to save these animals. Accompanied by her daughters and armed with a sense of humor as sharp as a scalpel, Dr. Oakley deftly juggles being a full-time veterinarian, wife and mom while taking us into the isolated regions of the Yukon.

“The Incredible Dr. Pol” – Season 14 Premieres Winter 2019

(Produced by National Geographic Studios)

Nat Geo Wild’s #1 series returns for its 14th season featuring even more prolapses, pregnancy exams and problematic cases than ever before. There isn’t much that 76-year-old veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, who La Times called “the no-nonsense, Dutch American doctor who can fashion a goat’s leg splint out of parts from an old apple barrel,” hasn’t seen or done in a half-century of practicing animal medicine, but every day presents new surprises as he and his staff at Pol Veterinary Services wrangle animals and tackle tricky cases at their clinic in rural Michigan. With some surprising and tricky cases, heart-warming moments, and dramatic situations, the fourteenth season of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” is sure to be a wild ride.

Digital Series

“Untamed” – Season Two Launches Online Fall 2018

(Produced by Comfort Theory)

Join charismatic wildlife filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade and his two best friends as they venture to the biodiverse ecosystems of Costa Rica — a land of breathtaking landscapes, exotic species and pristine coastlines — to tell the stories of the local wildlife that are almost too beautiful to believe. In its second season, “Untamed” gives audiences an immersive experience into the most unique and unimaginable wildlife stories that Costa Rica has to offer, through 10 episodes that will be driven by exclusive content across National Geographic’s digital and social platforms. The focus on social media content this season will allow audiences to dive even deeper into the Untamed world. DeAndrade and friends will explore world-renowned phenomena, intricate details and extraordinary behaviors of some of Costa Rica’s most iconic species, like jaguars, howler monkeys and fer-de-lance vipers.

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Cesar Millan's Dogs Chase Burglar Away from Family Home

  • TMZ
Cesar Millan has way better home security than a stupid alarm system ... territorial dogs that thwarted a burglary. Law enforcement sources tell us a prowler showed up at Cesar's home Thursday night, opened the door to his unlocked car parked in his driveway and stole an iPhone, sunglasses and a garage door opener. Cesar wasn't home, but when his fiance woke up Friday morning she noticed the garage door was open and items were missing
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Saint West and Reign Disick Celebrate Their Birthdays With Amazing 'Merry Monster Mash' Party: Pics!

Saint West and Reign Disick Celebrate Their Birthdays With Amazing 'Merry Monster Mash' Party: Pics!
Happy birthday Saint West and Reign Disick!

On Sunday, the Kardashian family celebrated the adorable duo's birthday with a joint bash, featuring a festive "Merry Monster Mash" theme. Saint turns two years old on Dec. 5, while Reign turns three on Dec. 14.

Kim Kardashian West shared cute pics from the day on Snapchat, including this one of their Monsters, Inc.-inspired cakes.

The day's activities included ice skating and sledding.

Santa also made an appearance!

One of the cutest snaps was Kim's husband, Kanye West, leading his son into the rink.

Interestingly enough, Reign's big brother, Mason, also shares a Dec. 14 birthday -- turning eight years old this year -- though presumably, Mason will be having his own special celebration!

Earlier this month, Kim and Kanye made an appearance at Chrissy Teigen's retro-themed birthday party on a plane, where Kim totally nailed the '60s theme.

Watch below!

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Kim Kardashian Keeps Christmas Card Celebration
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'Kuwtk': Kim Kardashian Turns to Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan for Help Training Her Adorable Puppy

'Kuwtk': Kim Kardashian Turns to Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan for Help Training Her Adorable Puppy
Kim Kardashian West brought home some puppies on Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but the adorable, fuzzy friends turned out to be a little more trouble than she expected.

Kim decided that her 4-year-old daughter, North, was finally old enough to have a dog, so she adopted a Pomeranian. Then, to share the responsibilities of dog ownership, she brought home a dog for her sister Kourtney's kids as well.

However, Kim's plan turned sour when her dog, Sushi, turned out to be something of a persistent yapper, while Kourtney's new pup, Honey, was calm as could be.

Kim first tried to pull off an ill-conceived (and kind of mean) clandestine dog swap -- in which she brought Sushi over play with Honey at her sister's house and then "accidentally" took Honey home instead.

However, it only took a minute for Kourtney to catch on -- especially when her 5-year-old daughter, Penelope, became afraid
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Celebrities Pay Tribute to Their Favorite Playboy Hugh Hefner, After His Death

  • Popsugar
Celebrities Pay Tribute to Their Favorite Playboy Hugh Hefner, After His Death
Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of 91 on Wednesday. Playboy, the magazine Hugh founded, confirmed his death in a statement to E! News, saying he "peacefully passed away today from natural causes at his home, The Playboy Mansion, surrounded by loved ones." Hugh - who is survived by his wife, Crystal Harris, and four adult children from previous relationships, daughter Christie and sons Cooper, Marston, and David - made a huge impact on pop culture throughout his life. Celebrities, including a few of Hugh's former girlfriends, have taken to social media to pay tribute to him in the wake of his death. His son, Cooper, also released a heartfelt statement about how greatly his dad will be missed. See all of the touching tributes below. RelatedHugh Hefner Will Be Buried Next to Playboy's First Cover Star, Marilyn Monroe Cooper Hefner Image Source: Getty / Christopher
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Hilary Duff's Los Angeles Home Burglarized

Hilary Duff's Los Angeles Home Burglarized
Scary news for Hilary Duff.

The Younger star's Los Angeles home was burglarized earlier in the week.

Duff's rep confirmed to Et, "This is a scary and upsetting situation for anyone to go through, but Hilary is thankful that her family, her staff, her home and her pets are all safe. That said, she has a significant security team in place that will work with the authorities on this incident and handle security measures moving forward."

According to TMZ, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from Duff's home.

The actress was vacationing in Canada -- where ex-husband Mike Comrie is from -- with her 5-year-old son, Luca, during the time of the robbery. She's been sharing pics and video from the trip on her Instagram.

Duff is the latest victim in a rash of Hollywood burglaries this year. In March, Kendall Jenner's Hollywood Hills home was burglarized. The case was
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Jose Rivera Tapped To Pen ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Biopic From Mucho Mas Media

Jose Rivera Tapped To Pen ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Biopic From Mucho Mas Media
Exclusive: Oscar nominee Jose Rivera, whose work includes The Motorcycle Diaries and On The Road, is on board to write the screenplay for The Dog Whisperer, Mucho Mas Media’s upcoming biopic on famed dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. The logline describes the movie as a story about the man “who has inspired and taught humans how to connect with their natural instinct to create harmony for dogs around the world.” Millan, best known for his reality series Dog Whisperer with Cesa…
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Cesar Millan Says President Trump Should Get a Dog to Help His Image (Video)

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_55h5swsw"]] Cesar Millan has the perfect way for President Trump to improve his image with all Americans -- team up with a pup! We got the legendary dog whisperer leaving Madeo Restaurant in L.A. ... and he thinks it's time for Donald to fall in line with past presidents and welcome a dog to his family and the White House. As for what type of dog ... the answer is pretty obvious to Cesar, and is definitely fitting for the Trump brand.
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Cesar Millan Not Surprised Dog Sensed Massive Earthquake in Chile (Video)

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_4w1v23rg"]] Cesar Millan's a firm believer in dogs' ability to sniff out earthquake danger ... especially after the video of one pooch fleeing during the big one Monday in Chile. The 'Dog Whisperer' was leaving Madeo in WeHo when we asked him about the dachshund caught in the 7.1 magnitude shaker. Cesar said it's no old wives' tale ... dogs are tuned in to this kinda stuff, and they're not the only ones. He added ... all of this is old news,
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Drake's Home Burglarized, Suspect Allegedly Steals Rapper's Soda and Water

Drake's Home Burglarized, Suspect Allegedly Steals Rapper's Soda and Water
Updated on April 20, 2017, at 12 p.m. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office tells Et that prosecutors were "were unable to proceed and the case was dismissed" against Mesha Collins, the female arrested in the alleged burglary of Drake's house. Et has reached out the rapper's reps. 

It appears a thirsty burglar broke into Drake's home in Hidden Hills, California.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department tells Et that on April 3, one of the 30-year-old rapper's employees called to report that a woman had broken into the Hidden Hills estate, though authorities note that there were no signs of forced entry. Police arrested a 24-year-old woman from Columbia, South Carolina, for felony residential burglary. Police also tell Et that the woman, Mesha Collins, allegedly "consumed a Sprite, a Fiji water and a Pepsi" while in the house.

Watch: Kendall Jenner's Home Burglarized, Case Now Grand Theft as $200,000 in Belongings Estimated Stolen

Collins is currently being held on
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Emmy Rossum Has Been Robbed

Emmy Rossum has reportedly been robbed.

The 30-year-old actress has reportedly been stripped of around $150,000 in antique jewelry after burglars broke into her West La home and emptied the contents of two locked safes.

TMZ.com reports the 'Shameless' star had been in New York City when the alleged robbery took place last week, and it was her housekeeper who noticed the missing items when they saw a smashed pane of glass on the property's back door on Friday (03.24.17).

Law enforcement sources reportedly told the publication: "Emmy was in NYC last week when the housekeeper showed up on Wednesday and everything was fine. But on Friday, the housekeeper returned to a crime scene

"The housekeeper noticed the power was off and a glass pane on a back door was smashed."

It is believed the culprit was able to get into Emmy's safes after she reportedly left the combination
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Emmy Rossum's Los Angeles Home Burglarized, Over $150K Worth of Jewelry Stolen

Emmy Rossum's Los Angeles Home Burglarized, Over $150K Worth of Jewelry Stolen
Emmy Rossum is the latest target in a string of high-profile heists.

The Shameless star's Los Angeles home was burglarized sometime last week, with over $150,000 in vintage jewelry and other valuables stolen from her property, Et has learned.

Watch: 'Shameless' Star Emmy Rossum Reflects on the Gallaghers' Gentrification Rebellion

A spokesperson for the Lapd confirmed the news to Et on Tuesday, stating, "A burglary occurred sometime between Wednesday, March 22, and Friday, March 24, at the 9700 block of San Cir."

"Suspect or suspects took approximately took $150,000 worth of jewelry and other items," officials continued. "The commercial crimes division is currently investigating the burglary."

The 30-year-old actress was reportedly away from her home and in New York City at the time. TMZ reports the burglars targeted two of her safes, and that it was easy for them to break in as Rossum had conveniently left the written combinations out.

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Emmy Rossum Robbed of Jewelry

  • TMZ
Emmy Rossum's West L.A. home was hit by burglars who targeted 2 safes, and she made it easy for them to pull off the heist ... because she left the combos right there. Law enforcement sources tell us, Emmy was in NYC last week when the housekeeper showed up on Wednesday and everything was fine. But on Friday, the housekeeper returned to a crime scene. The housekeeper noticed the power was off and a glass
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How Celebrity Victims of the Hollywood Crime Wave Are Fighting Back--and Why They Should Be Careful About Social Media

How Celebrity Victims of the Hollywood Crime Wave Are Fighting Back--and Why They Should Be Careful About Social Media
When Kendall Jenner had $200,000 in jewelry stolen from the bedroom of her Hollywood Hills home in the early morning of March 16, it was just the latest in a recent spate of celebrity home burglaries happening within a roughly 10-mile ritzy radius of Los Angeles. Among the celebs on this unfortunate hit list: Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj, Jaime Pressly, L.A. Lakers player and Iggy Azalea's ex Nick Young, and "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan. Each reported thousands—and in Alanis' case, millions—of dollars' worth of jewelry stolen. This Hollywood crime wave has celebrities—and law enforcement—searching for answers on how to combat the troubling trend. "Celebrities...
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New to Hulu in April: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘The Usual Suspects,’ and Many More Film and TV Titles

New to Hulu in April: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘The Usual Suspects,’ and Many More Film and TV Titles
Hulu has announced the new titles that will be available to stream on the platform during the month of April. Leading the pack is the new original series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” based on Margaret Atwood’s classic novel of the same name and starring Elisabeth Moss. The series premieres April 26.

Read More: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Trailer: New Teaser Reminds Us Elisabeth Moss’ Story Is Ours

Also available to stream next month are a handful of modern classics, such as “Robocop,” “Days of Thunder,” “Thelma & Louise,” “The Usual Suspects,” “Election,” “JFK,” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” as well as indie favorites like “Short Term 12,” “The Babadook,” “In a World,” and “Hello, My Name is Doris.”

Find the list of all titles coming to Hulu in April below.

April 1

1408 (2007) (*Showtime)

A Horse Tale (2015)

Agent Cody Banks (2003)

Affliction (1998)

Almost Famous (2000)

America’s Sweethearts (2001) (*Showtime)

Bad Company (1995) (*Showtime)

Bangkok Dangerous (2008) (*Showtime
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Kendall Jenner's Home Burglarized, Case Now Grand Theft as $200,000 in Belongings Estimated Stolen

Kendall Jenner's Home Burglarized, Case Now Grand Theft as $200,000 in Belongings Estimated Stolen
Update: Et has learned that Kendall Jenner's case is now being investigated as a grand theft.An Lapd spokesperson tells Et that police could not find a forced entry into the home, and after their discussion with Jenner, a determination was made to elevate the report.

"This case is considered grand theft because of value amount of the missing items," the spokesperson clarified, confirming the claimed value of the missing items is estimated to be $200,000. "This wasn’t described as a party, but there were other people at the residence who don’t live there. The homeowner said she had friends over."


Just months after Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, the Los Angeles Police Department tell Et that her sister Kendall Jenner's home was burglarized.

According to a Lapd spokesperson, police received a call around 1:15 a.m. that the 21-year-old model's Hollywood Hills residence was burglarized and several personal belongings
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Akon's Tesla Stolen from Home, Found Within Hours

  • TMZ
Akon's Tesla went out for a joyride ... with a burglar, but the heist was cut short by technology. Sources close to Akon tell TMZ ... a burglar entered the garage Saturday night at his Woodland Hills, CA home, and bolted with his Model S. It wasn't tough to lift the luxury ride -- we're told the garage door was accidentally left open.  The would-be burglar was foiled though when he parked and the ride's security system shut it down.
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NBA's Nick Young Burglarized Again ... Entire Safe Stolen

  • TMZ
The celebrity burglary thiefstravaganza continues ... this time, crooks struck the L.A. home of Lakers star Nick Young (again!) and made off with $500k in cash and jewelry after taking his entire safe!!!  Law enforcement sources confirm ...  Young's Valley residence was hit in February when the bad guys entered through an unlocked door and pilfered the NBA star's valuables.  We're told crooks took roughly $30k in cash plus 3 gold chains, a custom ring and a locked safe containing other valuables.
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Celebrity Burglaries Are Just Part of L.A. Crime Explosion

  • TMZ
Hollywood celebrities are being hit left and right by burglars ... but as far as the crooks are concerned they're nobody special, because high-end break-ins are out of control this year. TMZ broke the story, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig was the latest to be hit, with thieves making off with more than half a mil in jewelry. Other celebs hit include Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan and Derek Fisher. Law enforcement tells us ... they believe the celebs
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Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig's L.A. Home Hit by Burglars, $500k In Jewelry Gone

  • TMZ
Yasiel Puig is the latest victim in a string of celeb burglaries in L.A. -- this time, crooks broke into the baseball star's L.A. home while he was in Arizona with the Dodgers for Spring Training and made off with more than half a million bucks in bling.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports ... burglars forced their way into the home while it was empty and made off with 3 high-end Rolex watches and other pieces of expensive jewelry.
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