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Pizza Zoo, the Day Party for Grown-Ups, Offers Limitless Slices and Booze

Pizza Zoo, the Day Party for Grown-Ups, Offers Limitless Slices and Booze
Four New Yorkers have created an experience that’s both reminiscent of childhood fun, but caters to an adult appetite: alcohol and endless amounts of pizza.

Yes, you heard that right: Unlimited carb-filled fun and booze.

Nicolas Ortiz, Tim Williams, Jose Maldonado and Ellis Michilena hosted a pizza party with 50 friends that was such a hit it became the blueprint for a business, Pizza Zoo, which now has a robust social media following and attracts more than 2000 attendees.

“It was a passion that eventually turned into a business,” Ortiz said to People Chica. “For a long time, it wasn’t a business.
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Fantasia Review: ‘S.U.M.1’ is a High Concept, Low Budget One-Man Sci-Fi Show

It’s been decades since a new world order changed Earth forever, an alien invasion by creatures known as the Nonesuch forcing humanity underground. The old guard who survived remembers the war that drove them subterranean, memories of life on the surface and the beasts that present-day generations hope to never encounter. If any of them do want to risk their lives for a glimpse of the sun they’ve only heard about through stories, though, they can enlist in the military and become a soldier tasked with a one hundred day mission meant to find stragglers and point them towards sanctuary: Exilium. Battles still rage, but humanity has all but resigned itself to its defeat. Now it’s a matter of staying alive to save those who were left behind.

This is the background to Christian Pasquariello’s debut feature S.U.M.1 — a high concept, low budget one-man science fiction show.
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Watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Orchestra Score the Soundtrack

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Orchestra Score the Soundtrack
Director James Gunn has never been shy when it comes to sharing fun tidbits from his movies with fans, and today he gave everyone a special sneak peek at Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The filmmaker share part of a live scoring session with composer Tyler Bates on Facebook. This video was taken at Abbey Road, and is considered to be the first time a scoring session has ever been broadcast live.

The Facebook Live video is just over four minutes long, featuring one of the full songs from the Guardians 2 score. This piece is conducted by Tim Williams. While we don't get any indication of when in the movie this song will be featured, it does sound like quite the dramatic song, so perhaps it could be used during one of the movie's climactic moments. But that's purely speculation at this point. It remains to be seen if the
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Stoke City Vs Crystal Palace – 5 Things To Look Forward To

© Tim Williams/ActionPlus/Corbis

This Saturday Mark Hughes’ exciting Stoke side welcome a Crystal Palace side high in confidence and flying high in the league. While Stoke sit five places below Palace, there’s only three points between the sides so a win for Stoke could see them go as high as sixth if they win convincingly and results go their way.

Most will see this clash as a attack vs attack but does that paint the whole picture? Both sides have exceptional defensive records this season and have actually struggled to put the ball in the net, despite the great attacking options available. While that may be a cause for concern for most, both sides could equally be said to be still finding their feet without needing to look over their shoulders at the relegation battle below them

Alan Pardew and Mark Hughes are the current highest placed British
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The Academy Announces Eligibility For 114 Scores, 79 Songs And 323 Feature Films In 87th Oscar Race

Three hundred twenty-three feature films are eligible for the 2014 Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today.

To be eligible for 87th Academy Awards consideration, feature films must open in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by midnight, December 31, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days.

Under Academy rules, a feature-length motion picture must have a running time of more than 40 minutes and must have been exhibited theatrically on 35mm or 70mm film, or in a qualifying digital format.

Feature films that receive their first public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release are not eligible for Academy Awards in any category. The “Reminder List of Productions Eligible for the 87th Academy Awards” is available at http://www.oscars.org/oscars/rules-eligibility.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also announced that 114 scores
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Oscars: Original Score Category To Draw From 114 Movies

Oscars: Original Score Category To Draw From 114 Movies
Original scores from The Boxtrolls, Divergent, Exodus: Gods And Kings and The Grand Budapest Hotel are among 114 scores eligible for nominations in the Original Score category for the 87th Oscars. The noms will be announced on January 15. The eligible scores along with their composers are listed below, in alphabetical order by film title:

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs,” Vivek Maddala, composer

Anita,” Lili Haydn, composer

Annabelle,” Joseph Bishara, composer

At Middleton,” Arturo Sandoval, composer

“Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?,” Elia Cmiral, composer

Bears,” George Fenton, composer

Belle,” Rachel Portman, composer

Big Eyes,” Danny Elfman, composer

Big Hero 6,” Henry Jackman, composer

The Book of Life,” Gustavo Santaolalla and Tim Davies, composers

The Boxtrolls,” Dario Marianelli, composer

Brick Mansions,” Trevor Morris, composer

Cake,” Christophe Beck, composer

Calvary,” Patrick Cassidy, composer

Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Henry Jackman, composer

The Case against 8,” Blake Neely, composer

“Cheatin’,” Nicole Renaud,
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Interview – Wamg Talks To Guardians Of The Galaxy Composer Tyler Bates

Hollywood Records and Marvel are releasing three albums from Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy on Tuesday, July 29.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe soundtrack features classic 1970s songs from the film, plus score by composer Tyler Bates (“Watchmen,” “Slither,” “Dawn of the Dead”). Music plays a major role in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy as the great songs featured in the film are part of the storyline in a unique way.

Explaining how the songs come to play in the story, director James Gunn says, “One of the main story points in the movie is that Quill has this compilation tape [Awesome Mix #1] that he got from his mother before she died that she made for him. It was of songs that she loved, all songs from the 1970s, and that’s the only thing he has left of his mother and that’s the only thing he has left of his home on Earth.
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Walking with the Enemy | Review

Walk to Remember: Schmidt’s Debut Sincere and Gawky

Director Mark Schmidt attempts to recount an obscure chronicle of WWII heroism to generally awkward effect, though, despite a multitude of distracting and poorly manufactured instances of laughable manipulation, manages to ratchet up sufficient tension to hold our attention. Using a wild variety of Canadian, American, and UK actors, Schmidt’s got a hodgepodge of English speakers trying their best mildly accented Hungarian, often to dubious effect, while a series of poorly edited sequences belies its rather strained budget. A daunting amount of better made films recounting the period flounces the necessity of Schmidt’s picture, even as Walking with the Enemy does depict an account well worth honoring, but it’s a film that will only be cannibalized by the memory of stronger features, bringing to mind, among other title, the similar feel of the 2012 Macedonian film, The Third Half.
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Walking With The Enemy New Trailer Stars Ben Kingsley

From Liberty Studios comes the brand new trailer for their upcoming film, Walking With The Enemy. Inspired by a true story, this powerful new film of love, courage and sacrifice, stars Jonas Armstrong, Hannah Tointon and Ben Kingsley.

Set in Hungary during the final months of World War ll, a young man sets out to find his displaced family by stealing a Nazi uniform to pose as an officer.

Filled with suspense and danger, he undertakes extraordinary measures to reroute his family and other Jews to safety by disrupting the activities of the German occupiers.

Check out the brand new site, http://www.walkingwiththeenemy.com/, where you can view clips and other assets, read what critics are saying about the film, learn about the film’s contribution to the Wounded Warrior project and much more.

Watch composer Timothy Williams conduct his score for the film.

Directed by Mark Schmidt, Walking With The Enemy
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Composer's Resume Confirms Existence of 'God of War 4'

But we knew Sony would never quit Kratos, didn't we?

A review of composer Timothy Williams' resume [opens .Pdf] under the "Video Games" heading reveals that among his many credits, he's been working on God of War 4. Outside of an announcement from Sony, this is typically the simplest and cleanest way to know that a game is currently under development. When Joystiq reached out to Williams for comment, he verified the accuracy of the resume, elaborating that "he is 'working on it in the capacity of orchestrations and some additional music,' but wanted to note that Tyler Bates is the "main composer" and should be listed as such."

In addition to God of War 4, Williams has provided music for Blizzard's Dota, as well as films like the recent Conan the Barbarian reboot from Liongsgate.

[Source: Siliconera via Joystiq]

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Initial Copies of 'Twisted Metal' To Be Bundled With 'Twisted Metal Black'

'God Of
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God Of War IV In Development?

God of War IV rumours have been showing up ever since God of War 3 was released and today we have a new one that seems to indicate that the game may actually be in development. The composer Timothy Williams who worked on Conan the Barbarian, Rise of the Argonauts, and DOTA2 has listed God of War IV as an upcoming title he will be working on in his resume.

Earlier last year the magazine PSM3 claimed the game would be released sometime in mid 2012 with a co-op gaming component. This rumour was from an unnamed source so believe what you will about the rumor.

The God of War franchise is way too popular for the series to end with the third installment; so it is almost a guarantee that there will be at least one more God of War game coming down the pipes. However, the game will probably not
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The Entitled – Blu-ray Review

The Film:

When taken for face value, The Entitled is a movie that should kind of fail on every level. It’s a low budget, direct to video feature starring a few aged stars and a few up and coming ones. Even when looking at the cover of the Blu-Ray/DVD, it just looks generic. After watching it, you realize that this movie is far from a failure. The aged stars; Ray Liotta as Richard Nader, Victor Garber as Bob Vincent and Stephen McHattie as Clifford Jones, do a great job as three rich men who are meeting for a weekend with their kids in a house in the middle of the woods. The young up and comers; John Breger as Jeff Vincent, Dustin Milligan as Nick Nader and the lovely Laura Vandervoot as Hailey Jones are the kids and they, too do a great job. They are believable in their roles,
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Channing Tatum to Star in The Contortionist's Handbook

Dear John and Step Up star (and Hollywood heartthrob), Channing Tatum, is set to star in and produce The Contortionist's Handbook. In this big screen adaptation of Craig Clevenger's novel of the same name — first published in 2002 — Tatum will play an identity-changing forger whose life is turned upside down when he meets a mysterious woman with a secret of her own.

The 30-year-old actor currently has a number of movie projects in production, including Haywire and The Dilemma, both due for a theater release in 2011. After romantic hit Dear John raked in an impressive $112 million dollars worldwide, Tatum is no stranger to box office success, though this new project isn't likely to appeal to his hordes of female fans.

Production on The Contortionist's Handbook is due to start next year, and will be produced by Tim Williams, Sidney Kimmel, Sriram Das and John Penotti. Tatum and Reid Carolin will also co-produce.
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Tatum Takes Notes On 'The Contortionist's Handbook'

The stoic looking Channing Tatum is trying to stretch out his acting abilities as much as possible as he signs on for "The Contortionist's Handbook". The story, based on the Craig Clevenger novel, has Tatum playing a forger who moves smoothly from one identity to the next because of a strict code of conduct that keeps him from getting caught or having to deal with his own troubled past. Newcomer Robin Shushan is putting together the script with John Penotti, Sidney Kimmel, Tim Williams and Sriram Das all producing through Das Films, GreenStreet Films and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.If you haven't had enough of the super-muscular Tatum in the sappy "Dear John", he'll be back on the big screen sooner than you think. He's set to appear in the period drama "The Eagle" February 25th of next year. Currently Tatum is in the middle of filming his role in the
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Tatum Turns Producer

  • WENN
Tatum Turns Producer
Actor Channing Tatum is to take a turn behind the camera - he's set to co-produce upcoming movie The Contortionist's Handbook.

The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra star will play a young forger with multiple identities in the story based on Craig Clevenger's bestselling book, as well as taking on producing duties, reports Deadline.com.

He will helm the picture alongside Reid Carolin, Sriram Das, John Penotti, Tim Williams and Sidney Kimmel, while newcomer Robin Shushan has taken on scriptwriting duties.

Channing Tatum Wants 'The Contortionist's Handbook'

Channing Tatum has landed a role in "The Contortionist's Handbook", a movie adaptation of Craig Clevenger's novel with the same title. Beside tackling the lead role, the 30-year-old actor is also set to produce alongside Reid Carolin, Sriram Das, John Penotti, Tim Williams and Sidney Kimmel, Deadline Hollywood reports.

Tatum's character is described as a forger who easily switches from one identity to another because of a strict code of conduct that keeps him from getting caught or having to deal with his own troubled past. His life is later turned upside down when he falls for a beautiful woman who keeps a dark secret.

"Craig Clevenger's crafting of the highly complex character of John Vincent Dolan entertained and shattered us when we read it," says Penotti on the novel as quoted by Deadline. Robin Shushan is hired to turn the book into a movie's script and the
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Casting News: Channing Tatum to Star In and Produce ‘The Contortionist’s Handbook’

We all know that the film industry has A Lot of perks. That’s a given. What many don’t realize is that it takes A Lot of hard work to earn said perks. One person in Tinseltown that definitely understands how to work for his perks is Channing Tatum and here’s how I know…

Since January, he’s released his romantic drama ‘Dear John‘, wrapped on two new films (Steven Soderbergh’s action-revenge spy thriller ‘Haywire‘ and Dito Montiel’s crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘), shot the film shorts ‘Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date‘ and ‘Ten Year Reunion‘ and reshoots for Kevin MacDonald’s Roman drama ‘The Eagle‘, executive produced and premiered the political documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ at the Tribeca Film Festival, filmed Ron Howard and Vince Vaughn’s comedy ‘The Dilemma‘, And signed on to the inspirational detox drama ‘What’s Left of Us
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Richard Branson Venture's Virgin Film Has Raunchy Laughs, Lotta Stars

The first film that gets Richard Branson's Virgin Produced film shingle off the tarmac--it was innocuously mentioned as an untitled Peter Farrelly film in the announcement of Branson's joint venture with Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity--has a bigger concentration of first class cabin-caliber actors than any under-$8 million film I can remember. And the cast is still growing. Deadline was first to reveal the Kentucky Fried Movie-style laffer when Kavanaugh replaced Overture Films as financier and the film started production. They had a good cast then, but the filmmakers keep bolstering by showing prospective talent the raucous segments shot so far, especially the Farrelly-directed seg with Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet that is especially outrageous and R-rated. Aside from Jackman and Winslet, the cast now includes Richard Gere, Anton Yelchin, Gerard Butler, Naomi Watts, Anna Faris, Johnny Knoxville, Julianne Moore, Liev Schreiber, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Kate Bosworth, Josh Duhamel,
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Elisabeth Shue has a new 'House'

Elisabeth Shue has joined the cast of the thriller "House at the End of the Street." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Tonderai is directing a cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter's Bone") and Max Thieriot.The film centers on a teenager (Lawrence) who moves with her mother (Shue) to a new town and learns that their home is across the street from a house where a double murder took place. FilmNation's Aaron Ryder and Peter Block of A Bigger Boat are producing with Tim Williams, Hal Lieberman and Jonathan Mostow. David Loucka wrote the script based on a story by Mostow. Production is set to begin next month in Ottawa. Shue will appear in Alexandre Aja's horror remake "Piranha
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Tracking Shot July 2010: Melancholia, Moneyball, Take This Waltz

July is a pretty big month for movie productions worth keeping tabs on - this month's Ioncinema.com's "Tracking Shot" features a mix of indie and studio project, with helmer Chris Gorak (Right at Your Door) making the jump for low budget to huge budget with Summit Ent. distributing and Timur Bekmambetov producing an alien invasion project. - July is a pretty big month for movie productions worth keeping tabs on - this month's Ioncinema.com's "Tracking Shot" features a mix of indie and studio project, with helmer Chris Gorak (Right at Your Door) making the jump for low budget to huge budget with Summit Ent. distributing and Timur Bekmambetov producing an alien invasion project. Sticking with the notion of madness, Lars Von Trier has a huge ensemble at his disposal for the a shot in Sweden apocalypse. and we have a pair of shot in Hollywood North horror projects:
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