Kestie Morassi returns to horror in David Willing’s ‘The Surrogate’

Kestie Morassi returns to horror in David Willing’s ‘The Surrogate’
It’s been more than 15 years since Kestie Morassi’s blood-strewn figure lay helpless on a deserted stretch of highway in one of the most enduring images from Wolf Creek.

She faces a more supernatural tormentor in her return to horror in David Willing’s directorial debut, The Surrogate, which has just wrapped filming in Melbourne.

Morassi plays Natalie Paxton, a single mother and nurse who is rushed to hospital after suffering massive internal bleeding.

When vicious paranormal attacks follow, Natalie must fight to stop her family from being destroyed.

The cast also includes Jane Badler and Louise Siverson, as well as child actors Taysha Furragia as Morassi’s daughter, Ellie Stewart and Ellie Tevalis.

David Willing on the set of ‘The Surrogate’. Photo: Andy Railton

Morassi is pleased to be back working in the genre that helped launch her career.

“I was looking to do another horror film but
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