TV Fanatic Set Visit: Suits

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As previously teased, I was fortunate enough to visit the sets of Covert Affairs and Suits last week, the latter of which I'm absolutely in love with, in case that wasn't already apparent!

Following our lunch in the Affairs and Suits production offices, we were taken to a different sound stage where Vanessa Chiara, the production assistant on Suits, walked us through the looming sets used to depict the stylish legal offices of the fictitious Manhattan law firm Pearson Hardman.

My mouth was agape when we entered the brand new law library set. It was lined on either side with row after row of prop books, as we ventured down what appeared to represent a catwalk that opened up to a landing where there were two tables set up before a desk. We later learned this was arranged for a mock trial in which Patrick J. Adams' character, Mike,
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