Todd Phillips Producing John Belushi Biopic

The Hollywood Reporter says that Steven Conrad ( The Pursuit of Happyness ) will write and Todd Phillips ( The Hangover , upcoming Due Date ) will produce a biopic about comedian John Belushi, who died of a drug overdose in 1982 at age 33. Alexandra Milchan and Bonnie Timmerman are also producing. Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights from Belushi's estate. Belushi's widow, Judith, who published "Belushi" in 2005 with Tanner Colby, will be an executive producer on the project, as Judith Belushi Pisano (she's since remarried). "Belushi" is described as follows: On the day he turned thirty, John starred in America's number-one movie (Animal House), starred in the number-one late-night show (Saturday Night Live) and had recorded the number-one album...
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Farley's Pals Tried To Save Him

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Chris Farley's celebrity friends Chevy Chase and David Spade tried desperately to save the actor from his drug addiction before he died of an overdose, a new book reveals.

Actor pals Chase and Spade reveal the tactics they used to shock Farley into kicking his out-of-control habit in The Last Days of Chris Farley - written by the tragic star's brother Tom Farley and Tanner Colby.

Chase says, "(I told him) look, you're not John Belushi. And when you overdose or kill yourself, you will not have the same acclaim that John did. You'll be a blip in the New York Times obituary page, and that'll be it. Is that what you want?"

And Spade claims he was blamed for his Tommy Boy co-star's death: "I got a lot of s**t at the end about, 'Why weren't you there for him?' But being that close, I dealt with it all the time. And in that situation, before the guy's dead, he's just kind of an asshole. Truth is, you get a junkie who's wasted all the time and moody and angry and trying to knock you around, you say, 'Ok, you go do that and I'll be over here.'"

Farley died from an overdose in 1997 at the age of 33.

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