Extended scene from Canadian android horror Minus 8

A team of Eight men, stuck in a logging camp in the middle of winter, come face to face with some android beat-down in Canada's Minus 8, a new indie shocker that takes it's cues from John Carpenter's The Thing, the X-Files and even adds a little Terminator to the mix.

We brought you the sweet looking first trailer back in August and now we've been shown this extended scene. One thing I learned from it? Director Neil Mackay's got a serious gun fetish. Lots of close-ups of barrels and bullets in this one.


Winter. New Haven Hydro-facility. Eight hydro-workers start to perish one-by-one soon after they arrive. They are being hunted by a ruthless killer who doesn't want them to leave the area alive. As the temperature drop, and supplies run low...the remaining men try to survive or die trying. From the electrifying opening to jaw-dropping ending.
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