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Halloween 2017: 31 Movies to Watch on Hulu This October

  • DailyDead
Last week, I gave you guys a few lists from Amazon and Netflix in regards to what they have to offer via their streaming services this fall. As a newbie to Hulu, I only discovered over the weekend that they, too, beyond just being an amazing resource for television programming, offer up a killer selection of genre movies that are free to stream with a standard Hulu membership.

Here’s a look at an assortment of 31 films from Hulu that I think would be great movies to stream this October. I tried to give you guys a wide variety, too, hitting various sub-genres, so hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this list.

The Faculty

As far as high school horror films go, The Faculty has remained one of my very favorites for years now. Essentially, it’s Robert Rodriguez riffing on The X-Files, and who can resist that?
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Trailer Park – E3 2017 Edition: Pt.1

Welcome to the latest installment of Trailer Park, our semi-regular look at the latest trailers to hit the interwebs. This weeks line-up features a handful of the latest video game trailers to come our of this years E3…

Forza Motorsport 7

Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit in Forza Motorsport 7. Enjoy gorgeous graphics at 60fps and true 4K resolution in Hdr. Collect over 700 Forzavista cars, including the largest assortment of Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis ever. Master over 30 famous environments with race conditions that change every time you race. Available October 3, 2017 on Xbox One and Windows 10 and later in the year for Xbox One X.

The Evil Within 2

You are Detective Sebastian Castellanos and at your lowest point. But when given a chance to save your daughter, you must enter a world filled with nightmares and discover the dark origins of a
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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Thrusts Bj Blazkowicz Into 1960s America

Bj Blazkowicz prepares to spark a second American Revolution in the show-stopping first trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Bethesda and MachineGames’ shooter sequel that is now set to light up PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27th.

Set against the backdrop of 1960s America – cue the comparisons to The Man in the High Castle – The New Colossus will hew close to the story of MachineGames’ cult series by exploring an alternate timeline in which the Nazis emerged victorious from World War II. Now that the tentacles of the Nazi Empire have reached American soil, Bj Blazkowicz spearheads the resistance against cyborgs, Nazi goons and advanced über soldiers.

Make no mistake, this is a Wolfenstein game through and through, and you’ll be able to indulge in the franchise’s zany, over-the-top action via the reveal trailer up above. Untimely leaks threatened to spoil the surprise in the
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‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth

‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth
The set-up is classic “X-Files.” A top-secret location. The corpse of a victim snuffed out under mysterious circumstances. A shady official managing the situation. FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully trying to uncover the truth.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have played scenes like this over a hundred times before. It should be a cakewalk. But on this August afternoon on a Vancouver soundstage, nothing’s going right. The actors are tripping over their lines. They can’t hear writer-director James Wong’s cues through the walls of the set from his perch behind the monitor. Anderson feels the blocking is off. And then a small piece of the set — the inner sanctum of a tech company’s private server — comes crashing down.

“The servers must be scrambling our brains,” Anderson jokes as she steps away to her chair.

If this were the first week of shooting on Fox
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Scott Stapp Wishes Creed Would Not Have Taken So Many Liberties With the Story of Creed

  • Vulture
Scott Stapp Wishes Creed Would Not Have Taken So Many Liberties With the Story of Creed
In the run-up to the release of Creed the movie, one question has loomed above all: What does Creed the band think about all this? Now, in a sketch for Funny or Die, Scott Stapp has answered the question: He wishes it had more Creed! There's no Woodstock '99, no awesome guitar licks, no montage of the band creating their hit single "Higher." Instead, just a lot of boxing. But good news for the movie's Oscar chances: Stapp still gives it four arms wide open.
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1990 Things From The 90s (Seriously)

1990 Things From The 90s (Seriously)
It's been more than a decade since the 1990s ended, yet the Internet can't seem to go a day without a reminder of the neon slap bracelets that may have been banned from your school.

Yes, we get it. Times are tough and there's comfort in reflection, but enough is enough.

Below, a final goodbye to the 90s to end the nostalgia once and for all. (We're not kidding. There are 1990 items below.)

1. Scrunchies

2. "The Wild Thornberries"

3. Dawson and Joey

4. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"

5. Mr. Feeny

7. MTV playing music videos

8. Snick

9. The premiere of "Freaks and Geeks"

10. Levar Burton

11. "Daria"

12. "Arthur"

13. "The Powerpuff Girls"

14. "Smart Guy"

15. Comedy Central globe logo with buildings

16. "The X-Files"

17. Rosie O'Donnell

18. Bill Nye

19. "Dawson's Creek"

20. The Mighty Ducks"

21. "Are You Afraid of the Dark"

22. Cornholio

23. Rachel Green

24. Tim Allen

25. "All That"

26. "Beverly Hills 90210"

27. "Step by Step"

28. "The Ren & Stimpy Show"

29. "The Famous Jett Jackson"

30. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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The top 25 cult film actors

They may not be household names like their A-list colleagues, but the actors on this list have appeared in some of our all-time favourite geek movies...

Some actors dabble in sci-fi; others dip their toe into fantasy; some may even make an appearance in the odd horror film - all before returning to the safety of the genres in which they feel more comfortable - perhaps a nice, award-chasing period drama, or a well-paid romantic comedy.

A-listers may see the geeky films that we on this site enjoy and celebrate as fun little side-projects, but there are actors out there who commit full-time to these types of movies. It is high time, therefore, that we credited these individuals with the recognition they deserve.

Besides the stipulation that, in order to be included, an actor had to still be alive and working today, there were no strict criteria that had to
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'Piranha 3D' Director Alexandre Aja Wanted For 'Pet Sematary' Remake

Nothing has been said about the 'Pet Sematary' remake for about six months. The last bit of news that came out was that screenwriter, Matt Greenberg -- known for such films as 'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,' 'Reign of Fire,' and '1408' -- was ready to hand in his script for the film to Paramount, and that the studio was seeking a "high-level" director. Twitch has learned that the director that Paramount has in their sights is none other than the director of two other remakes, 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Piranha 3D,' Alexandre Aja. The director has one project in the works, an adaptation of the sci-fi manga and anime, 'Cobra: The Space Pirate,' but it's not expected to go in front of cameras until sometime in 2013.1989 saw the release of 'Pet Sematary.' Mary Lambert directed,
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Scream 3 – Blu-ray Review

The Film:

After one ballsy move in killing Cotton Weary (the great Liev Schreiber) in the pre-title kill, Scream 3 is largely aimless and becomes a dumb slasher sequel, something that the first film parodied. Oops. At least it wasn’t Scream 3D. The only heart-beat the film has is its clever banter between Parker Posey’s “Gale Weathers” and the real Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox). It’s probably too easy to blame screenwriter Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Skeleton Key, and The Ring Two), as he cobbled notes together from the absent Kevin Williamson, but we’ll blame him anyway.

Safely, I can get this out there now: There’s no way Scream 4 will be this confused, boring, and bland as Scream 3. Most of the film feels like they’ve mined every ounce of ideas already, with the most outrageous twist at the end, that apparently “wrapped
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Scream 4 soundtrack review

It’s been a decade since the last entry in the Scream trilogy hit theatres, and now we wait to see how they can squeeze more blood from the proverbial stone. This time, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is a writer of a self-help book, who while on tour promoting it ends up in Woodsboro in time for the 15th anniversary of the original murders. And of course, with her reunion with friends and family comes the inevitable return of Ghostface, who is taking his or her cues from horror remakes. The murders are similar to the original film’s murders, but with a 21st-century twist (one could write a dissertation on the irony of Wes Craven making such commentary on horror remakes when he has handed several of his own properties over for remaking, but that’s for another day).

When it came time to do the soundtrack for Scream 3,
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Scream 4 Soundtrack Preview – The Sounds, The Novocaines, Axel F!

One of my endearing memories of the original Scream trilogy is Wes Craven’s effective blending of music and horror to heighten the scares and the mood.

Of course there’s his genius use of John Carpenter’s Halloween score in the party scene, but I’m also talking about the signature Red Right Hand tune from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds that is such an odd, kooky number that it fit the darkly comic atmosphere of Woodsboro perfectly. I think in the sequels it became Dewey’s (David Arquette) signature theme, perfectly matching his B-movie cop qualities!

I particularly remember Scream 3 having a kick-ass soundtrack too. The opening murder of Cotton Weary’s girlfriend to the tune of Creed’s What If started off a little obsession in me with the band, (also look out for “Is This The End?“, a somber tune at the end of the
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High Definition: Late Night Music on the Telly

Jay Leno might have fended off Team Coco to win the late night war on NBC, but along with Conan O’Brien—and, many would argue, America—the loser of this battle was music. Last night, just before Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show on CBS hosted Wilco, Leno welcomed the members of Limp Bizkit onto his Tonight Show stage. Last week, the musical guests included Michael Bolton and Godsmack. The week before that featured Creed....
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What to TiVo: Friday

ABC is new with Wife Swap, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and 20/20 CBS has repeats of Ghost Whisperer, Medium, and Miami Medical Fox has repeats of House and Glee NBC is new with Who Do You Think You Are? and Dateline NBC The CW is new with Smallville and America's Next Top Model The Food Network is new with Private Chefs of Beverly Hills HBO is new with The Ricky Gervais Show and The Life and Times of Tim MTV has repeats of The Hills and 16 and Pregnant Tlc is new with the season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings VH1 has repeats of Sober House With Dr. Drew and Tough Love Couples Late-night highlights include Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Creed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC; Kelsey Grammer and Hanson on The Late Show With David Letterman on CBS; Drew Carey on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
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Happy Birthday, Fred Durst: Wake-Up Video

Today we celebrate the birth of one of the more controversial performers of the last two decades. Fred Durst, the red-hatted frontman of Limp Bizkit, turns 39 years old today. Back in 1997, Durst's band stormed onto the rock scene with a bristling mix of metal, hardcore, hip-hop and Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque sex funk. The group first gained attention with their extra-loud cover of George Michael's "Faith," but they made the crossover into superstardom with 1999's Significant Other (which featured the hits "Nookie" and "Break Stuff"). Durst became a staple on "Trl" and — along with his friends in Korn — built a tiny nation of disaffected suburban youth.

His career has not been without controversy. In addition to being accused of inciting riots at Woodstock '99, Durst has had public altercations with stars like Creed's Scott Stapp and Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland, while he's claimed in public
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