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Psycho Holocaust starring Trent Haaga arrives to DVD June 21

Psycho Holocaust "When a dream vacation turns into a nightmare of madness and macabre!"

From independent horror filmmaker Krist Rufty (Cutting Room!) comes a descent into madness and deprivity starring Raine Brown (Don't Look in the Basement!), Trent Haaga (Killjoy 3), Vanelle (Exhibit A-7) and Billy Garberina (The Stink of Flesh) of Psycho Holocaust.

On a scorching summer day 6 friends venture into the mountains for one more vacation before their lives change forever. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would forever be changed anyway. In the shadows awaits a pack of the most evil, the most vile, rejects of humanity that's addicted to violence and thirsty for blood! This is Psycho Holocaust...

Just remember to tell yourself, it's only a movie..... it's only a movie. According to Amazon, Psycho Holocaust will be coming to DVD this June 21st from Independent Entertainment in a region free disc with the following special features:
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Indie Thriller Alert: Remnants Looks Skyward for Falling Debris in this Trailer

Remnants is an independent production, which puts two separate communities in jeopardy. An anomalous astronomical event causes a blackout and soon one impoverished community takes on a wealthier one (Remnants). Havoc ensues as seen in this trailer. Have a look inside.

The film's synopsis:

"A rare astronomical event causes a permanent worldwide black out, forcing residents of a middle-class suburb to get by with no modern conveniences. The community pulls together and adapts to a simpler way of life, but their success draws the attention of the less resourceful residents in the area and soon results in a war between subdivisions" (Remnants).

Release Date: January 2011.

Writer: Paul Hilburger.

Director: Tim Szczesniak.

Cast: Robert Pralgo, and Vanelle Lyn.

The film's second trailer:

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Remnants' Homepage

A film about the blackout of 2003 in New York:

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An Exhibition into "Exhibit A-7" (Plot and Crew Details, Trailer)

Robert Pralgo ("The Vampire Diaries", "Army Wives"), Vanelle ("Survival", "Psycho Holocaust"), Courtney Hogan ("Keepsake", "The Feeding"), Adam Minarovich ("Chop", "Dozers") star in Exhibit A-7. Exhibit A-7, written and directed by Adam Minarovich follows two couples on a trip to New Orleans to celebrate one of the couples five year anniversary, but instead find themselves stalked, captured, and tortured by group of masked killers who record the crime on the victims home video camera.

The film also stars James Furey, Ian C. King, Garrett Williams, and Kevin Woods.

Producing Exhibit A-7 is Coleman Lannum, Kevin Woods, Robert Pralgo and Adam Minarovich

No official release date has been posted yet, but the film has been making the film circuit scene and will continue to do so in November.

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The upcoming web series Scream Queen Campfire adds more names to its roster

We posted the cool sneak peak for the upcoming indie horror web series Scream Queen Campfire which is spear headed by filmmaker Jonathan Moody and today we have more names to be added to the already talented roster of people involved.

Names added are DJ Perry (8th Plague, An ordinary Killer), Daniel Emery Taylor (Return of the Swamp Thing, Hell House) and Rachel Grubb (Bad Girls Burn in Hell, Bloodstruck), Bobby Ray Akers is directing the segment that will involve Scarlet Salem, Joe Knetter, and Uncle Creepy from Dread Central aka Steve Barton. Cody Blymire and Vanelle (Exhibit A-7, Remnants) will be working with Eileen Dietz (Exorcist, H2: Halloween 2) and many others including yours truly. I'm lucky enough to have a part in this promising web series, an episode called 'The Possessed', which is being written by Lindy Starr and will also involve DJ Perry and I can't
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Afm '09: Two Years Later, 'Grinder' is Completed

Two years after being announced, Richard Clark Jr. has finally completed production on Grinder, which stars Nikki Griffin, Kris Lemche, Bo Barrett, Whitney Able, Vanelle and Yvonne Maverick. In the film picked up by Seven Arts for Afm sales, seven college students on their way to a Thanksgiving break getaway find themselves in the creepy town of Chapman when their car breaks down. The students quickly find out that the Roadkill Capital of the World may be far more sinister than it seems at first. Full Synopsis: Full Synopsis: After their final exams, eleven college students plan a road trip to Miami, Florida to blow off some steam. When one of the cars in the convoy is run off the road by a speeding maniac, the group is forced to spend the night in the small Smokey Mountain town of Chapman awaiting the necessary repairs to their car. More
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Wicked Wood director’s new projects; site, trailer on-line

Indie director Krist Rufty let us know that the official website for his fright flick Wicked Wood, which is currently in postproduction (and which we first reported on here) has gone on-line, containing a trailer which you can also see below. He also let us know about a bunch of fright features he has on tap for 2009.

The site can be seen at; “I’m sure it’ll show up in porno search engines across the board,” Rufty laughs. “There seems to be a high demand for Wicked Wood; we’ve been contacted by distributors about it already, and I hope we have a product that lives up to the hype it’s already getting.” The Autumn Night Studios/Lazarus Entertainment film stars Billy Garberina and Vanelle as a couple who are terrorized by a carved wooden figure called Splinter (created by FX artist Hank Carlson, who
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Psycho Holocaust gang gives you Wicked Wood

Director Krist Rufty and makeup FX artist Hank Carlson, who previously teamed on Psycho Holocaust, gave us the word on their new indie chiller Wicked Wood. The duo teamed on the screenplay for this project, with Carlson also serving as a co-producer and taking an onscreen role as well.

Billy (Necroville) Garberina and Vanelle star as Ian and Heather, a couple with a troubled marriage who stop at a country store while driving home from a vacation. Ian becomes fascinated with a carved wooden figure called Splinter (pictured), and though odd shop owner Mr. Hands insists he’s not for sale, Ian sneaks back later and takes the totem, leaving a wad of bills behind. But there’s a greater cost to be paid once Ian and Heather return home, and Splinter comes to evil, murderous life. “The movie was originally called Splinter,” Rufty tells us, “but then we read
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