Interview: Tim Clague talks “Write A Script In 10 Weeks”

In his latest interview host Stuart Wright welcomes Tim Clague back to the to the Britflicks Podcast. Tim co-wrote The UK Scriptwriters Survival Handbook: “Write A Script In 10 Weeks” with Danny Stack. The book is out now

Also on their website – the writing/directing duo’s debut feature, Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

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6 tips for kids getting into filmmaking

Danny Stack Apr 6, 2017

Danny Stack, the man behind Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?, has some tips for young filmmakers trying to break into the industry....

Our live-action family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is coming to the end of its big screen tour around the UK. Why? Because it’ll be out on DVD and streaming sites from 10th April (details here) so you can enjoy it from your own front room. Sweet!

To celebrate the end of the tour/DVD launch, we’re having a special London screening on Monday 10th April at Picturehouse Central at 4.30pm (more info and tickets here). There’ll be a Q&A with director Tim Clague and Nelson Nutmeg himself, so it promises to be lots of fun.

Previously on Den Of Geek, I wrote about how we made the film (from microbudget to world premiere in a year!), but this time around, I
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Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?: the trailer




A live action family movie? Remember them? Here's the trailer for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

Ah, this looks good. A live action family movie, that’s heading into select British cinemas, with the option to demand it comes to yours!

It’s called Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?, and the movie is the work of Danny Stack. Given that amongst his many credits are episodes of the terrific Hey Duggee, we were quickly sold.

It’s a whodunit that Stack has co-written and directed with Tim Clague, and features Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright amongst its cast. The synopsis is simple enough…

Four kids on their annual summer camp holiday suspect the park's mascot has been murdered so they set out to investigate who killed Nelson Nutmeg?

And we’ve now got a trailer to show you, too…

You can find out how and where to see the film on its official website,
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Lff 2015: Danny Stack talks ‘Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?’

Four misfit kids on a summer camp holiday think the camp’s mascot has been murdered so they try to find out Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? With the film screening at Lff, Nerdly writer and host of the Britflicks podcast, Stuart Wright, speaks to co-writer/director/producer Danny Stack about making his debut feature film and the prospect of a world premiere at the London Film Festival 2015.

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? screens as part of this years London Film Festival. Tickets can be purchased from the BFI Film Festival website: For more info, check out the film’s website!preorder/cee5
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Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?: from microbudget moviemaking to world premiere in a year

Co-writer and director Danny Stack most recently worked on Thunderbirds Are Go! But he's been rather busy over the last year...

Danny Stack was a man on a mission. He wanted to make a British family movie, aimed at the big screen, on a tight budget. As news breaks that it's set to premiere at the London Film Festival next month, we asked him to tell us about the project. Without further ado, over to Danny...

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? (Wknn) is a unique British family film in today’s modern market for two main reasons: it’s got children in the lead roles, and the film was made on a microbudget - 100% indie moviemaking style. A year after wrap, the film is set to have its world premiere at the London Film Festival. As the co-writer/director of the project, I could never have imagined such an outcome, so
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Something is lurking in the woods in Danny Stack's short film Origin

Origin is a 13 minute short written and directed by UK screenwriter Danny Stack (who incidentally also runs a pretty popular scriptwriting blog you should check out). A supernatural tale about a teen who gets bitten by a mysterious creature and undergoes a disturbing transformation, the film is also a drama about a mother trying to keep her family together in the face of complacency and tragedy.


Claire isn't appreciated by her boorish husband and feels estranged from her teenage son Freddy. Whatever love once existed for this modest family has turned into complacent routine.

When her son, Freddy, comes home after being bitten in the woods, Claire thinks it's a straightforward dog's bite. However, a supernatural disease takes hold of Freddy's body and he undergoes a disturbing transformation. Freddy's admitted to hospital but soon afterwards, he goes missing. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship and keep their family together,
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