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Cph Pix to welcome Davies, Schamus, Escalante, Mikkelsen

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Cph Pix to welcome Davies, Schamus, Escalante, Mikkelsen
Exclusive: Copenhagen’s festival, in new autumn dates, will show a record 226 features kicking off with Doctor Strange.

Copenhagen’s Cph Pix festival, now in its new autumn dates, has revealed a record 226 feature films in its lineup.

The 14-day festival (Oct 27 - Nov 9), which now also includes kids and family festival Buster, will show 46 features for young people in its daytime programmes and 180 films for teenagers and adults in the evenings.

As previously reported, the eighth edition of festival will open with a gala premiere of Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Mads Mikkelsen will attend).

There will be four main awards at Pix: the New Talent Grand Pix for a debut feature (with $11,200 (€10,000)); the Politiken Audience Award that comes with Danish distribution support, and the Nordisk Film Fond prizes for best children’s feature and best children’s short.

Terence Davies [pictured] will be given a full retrospective as well as showing his latest film A Quiet Passion and participating
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Cph Pix adds Danish 11, Neil Young retrospective

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Cph Pix adds Danish 11, Neil Young retrospective
Exclusive: The festival will show eight films directed by Young under the name Bernard Shakey.

After Cph Pix revealed last week that it will open with Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the Copenhagen festival has unveiled that it will host world premieres of eight Danish films as well as hosting a retrospective of works by musician and film-maker Neil Young.

The eighth edition of Cph Pix, which is now in new autumn dates (Oct 27 – Nov 9), will offer world premieres of Morten Bh’s Anti, Mads Erichsen’s Vindmøllernes Sus, Frederik Barington’s Nar Solen Skinner, Anders Fløe’s Afskaret, Philippe Lesage’s Copenhague, A Love Story, David Noel Bourke’s Bakerman and Dariusz Steiness’s De Vildfarne.

The other Danish offerings are all debut features: Christian Tafdrup’s Parents, Ulrich Thomsen’s In Embryo, Ali Abassi’s Shelley and Puk Grasten’s 37.

“We’re excited to present such a diverse roster of Danish films this year,” festival director
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White Pig Brings a Massacre into the Light with this Trailer

Director David Noel Bourke (No Right Turn), Angel Films and Lep Studios are collaborating on a crime thriller titled White Pig. This film is loosely based on the Anders Breivik massacre in Norway. Taking on xenophobia, the film pits a paranoid criminal against a resolute detective, in Copenhagen, Norway. And now, a trailer is available for this feature. To delve more into the story, Jens is a man who fears immigrants. He turns to murder when he can no longer control his anger and bloodlust. The police officer, Mia, is tasked with bringing this man to justice, but Mia must travel down dark alleyways and into dangerous locales to even find Jens. Both characters will confront each other on the streets and only one will live to tell their story. White Pig is currently in the pre-production stages. The film will seek further financing as it moves into post-production, with a release date forthcoming.
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White Pig Comes to Blows in Copenhagen, Denmark: Early Stills

White Pig is a crime thriller from director David Noel Bourke (No Right Turn). This title has been partially shot in Copenhagen, Denmark. A teaser trailer is coming soon, but several photos from the early shoot are available now. The stills show some of the characters and some of the film's atmosphere. The film's story involves a series of murders. Told through a dual narrative, the killer Jens (Gerard Bidstrup) shows his deadly practices, while Mia (Marie Louise Wille) tries to track him down. Both characters will conflict in this terse thriller. More details on the film will be announced as it moves through production. For now, fans of thrillers can see the characters Mia and Jens in these three stills. Release Date: April 2014. Director: David Noel Bourke. A fan page for the film is available here: White Pig on Facebook Subscribe to 28 Days Later: An Analysis Email Subscription

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Pre-order David Noel Bourke's "No Right Turn"

Four people. Four different paths. One intersection. Nina is the sexy and alluring girlfriend of Johnny, a charming, but petty crook. To escape from her seedy life she has a sexual relationship with Teddy. One night Nina is abducted by a pair of thugs, but is rescued by the beautiful and timid Monella. Together Nina and Monella begin an erotic and passionate relationship that leads to a plot to steal Johnny's drug stash hidden in a safety deposit box. But nothing goes as planned and the two beautiful women get caught up in a lethally twisted tale of revenge and betrayal that send all four characters to their dark destiny. Inspired by 70s film noir, with breath taking plot twists, and shot in colors that pop like a graphic novel. No Right Turn is a modern sexy thriller that is part fantasy...part mystery...and all Pulp!

No Right Turn
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No Right Turn Secures a DVD Release

We first heard about No Right Turn last March, just prior to its debut at the Cph:pix film fest in Copenhagen. Things must have gone well for writer/director David Noel Bourke and crew there because they recently landed a DVD release date of December 1st for the Us and Canada.

No Right Turn will be distributed by California based company Lono Entertainment and will include the following full package of extras:

Director's commentary Composer & director sessions "Twist & Turns" making-of featurette Cph:pix Film Festival Q&A Auditions, rehearsals, and scene analysis Deleted scenes Trailers Slide show Teasers Bloopers ... and more Check out the No Right Turn box art and trailer below, and click here for our previous story containing a detailed synopsis of the storyline and a link to the official website.

No Right Turn - Trailer

Uploaded by dreadcentral

- Debi Moore

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No Right Turn: A Movie Review

Director: David Noel Bourke.

Writer: David Noel Bourke.

A film from Danish filmmaker David Noel Bourke (Last Exit) "No Right Turn" is a fairytale journey, for viewers, seen through the eyes of coke junkie Johnny (Tao Hildebrand) and scheming wife Nina (Laura Bach). Shot throughout Copenhagen this brightly lit ninety-one minute psychological drama shows not only the director's talent, but those of the actors who come believably in this second film from Bourke.

The story involves Johnny suspecting infidelity in his wife Nina after discussions with his English accented drug-dealer Pedro (Sami Darr), of Nina's past behaviour. Johnny dealing with a deviated septum through out of control coke use spins in and out of reality while Nina plans to rob her husband with help from heroine and new confidant Monella (Sira Stampe). However, the cliche that thieves have no honour is taken to bizarre depths when Nina has a brief
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No Right Turn: Movie Still, News, and Trailer

While talking with director David Noel Bourke briefly today about his latest production "No Right Turn," this horror enthusiast found out that "No Right Turn," which has been given a European premiere last weekend, is working towards wider, possibly global distribution. A North American release is hopefully the goal, but horror/thriller movie fans might have to wait a little longer as this film, which while entertaining and slightly surreal in the trailer, needs North American distributors. Have a first look at "No Right Turn," below...

The synopsis...

Monella, who is in a state, that at times seems very catatonic, expresses life through her art, while torturing herself at the end of a gun. Johnny who makes his living as a drug runner, via delivering "junk," in pizza boxes looks for a better life with friend, lover, and wife Nina. A series of events brings wounded Monella and Nina together,
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No Right Turn Premiere Info and Trailer

When you think of film festivals, Copenhagen isn't necessarily the first place that comes to mind, but from April 16-26, 2009, it's the place to be for Cph:pix. Along with John Waters performing his stand-up show "This Filthy World - Dirtier & Filthier" on April 24, the fest will present over 170 films including No Right Turn, about which writer/director David Noel Bourke recently dropped us a line.

No Right Turn is generating quite a bit of buzz with praise from critics ranging from "a dark and witty neo fairytale" to "something utterly unique" to "a rare 10/10". What's it about? Here's a synopsis from the film's official site:

Nina is the voluptuously alluring girlfriend of Johnny, a charming but delusional crook. To escape from her weary life, she casually sleeps with an old friend, Teddy, but is fed up with her current lifestyle, especially the drunken dreams of Johnny. One night after an argument with Johnny,
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Interview With David Noel Bourke, Director Of No Right Turn

Hi David, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is David Noel Bourke, an independent filmmaker. I grew up in Ireland and studied acting and writing but eventually drifted into spec screenwriting. Feeling a little frustrated moved to Australia and took up drama and creative writing for a few years, tried to do a little acting, didn’t work out, so came back to Europe and settled in Denmark with my wife Catrina, we now are married and have two kids and try to eke out some sort of living making independent films!

You’re based in Demark, but No Right Turn, to a certain extent, feels like it could be set in any northern hemisphere nation . Was it your intent to deliberately not tie the film too heavily to any specific geographic location?

It must be all the snow in the movie that lends a northern hemisphere vibe,
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No Right Turn

In neon lit town settled amogst snowy tundra the lives of four lost souls collide. As each tries to escape who and where they are, events take an unexpected and ultimately mysterious turn.

No Right Turn revolves for the most part around 4 main characters. At the heart of the tale is Johnny the cokehead, whose noses can't take anymore and his Wife struggling actress Nina. Both of them have dealing with the oddball train obsessed Teddy (who reminds me of a young Michael Palin), Johnny deals him coke and Nina has something else for him. The fourth character is the morbid Monella who saves Nina from a sexual assault and is then befriended by her. However is the streetwise Nina to strong a personality and is Monella as naive as she seems. Can Johnny finally strike it big and how exactly does Teddy fit into the scheme of things?

No Right Turn
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No Right Turn - posters

Above: Four character posters for No Right Turn, "A haunting fairy-tale thriller set between snowy landscapes and a neon city".  The posters feature (in order) the characters Johnny, Nina, Monella and Teddy.

Teaser trailer and "Slide show" for David Noel Bourke's No Right Turn

No Right Turn (Official Site) | www.myspace.com/lastexitproductions


Via: www.lastexitproductions.dk Read More
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Trailer: No Right Turn Movie Trailer From David Noel Bourke

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Watch the first official movie trailer for the upcoming independent film “No Right Turn” by Director David Noel Bourke (Last Exit) and starring Sira Stampe, Laura Bach, Tao Hildebrand, Lars Lippert, Sami Darr and Mads Koudal. Plot: Nina is the voluptuously alluring girlfriend of Johnny, a charming but delusional crook. To escape from her weary life she casually sleeps with an old friend, Teddy, but is quite fed up of her current lifestyle - especially the drunken dreams of Johnny. One night after an argument with Johnny, she storms home where she is abducted by a pair of thugs, but is fortunately rescued by a timid and guilt-ridden girl, Monella. Even though they are from two very different worlds, they [...]
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