Netflix options sci-fi book series Old Man’s War

According to Deadline, Netflix has acquired the film rights to John Scalzi’s Hugo Award-nominated sci-fi book series Old Man’s War, and is looking to develop the first novel as a feature film with Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment.

The books take place centuries into the future where older citizens are given a choice between ageing and dying on Earth or joining the interstellar Colonial Union, where they will have their minds transferred into super-charged, battle-ready versions of their own younger bodies.”

The story “follows 75-year-old widower John Perry, who discovers he’s a natural fighter and leads his platoon through grueling battles against hostile alien races. But when he meets a soldier who looks like a younger version of his beloved deceased wife, everything Perry thought he knew about his new life, and the war he’s fighting in it, is turned upside down.”

This is the
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Father of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Claims His Family Was Booed on Flight to Take His Body Home

Father of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Claims His Family Was Booed on Flight to Take His Body Home
The father of a soldier who was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan last Saturday claimed that several people aboard his flight to bring his son’s body home complained about the family receiving special treatment.

Stewart Perry, along with his wife and daughter, were on their way to recover the remains of his son, Sgt. John Perry, at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware last week. On a delayed flight from Sacramento to a connecting flight in Phoenix, the captain made an announcement that the Gold Star family needed to deplane first, which was met with a lot
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Wolfgang Peterson Developing Ghost Brigades for SyFy

The SyFy Channel has announced that director Wolfgang Peterson (Das Boot, The Neverending Story, Troy, Air Force One) and Scott Stuber (Safe HouseTed) are set to develop a series based on the John Scalzi book The Ghost Brigades, which is part of the Hugo Award nominated Old Man's War universe book series.

The story follows John Perry, "who at 75, enlists into the Colonial Defense Force to fight a centuries-long war for man's expansion into the cosmos. Technology allows experiences and consciousness to be transplanted into younger bodies that are outfitted to endure the harsher rigors of war in space. However, soon after John arrives, he finds himself involved with a mysterious woman, and at the same time, at the center of an unraveling conspiracy involving an elite fighting force known as The Ghost Brigades."

The pilot episode will be written by Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig, who are both
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'Ghost Brigades' Heads To Syfy

Syfy is launching another science-fiction series with its adaption of John Scalzi's "Ghost Brigades," which is based on his "Old Man's War" books. Wolfgang Petersen, who helmed such films as "Das Boot" and "Troy," is spearheading the project along with "Safe House" producer Scott Stuber; Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig ("The Thirst") will script. "Ghost Brigades" centers on John Perry, a 75-year-old soldier serving in a long-running war as mankind -- who can now transfer consciousness into younger bodies -- expands its influence into deep space. Perry quickly finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman while a conspiracy unfolds involving the Ghost Brigades, an elite military force. Universal Cable Productions, Radiant Productions and Bluegrass Films will produce the project. "Old ...
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Syfy Announces "Ghost Brigades" Series

Syfy has begun development of "Ghost Brigades," a TV drama series based on John Scalzi's "Old Man's War" universe book series which will be produced by Universal Cable Productions, Radiant Productions and Bluegrass Films.

Filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen ("Troy," "The Perfect Storm") will oversee the project's development. Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig will pen the first script, while Scott Stuber ("Safe House") will produce.

The story follows 75-yer-old John Perry who enlists in the Colonial Defense Force to fight a centuries-long war for man's expansion into the cosmos. Technology allows his mind to be transplanted into a younger body built to withstand the harshness of fighting a war in space.

"Old Man's War" was first published in 2005 and scored a Hugo Award nomination in 2006. Four further books followed, the second going by the name "Ghost Brigades". An attempt was made to turn the series into a film at Paramount Pictures
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Old Man's War Novel Heads To TV

Old Man's War Novel Heads To TV
Back in 2011, Paramount bought the rights to John Scalzi’s sci-fi novel Old Man’s War, with Wolfgang Petersen attached to direct and David Self to write the film. Since then, it’s floated through the development void but never quite turned into a movie, and now the Us SyFy channel has taken over the project, looking to gear up a TV series called Ghost Brigades. Scalzi’s novel, the first in a series of four so far, was originally published back in 2005, though the author actually released it online before that. It follows the adventures of soldier John Perry who, after his wife dies when he’s 75, agrees to sign up for the Colonial Defence Forces. In exchange for his service and the fact he’ll never return to Earth, his consciousness is uploaded into a healthy, augmented new body and he’s sent off to battle a variety
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Syfy developing sci-fi novel 'Old Man's War' into series

Syfy developing sci-fi novel 'Old Man's War' into series
Syfy has snatched up another acclaimed sci-fi novel. John Scalzi’s Hugo Award-nominated Old Man’s War series is being developed into a TV show at the network. Bonus: Syf has brought on a respected heavy-hitter producer for the project—two-time Oscar nominee Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Air Force One), along with fellow producer Scott Stuber (Safe House, Ted). Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig (both developing a Winter’s Knight film) have signed to write the pilot.

The project will be titled Ghost Brigades. (You had to figure a title like Old Man’s War would be the first thing
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