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Dances With Films’ Opening Night Feature ‘No Alternative,’ Starring Harry Hamlin, Trailer Debut

Exclusive: No Alternative, the Harry Hamlin and Kathryn Erbe starring indie drama, is opening the Los Angeles-based festival Dances With Films on June 7 in what also is the William Dickerson-directed film’s world premiere. The drama that confronts mental illness while delving into the world of grunge-era teenagers also stars Michaela Cavazos and Conor Proft. The coming-of-age story about suburban American teenagers is about “a boy (Proft) who is determined to start his…
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Film News Roundup: Jon Tenney Joins Helen Hunt in Thriller ‘I See You’

Film News Roundup: Jon Tenney Joins Helen Hunt in Thriller ‘I See You’
In today’s film news roundup, Jon Tenney will play the on-screen spouse of Helen Hunt’s character, the documentary “The Workers Cup” gets a release, and Dances With Films announces its opening and closing titles.


Jon Tenney will star opposite Helen Hunt in the indie thriller “I See You” for director Adam Randall from a script by Devon Graye.

Matt Waldeck will produce for Zodiac Features. Tenney will play the on-screen husband to Hunt’s detective character, who is under an intolerable amount of strain.

Tenney is currently in production on the third season of HBO’s “True Detective” alongside Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff, and will appear in six of the eight episodes and will segue directly from that set to the Cleveland location of “I See You.”

Tenney stars in “The Seagull” from Sony Classics with Annette Bening, Saoirse Ronan, and Elisabeth Moss, which opens in a limited release on Friday.
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This Exclusive Book Excerpt Shares Tips for Rehearsing Your Low-Budget Indie

This Exclusive Book Excerpt Shares Tips for Rehearsing Your Low-Budget Indie
William Dickerson is a writer and director whose debut feature film, "Detour," was hailed as an "Underground Hit" by The Village Voice, an "emotional and psychological roller-coaster ride" by The Examiner and "authentic" by The New York Times. He self-released his metafictional satire, "The Mirror," which opened YoFi Fest's inaugural film festival in 2013. He recently completed his third feature, "Don't Look Back." His first book, "No Alternative," was declared, "a sympathetic coming-of-age story deeply embedded in '90s music" by Kirkus Reviews. His latest book, "Detour: Hollywood: How To Direct a Microbudget Film (or any film, for that matter)," is available now on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @WDFilmmaker and visit his website. I've been told that my auditions run long, but I don't see the harm in that. These are the people who are going to bring your characters to life on...
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Interview: William Dickerson Talks The Mirror

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Interview: William Dickerson Talks The Mirror
In an effort to make the world believe that their lives are better than they actually are, people have steadily altered and edited the videos, pictures and information they post on the Internet. Over the past few years, as accessibility to social networking sites, smart phones and personal cameras has accelerated, the public has relied on their falsified public personas to validate their personal existences. This growing trend of relying on cyber confirmation to raise their self-confidence is thought provokingly explored in writer-director William Dickerson’s new metafictional satire comedy-drama, ‘The Mirror,’ which officially launches today on Vimeo On Demand. ‘The Mirror‘ follows Dickerson as he tries to answer who Taylor, [ Read More ]

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Enter The Mirror with New Exclusive Movie Clip

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Enter The Mirror with New Exclusive Movie Clip
Enter the world of ‘The Mirror’ with the first exclusive clip from co-writer-director William Dickerson’s upcoming comedy-drama. The clip follows Taylor, a lifestreamer, as he meets Ellen (Hannah Levien) for the first time over coffee. She questions why he always feels the need to film everything he does, and he insists that he doesn’t need much time for himself. Ellen thinks the camera acts as a barrier that prohibits him from getting to know anyone else. She adds that it’s hard to get to know him, since everything she says is being recorded. TaylorMade Films, the company distributing ‘The Mirror,’ has released the following official synopsis for the film: Who [ Read More ]

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The Mirror Trailer, Poster & Images

William Dickerson directs this documentary satire which includes Taylor, Hannah Levien, Pat "Marty" Dowd, Bill Escudier and Raymond Merritt. The Mirror asks Who is Taylor? That is the question filmmaker William Dickerson tries to answer in this metafictional satire about a quirky and charismatic lifestreamer. “Taylor” is an open book who magnetically draws others into his world where public and private are one and the same. But as Dickerson pushes Taylor to delve deeper into his traumatic past, the story takes an unexpectedly dangerous turn.
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A little more than halfway through William Dickerson’s Detour, the film’s protagonist, trapped in his truck deep underground, takes a moment to ponder and appreciate a tiny ant that has crawled into his vehicle (and potential tomb). The ant bites him. So much for kinship amongst the tiny and powerless. The metaphor is both obvious and apt—before the immensity of Nature, best-laid plans and self-centric lives are absurdly inconsequential. Ignore this disparity at your own peril. (But don’t be afraid to put up a fight, anyway.)...
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Detour Movie Review

Detour Movie Review
Title: Detour Director: William Dickerson Starring: Neil Hopkins, Brea Grant I guess to call “Detour,” director William Dickerson’s micro-budgeted drama of confinement and descent into madness, by a more accurate moniker, “Mudslide,” would be to court an unfortunate array of jokes centered around bodily excretions. But, seemingly taking “Buried” and Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours” as its inspiration, the movie spends most of its time trapped in a SUV covered with the detritus of a muddy landslide. While not lacking for decent acting or technical execution, the movie’s lead and de facto host is, as written, something of a cipher, leaving one wishing for MacGyver, or even MacGruber, to tackle a similar dilemma. [ Read More ]

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Review: ‘Detour’ Finds Its Way

The critical success of 2010′s Buried didn’t exactly cause a wave of claustrophobic copycats, but a few similarly structured films found their way into production in the past few years. Wrecked saw Adrien Brody trapped in his car after an accident, and Stephen Dorff was stuffed in a trunk (hurray!) for Brake. All three films, for better or worse, had storylines “outside” the single location (car, coffin) that offered additional narrative momentum beyond a simple survival story. Director/co-writer William Dickerson‘s feature debut, Detour, forgoes that additional layer to focus almost exclusively on one man trapped in a confined space and desperate to escape. Is that enough to keep viewers’ attention for ninety minutes? Yes. And no. And yes. Jackson (Neil Hopkins) awakens at the wheel of his car with the engine stalled and the airbag deployed. It’s pitch black outside his windows, but what he mistakes at first for nightfall is in fact
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Detour | Review

Dickerson’s Trapped-without-escape Ordeal Swims More Than Sinks

Utilizing a minimum amount of characters and locations within a trapped in a car, freak mudslide buried alive template, William Dickerson’s debut feature draws inevitable comparisons to the stuck between a rock and a hard place denouements recently pitched in Rodrigo CortésBuried and Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. Detourhas, literally, more space to play with than its predecessors by presenting auds with a more familiar setting of the automobile, but while the ubiquity of a car enhances the idea of “this could happen to anyone”; such “familiarity” pretends to make this an even more terrifying experience than it really is.

Jackson Aider (Neil Hopkins) is a typical out-of-state transplant that has come to California to find luck in the entertainment industry. Now working in advertisement, Jackson lives with his pregnant wife in Los Angeles. An ordinary existence until one rainy day,
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Exclusive: Clip From Trapped-Inside-a-Car Thriller 'Detour'

As director William Dickerson notes on the website for "Detour," the film was one that was conceived out of pragmatic need, but still fueled with creative spirit. "It was something we could afford to do, outside of the Hollywood machine," he writes, calling the film an "experiment in the simplicity of filmmaking." The result is a contained thriller that takes place largely inside a car, but boasts a concept that requires directorial skill and acting acumen to pull off. In this exclusive clip from the movie, we see both director and actor bring their best for the fore. Starring Neil Hopkins ("Skyline," "Lost") and Brea Grant ("Heroes," "Dexter"), "Detour" follows ad man Jackson Alder, who has just left a lunch meeting, when his car is swept away by a massive mudslide. Trapped, he must fight for his survival if he's to see his loved ones again. In this sequence from the movie,
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Detour (2013) Movie Trailer: Neil Hopkins, William Dickerson

Detour Trailer. William Dickerson‘s Detour (2013) movie trailer stars Neil Hopkins, Brea Grant, John Forest, Ptolemy Slocum, and Deb Snyder. Detour‘s plot synopsis: “On the road to a high-powered lunch meeting, smooth-talking ad man Jackson Alder is brainstorming his next big pitch when he is blindsided by Mother Nature. Swallowed up by [...]

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Watch: First Detour Trailer and Poster

Here’s the first trailer and poster for the upcoming thriller called Detour, which is taking place almost entirely inside the car. The 127 Hours-like movie marks William Dickerson’s feature film directorial debut and stars Neil Hopkins (Skyline, Lost) and Brea Grant (Heroes, Friday Night Lights). Hopkins portrays lead-character Jackson Aider, a businessman who finds himself blindsided by Mother Nature and buried under an avalanche, with only his car and what little air remains in it for shelter. The trailer below shows his dilemma and his awareness that no one is coming to save him, which means if he wants to survive this ordeal, he’s on...
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Detour Trailer Shows Neil Hopkins Buried Alive

For some, being buried alive is among their top fears. That's exactly the scenario the lead character in William Dickerson's new film Detour is in. As you'll see in the trailer for the film, Neil Hopkins' character is put into a terrifying situation when a car accident leaves him buried alive and left to figure out how to get out before he runs out of oxygen. Directed by William Dickerson, Detour stars Neil Hopkins as a businessman who finds himself blindsided by mother nature and buried under an avalanche, with only his car and what little air remains in it for shelter. The trailer below shows his predicament and his realization that no one is coming to save him, which means if he wants to survive this ordeal, he's on his own. Watching the above video, which shows lead-character Jackson Aider realizing the severity of his predicament and
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Watch: First Crazy Trailer for Trapped-Inside-a-Car Thriller 'Detour'

What would you do to survive? Gravitas Ventures has debuted the first trailer for another contained thriller called Detour, this time taking place almost entirely inside of a car. The story is simply about an "ad man" named Jackson, played by Neil Hopkins, whose car gets trapped in a rock/mudslide and he ends up stuck. Yea it's a lot like Buried or Devil (it even has a two-syllable one-word name), but inside of a car, and it looks like things get crazy. It looks like there's flashbacks, of course, which is where actress Brea Grant comes into play. As wild as this looks, I can't help but say I need to see it to find out what goes on, and how it ends. Watch the first official trailer for William Dickerson's Detour, in high def from Apple: Synopsis for Detour from Apple: On the road to a high-powered lunch meeting,
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Exclusive: 'Detour' Poster and First Look Premiere

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Trapped inside a car by a mudslide, a smooth talking man finds himself in a situation he can't talk himself out of. With no hope of rescue, he battles Mother Nature and attempts to escape to safety. Such is the synopsis for Detour, a new film from William Dickerson who makes his feature film directorial debut. The film stars Neil Hopkins (Skyline, Lost) and Brea Grant (Heroes, Halloween II). Check out the poster debut below along with two exclusive new images. The film is slated to open in theaters later this year.  

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Dexter Star And All Round Hottie Brea Grant Set To Helm Best Friends Forever

The lovely Brea Grant, who has been hotting up our small screens recently with her short-lived appearance on hit Showtime series 'Dexter' as Ryan - Vince Masuka's intern, is taking to directorial duties on new apocalyptic project 'Best Friends Forever'. And not only will she helm the movie, described as a dark comedy and sci-fi horror film, but she wrote and will star in the flick alongside her writing partner Vera Miao. Brea (below) will also appear in the up and coming William Dickerson thriller 'Detour' which is currently in post-production. The shoot will take place on location in La and Texas. Make sure you follow the progress of the project by hitting the link to the newly established project blog below....
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