Morain – Are We Lost Ep

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Released: 23rd September


The result of growing up on the hard streets of the North, surrounded by faces and souls even colder than the biting winds, Morain is a four-piece band formed in 2009 by close friends with the mission of, in the words of vocalist/guitarist Wil Frost: “We are all best friends, and we play music because it’s what we love to do. We just want to play the best shows, write the best songs, and make the best music we possibly can.”

And they’ve definitely achieved that goal. Plying their trade on the same circuit that helped launch The Cribs, the band has quickly developed a loyal and burgeoning following. After playing a series of acclaimed and explosive live-shows, the band’s commendation rose even further and led to them being signed by Brightblack Records in 2010. Most bands would let this go to their heads,
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Jay Larkin obituary

Showtime executive, he televised some of boxing's biggest fights

It is rare within the boxing world to be able to say that one of the most powerful figures in the sport was also one of its most popular, but that was true of Jay Larkin, who has died aged 59 of brain cancer. Larkin, who spent nearly 20 years with the Us cable network Showtime, helped stage some of the biggest television boxing events, including the two fights between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield for the world heavyweight title, in 1996 and 1997, and the 2002 showdown between Lennox Lewis and Tyson.

The fact that he came from a non-sporting background helped Larkin view seemingly complex issues and vanities for what they were, and enabled him to clinch deals where others might have failed. A finely honed sense of humour also played its part, allied to a refusal to be taken in by what he
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World's worst boxer has final bout

A boxer who has lost 256 of the 299 matches he has fought will enter the ring for one last spar tonight. Peter Buckley, from Birmingham, has taken on several world champions during his career, including Prince Naseem Hamed, Duke McKenzie, Scott Harrison and Colin McMillan. However, decades of losing are finally taking their toll and he will retire from the sport after (more)
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