'The Harper's Field Footage' Teaser and Concept Poster Releases


So “What’s on the Tape” you ask? Well that's what you'll have to find out. Check out the first teaser trailer for the upcoming horror thriller below the official press details below.

From The Press Release:

The Harper’s Field Footage is the latest exciting horror thriller from director John Muscanero (Dark Woods). This thriller will excite audiences by showing them a missing documentary film crew, their last moments and a roaming beast looking for a desperate meal. This semi-documentary was filmed in the San Bernadino Mountains after Muscanero heard stories of a real man-eating bear prowling about northern Los Angeles.

The first trailer for The Harper’s Field Footage is now available for audiences which can be seen below. In the clip, the documentary crew comes face to face with the creature. They try to find refuge near their campsite. But their safety is short
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Stills, Poster, and Trailer for The Harper's Field Footage

Another found footage flick is heading our way, and this one tells the tale of a missing documentary film crew and a roaming beast looking for a desperate meal. Check out The Harper's Field Footage's first trailer, concept artwork, and a few stills.


In late 2010 an information assurance manager and hunting enthusiast went into the San Bernardino mountains to kill an elusive man-eating bear. His estranged son, filmmaker John Muscarnero, set out to document this search in his next film.

Armed with a few cameras and a small crew, including John's roommate, his girlfriend, and his producing partner on their last film Dark Woods, they set out to film his father hunting the killer bear. The tragedy that they would eventually find and film would become known as The Harper's Field Footage.

The film is written and directed by John Muscarnero; produced by Mark Shady, Mariah Davis, Cindy Zingg,
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First Looks at John Muscarnero's The Harper's Field Footage

Writer John Muscarnero (Dark Woods) has released a concept poster, teaser trailer and photos to excite audiences for his latest passion project, The Harper’s Field Footage. This intense and gritty realistic horror film looks at the last days of a film crew out to document the hunt for a man-eating bear said to be prowling about in the foothills of Northern Los Angeles. To be specific, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an area that is simply known as Harper's Field.

The concept poster contrasts the blood red photo with monochromatic black as Chloe Moore tries to remain alive under the crushing darkness. But can she survive the night? Bears and bloodletting horror collide in a tale that will leave everyone traumatized. The film releases in 2014!

This trailer is designed to excite and the photo is created to tantalize viewers of what may be Chloe’s (Chloe Moore) last day in the woods.
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