Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Erik Gardner Talks Blue Hole and More

For the last interview in our short film series for Indie Horror Month 2013, Dread Central chatted with writer/director Erik Gardner about his latest project Blue Hole, which has found much success on the festival circuit since its premiere at the 2012 Shriekfest Film Festival last October.

Based on a true New Jersey urban legend, Blue Hole follows Michael (Drew Wick) and his intended fiancée Amy (Caitlin Rose Williams) who travel deep within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to a vacation cabin where he plans to propose to her. Upon arriving they’re attacked by a madman who claims an eerie pond near the cabin called “Blue Hole” can bring back the dead and soon, reality mixes with illusion as the lovers are left to try to figure out if Blue Hole is real or if the madman controlling their fates is truly insane.

Blue Hole also stars Jesse Kristofferson,
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Beyond Doomsday Announced

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Brian Hillard is known for his work with Knb Efx and playing the iconic well walker in The Walking Dead Season 2. It has now been announced that he’s working on creating his own horror series, which puts a more sci-fi and Lovecraftian spin on the traditional zombie tale.

Titled Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z, the story follows Ex-Army Captain who trains people on how to defend themselves after a virus turns most of the population into zombie-like creatures. Work is expected to begin early next month on the pilot episode and here’s an idea of what you can expect from the story:

“In the year 2017, a virus that no one can identify or explain has overrun our world. There are scientific theories about what has happened, but it is all guesswork and assumptions at this point. Religious fanatics say that we had it coming, and to
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Launch of Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z

Push Adventure Productions, LLC is proud to announce the Kickstarter campaign launch of Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z. A television/web series pilot episode created and directed by Brian K. Hillard. This Kickstarter Campaign will launch the morning of 07 September 2012.

Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z is the story of Ex-Army Captain L. Brandon Scott, better known by the moniker he has given his alter-ego self, Captain Z, is a Steve… More
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The Walking Dead Season 2: Story Notes from Episode 4

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Every Friday, encore showings of The Walking Dead Season 2 on AMC feature “Story Notes”, which include trivia and behind-the-scenes information related to the episode. If you missed out on last week’s story notes from episode 4, we have the full list of trivia items, fun facts, and quotes from the cast and crew.

Biography Notes

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) learned to ride horses for her role as an equestrian heiress on Chuck.

If there really was a zombie apocalypse, Chandler Riggs (Carl) would miss video games the most.

Casting Notes

Patricia is played by Jane McNeill, a stage actress in her first recurring TV role.

Steven Yeun (Glenn) joked that Natalie Portman should play Maggie, but he loves Lauren Cohan.

The bloated “well” zombie is played by special effects makeup artist Brian Keith Hillard.

Character Notes

Steven Yeun (Glenn) has called his character “the scavenger of the group.”

Jon Bernthal feels
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'Walking Dead' Well Zombie: Greg Nicotero Reveals All

"The Walking Dead" has never slouched in the zombie department, but in this week's episode, "Cherokee Rose," we were introduced to the most disgusting zombie yet: the bloated well walker.

Finding a flesh hungry monster at the bottom of a well would be terrifying enough as it is, but the results were all the more grotesque thanks to the stunning visual effects work of Greg Nicotero and his Knb Efx house. In a new video posted at AMC TV, viewers are invited behind the scenes to watch the making of the most thoroughly vile walker (or floater, more accurately) in "Walking Dead" history.

The man behind the well walker is Brian Hillard, a seemingly mild-mannered man who works for Nicotero and Knb. According to the video, the creature was created using a silicon head and body suit filled with water balloons under the belly to reflect all of the water
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The Future Looks Bleak But Beautifully Horrific in Biophage

Biophage, a film developed by Mark Rapp, will see DVD shelves and Netflix queues beginning February 2, 2010. The film envisions a post-apocalyptic world of tomorrow, where a "bio-chemical agent" has changed much of the populace into "biophages (Movies)." Hard to Get Productions was the support behind the film and while slightly of the radar, and very independent, the early material looks good. Also, Biophage was shot in black and white near Pittsburgh, so the film will likely appeal to those looking for a grainier look, with their cinema. Have a look at all the available info' on Biophage below.

The synopsis for Biophage here:

"Through the tattered remains of a post-apocalyptic civilization, Sgt. Cain and Dr. Bell make their way back from the Center for Disease Control. Their mission to find signs of human life is a failure. They are returning to Mt. Bethel, the military research hospital, from which they were sent.
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