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Interviews (5)

ASSIST News (US) October 28 2013, by: Dan Wooding, "Freshly Awarded Actress JENN GOTZON Career Explodes with back-to-back Theatrical Releases this Friday"
LA Daily News (US) January 5 2009, pg. A2, by: Troy Anderson, "Alex Theater to host unique festival featuring movies mades in seven days"
Glenwood Springs Post Independent (US) December 31 2008, pg. 2 Local, by: Stina Sieg, "Aspen Academy Screenings goes inside the Nixon family"
Rocky Mountain News (US) December 24 2008, pg. News 15, by: Penny Parker, "'Frost/Nixon' acclaims adds joy to season for up-and-comer"
Morning Call (US) December 7 2008, pg. E1 - E2, by: Amy Longsdorf, "3 movies, 2 months, 1 Rising Career"

Articles (11)

Christian Voice (US) January 30 2014, Vol. 16, Iss. 1, pg. 9, by: Vanessa Frank, "Jenn Gotzon Talks Oscar Nomination Annulment"
Williamson Herald (US) January 6 2014, pg. Newspaper's front page, by: Carole Robinson, "["Forgiven"] Movie Explores Concepts of Forgiveness"
The Tennessean (US) December 26 2013, by: Karen Kraft (photographer), "Action Film ["Forgiven"] has faith message"
The Morning Call (US) November 16 2013, by: Amy Longsdorf, "Valley native's 'Doonby' Film Controversial, Inspirational"
The Beacon (US) November 6 2013, Iss. 23, pg. 2, by: Pam Lutrell, "Doonby leaves Residue on your Soul"
The Los Angeles Times (US) June 10 2011, pg. D4, by: Rebecca Keegan, "Indie films share an anti-abortion theme"
The Morning Call (US) January 28 2011, pg. 16, by: Amy Longsdorf, ""Gotzon takes the Lead""
Clarion Herald (US) January 10 2009, pg. 10, by: Jeremy Whitaker, "Movie moves St. Aug students"
The Reporter Herald (US) January 4 2009, pg. A3, by: Cara O'Brien, "It's a wonderful life. Home for the holidays, lHS alum & wife talk of 'great journey' working in movies"
The Denver Post (US) December 25 2008, by: Bill Husted, "Stars sprinkled among the moguls in Aspen"
The Philadelphia Daily News (US) December 11 2008, pg. 33, by: Dan Gross, "Lehigh Valley gal in 'Frost/Nixon'"

Pictorials (4)

Image & Style Magazine (US) November 2013, Iss. 8, pg. 6, by: Gracie Slegers, "With Insight Comes Vision"
Eloquent Woman Magazine (US) April 2013, Iss. Spring Bridal, pg. 2, by: Shannon, "From Small Role to Leading Lady"
Valley Social Magazine (US) June 2008, pg. 6, "Jenn Gotzon"
Talent In Motion Magazine (US) January 29 2000, Vol. II, Iss. 1, pg. 19, by: Laura Daino, "Avvicinatevi: Come Near"

Magazine Covers (1)

Valley Social Magazine (US) July 1 2009, Vol. IV, Iss. Summer

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