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CBS Evening News: Start Date Set for New Anchor Jeff Glor

The Tiffany Network's news division is making some news of its own. CBS has announced that Jeff Glor will anchor CBS Evening News beginning Monday, December 4, 2017. Glor will replace Anthony Mason, who has been anchoring the broadcast on an interim basis since June of this year, when Scott Pelley left the desk to join 60 Minutes. Pelley first began anchoring in 2011, when he replaced Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer on the CBS Evening News. Learn more from this CBS press release. Read More…
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‘CBS Evening News’ Sets Start Date With New Anchor Jeff Glor

CBS Evening News is set to launch on Dec. 4 with new lead anchor Jeff Glor. Glor replaces Scott Pelley, who had manned the post since 2011. He announced his departure from the lead anchor position in mid-June. Pelley took the baton from Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer. Pelley was assigned to work full-time at 60 Minutes after his departure while Anthony Mason served as interim anchor on CBS Evening News. Steve Capus will remain as executive producer of the program. "In his…
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Jeff Glor Named CBS Evening News Anchor, Will Take Over Later This Year

CBS Evening News is playing another game of musical (anchor) chairs.

Jeff Glor, already an Emmy-winning CBS News correspondent, has been named the program’s new anchor. Announced Wednesday, CBS Evening News With Jeff Glor is expected to launch by the end of 2017. In addition to his responsibilities for the nightly broadcast, Glor will also continue to appear on Cbsn, the network’s 24/7 streaming news service.

Jeff is a thoughtful, probing journalist with the versatility to anchor in any circumstance – from daily reporting to the most significant events of our time,” CBS News President David Rhodes said in a statement.
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CBS’ ‘Evening News’ Transfer Is Chaotic, Not Calm

Evening-news anchors are, to some degree, like Boy Scouts. They are seen by the public as being courteous and kind, brave and clean. When workers began packing up anchor Scott Pelley’s office suite at the West 57th Street headquarters of “CBS Evening News” yesterday, it was viewed by CBS News staffers as something out of character.

Pelley had known for some period that CBS News executives were going to move him full time to “60 Minutes,” according to two people familiar with the matter. He has contributed up to 20 pieces per year to “60 Minutes,” even as he anchored the network’s flagship evening newscast. But he had not been ordered to vacate his office, according to these people, and CBS had planned to make an official announcement about the transition next week, one of these people said.

Pelley’s decision to move out of the show he has led since taking it over from Katie Couric in
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Anthony Mason Named Interim Anchor of 'CBS Evening News'

Anthony Mason will serve as interim anchor of the CBS Evening News after Scott Pelley was pushed out of the chair. Pelley will return on Monday's broadcast to say farewell to viewers. 

Mason has served as one of the main fill-in anchors for Pelley. Some inside CBS News say he could eventually land the job officially. But one source compared his role to that of Bob Schieffer after Dan Rather left and before Katie Couric debuted on the program in September 2006. The difference this time is CBS News executives are unlikely to try to make a big (and expensive) splash by...
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Anthony Mason Will Serve as Interim Anchor on ‘CBS Evening News’

Anthony Mason, the veteran CBS News staffer who serves as weekend anchor of “CBS This Morning” and in many other capacities at the network, will take over for Scott Pelley on an interim basis at “CBS Evening News,” according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mason is expected to serve in the role for the summer, one of these people said. His start date is not yet firmed up, and Pelley is expected to return to the anchor chair before leaving the broadcast permanently.

Known for his love of rock and pop music, the CBS News veteran will serve as a steadying presence at the venerable newscast while it works to find its bearings. Scott Pelley, who has anchored the program since taking its reins from Katie Couric in 2011, is expected to return to “60 Minutes” on a full-time basis. Pelley has worked on both shows for years, contributing up to 20 pieces to the Sunday newsmagazine each
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Scott Pelley to Leave as Anchor of ‘CBS Evening News’

Scott Pelley will leave his post as the anchor of “CBS Evening News,” departing the network’s flagship newscast without a ready replacement as he returns to full-time duty at “60 Minutes,” according to a person familiar with the situation.

CBS News declined to comment on the situation, which appears to have caught the network by surprise. Pelley is currently on assignment for the venerable Sunday newsmagazine, but had his office packed in his absence, this person said, in full view of staffers. Among the furnishings in the anchor’s suite are photographs of CBS greats like Edward R. Murrow and a giant painting of a sailboat, commissioned by his wife, Jane. Pelley is a sailing aficionado, but gave up the hobby when he added “Evening News” duties to the job he already had at “60 Minutes,” where he has been a presence since 2004. He was able to get back on the water after a few years of juggling
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John Dickerson Upped To Chief Washington Correspondent At CBS News

CBS’s Face the Nation host John Dickerson has been named Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News President David Rhodes announced today. Dickerson, in addition to his hosting gig, also had held the title of CBS News' Political Director. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King explained this morning it’s Bob Schieffer’s old title, clearing that up. "John has demonstrated leadership in his reporting in D.C. since 1995, and with CBS News for the past eight years,” said CBS News
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John Dickerson Named CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent

Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson has taken on the additional responsibility of serving as CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent.

Dickerson will continue in his role as anchor of CBS’ Sunday morning public affairs program. With the expansion of his on-air duties, Dickerson will hand over the job of serving as CBS News Political Director to Steve Chaggaris.

“These critical appointments for John and Steve will continue to enhance our industry-leading news reporting from the nation’s capital,” CBS News president David Rhodes said in a memo issued Friday.

Dickerson’s appointment is a sign of just how much the Trump administration and its policy agenda is dominating the news cycle. Dickerson is a D.C. veteran who joined CBS News in 2009 as an analyst and contributor, and he became political director two years later. He succeeded Bob Schieffer as “Face the Nation” anchor in June 2015.

Before CBS, Dickerson covered politics and Washington for Slate and Time
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Behind the Scenes at ‘Face the Nation’ as Battle of Covering Trump Begins

Washington, D.C. — Lindsey Graham made some news, Kellyanne Conway delivered some spin, and Bernie Sanders challenged the new occupant of the White House to make good on a campaign promise by sending a tweet.

The first edition of CBS’ “Face the Nation” of the Trump era went smoothly on Sunday morning, but it played out against the backdrop of rising hostility from the nascent administration toward the mainstream news media. The challenge for CBS News and others in covering the presidency of Donald Trump is heightened by the depth of the political divisions in the country — a cultural Grand Canyon that was vividly displayed in Washington during President Trump’s inaugural weekend.

Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson did his best to break through Conway’s armor of talking points in his top-of-the-show interview with Trump’s former campaign manager, who is now a counselor to the President. During her earlier appearance Sunday on NBC’s
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TV Anchors Take Wary View of Trump Inauguration Speech

From Fox News to CBS, a bevy of popular TV-news anchors expressed surprise and even discomfort after hearing President Donald J. Trump’s forceful inaugural speech on Friday.

Speaking on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow said the address was “militant” and “dark,” while Charlie Rose, holding forth on CBS noted, “I thought this speech was call to arms rather than an appeal for unity.” Anchors speaking on Fox News Channel engaged in discussion pronounced the address “radical,” and then proceeded to parse out what the new President really meant. “It was a dark, even pessimistic view of where we are at the moment,” said John King on CNN.

Trump’s address was a short and fiery, and aimed to evoke the populist sentiment that carried him into office. “January 20th, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again,” Trump said, adding, “From this day forward, it
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CBS' Scott Pelley on Fake News, Trump's War on the Press and His Favorite Movie of the Year

The CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley broadcast from Los Angeles for the first time since 2014 on Tuesday evening — part of a West Coast visit that allowed Pelley to accept the 2016 Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University on Monday.

The award, which was first presented to CBS founder William Paley by Walter Cronkite himself in 1984, has since been bestowed to many of the giants of American journalism, including Bill Moyers (1995), Bob Woodward (2001), Tom Brokaw (2006) and Bob Schieffer (2013).

Pelley, 59, who began at CBS...
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Inside Epic Election Night With Anchors on the Front Lines at CBS News, Fox News

Epic. That’s the only way to describe the workday for TV news anchors on Tuesday and Wednesday as Donald Trump pulled off his historic upset win, defying virtually every major forecast that predicted him losing the quest for the White House to Hillary Clinton.

CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell and Fox NewsMartha MacCallum were among the anchors in the trenches fielding a fusillade of data and information and reporting it all live in real-time for millions of viewers.

“I’ve covered presidential campaigns since 2000 and I’ve never seen a race that was this close in so many states,” O’Donnell said. CBS held off for hours calling certain states, long after many other news organizations, out of a sense of editorial caution (and memories of the debacle in 2000 in the Bush-Gore battle). “There was too much at stake to call it for the sake of going home,” she
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Broadcast News Election Coverage: Michael Strahan Makes Political Debut in Times Square

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Broadcast News Election Coverage: Michael Strahan Makes Political Debut in Times Square
After a campaign that made media coverage an election issue, Variety examines the spin throughout Election Day across major TV news outlets.


ABC’s live election coverage began at 7 p.m. Et, while many west coasters were still voting — or were perhaps leaving work early to race home in time to tune into election coverage. George Stephanopoulos is anchoring the marathon broadcast, which is set to air until 2 a.m. Et, and was joined by a panel of heavy hitters including “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir and Martha Raddatz, who moderated the second presidential debate this season.

But, the newest addition to this year’s election coverage is Michael Strahan, who recently joined ABC’s morning show “Good Morning America” where he’s typically utilized for more of the soft news stories. Tonight, the former “Live With Kelly” co-host takes on a pivotal role in ABC’s election coverage, stationed
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Jane Pauley Readies for ‘Sunday Morning’ Run on CBS

Before Jane Pauley even considers finding her own voice on CBS’ venerable “Sunday Morning,” she wants to make certain the show’s own tones remain intact.

“I have enough experience in television with brand-name programs to know that if there’s anything viewers don’t want too much of, it’s overt change, particularly in the morning,” she said in an interview this week. “They kind of have an expectation that the same is fine.”

And yet, when viewers tune into “CBS Sunday Morning” this weekend, they won’t be served the same thing. For the first time in decades, a new anchor will be at the helm of the Sunday-breakfast institution. Pauley will greet viewers this Sunday, not Charles Osgood as has been the norm, and the shift is a major one: Jane Pauley will be just the third anchor since “Sunday Morning” launched in January of 1979.

Longtime watchers will get what they regularly tune in
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Jane Pauley Will Succeed Charles Osgood as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Anchor

Jane Pauley Will Succeed Charles Osgood as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Anchor
Nearly 30 years after she left NBC’s “Today,” Jane Pauley will return to a morning news anchor slot as the successor to Charles Osgood on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Pauley has been a contributor to the show since 2014. “CBS Sunday Morning” typically airs long-form feature reporting in a signature style, a mix of lifestyle and personality features as well as in-depth takes on cultural trends and innovations in medicine, business and science. The show was created for CBS News by Robert Northshield and host Charles Kuralt in 1979. Charles Osgood, who has anchored the program since 1994, said on the Aug. 28 broadcast that he intended to step down as anchor after 22 years.

Pauley is set to formally take over anchor duties on the Oct. 9 broadcast. She will be only the third anchor of the show to date.

Pauley has been cited in CBS News circles as a potential replacement for Osgood, 83, since word surfaced in January that he and CBS
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Scott Pelley, John Dickerson To Lead CBS News Debate Coverage

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and the network’s Face the Nation anchor John Dickerson will lead CBS News’ live coverage of Monday’s first presidential debate, 9-11 Pm Et. CBS News correspondents Nancy Cordes and Major Garrett will provide original reporting on the network's primetime debate coverage, post-debate analysis on all CBS News broadcasts and platforms, including Cbsn, CBS News' 24/7 streaming news service. CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer, who…
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Drone Strike: TV-News Outlets Gear Up With New Eyes in the Sky

Steve Harrigan was on the ground in Homosassa, Florida earlier this month to try to show Fox News viewers the extent of flooding damage caused by the hurricane known as Hermine. The best view of the havoc, however, really came from the air.

Fox News Channel used a drone – sometimes known in tech-junkie jargon as an “unmanned aerial system” – to get a bird’s-eye gaze of the rising waters. And the 21st Century Fox-owned news outlet isn’t alone. ABC News has tapped drones to help “Good Morning America” anchors like Ginger Zee and Amy Robach show off hidden Vietnamese caves and rare animals in Tanzania. CNN has already launched a new unit, called CNN Air, devoted to drone-captured footage. NBC News has utilized the flying devices to show viewers everything from the effects of earthquakes in Italy to floods in Louisiana, said Janelle Rodriguez, senior vice president of editorial for NBC News.

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