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Watch the trailer for horror Blood Trap starring Vinnie Jones, Gianni Capaldi and Costas Mandylor

A poster and trailer have arrived online for the upcoming horror Blood Trap which stars Vinnie Jones, Gianni Capaldi and Costas Mandylor; check them out here…

A film that starts at its end. It only could be a Blood Trap ending. In Blood Trap’s Universe nobody’s good, nobody is bad. It’s just people trapped like fish in a barrel; a bloody nightmare of a barrel. Passengers in a wonderful world with a one way ticket to a Fairy-Punk-Tale called Blood Trap. A darkly funny, disarmingly sensitive horror-comedy.

Through a brilliant mixture of violence, lunacy, and a touch of melancholy, the film follows the story of Five ex-cons – amongst there number a certain Vinnie Jones as Big Jones – and one disillusioned retired screw – Costas Mandylor plays Roman – blast their way into a mansion house to kidnap a rich young woman, Nika – starring the International Martini Girl, Elena Mirela.
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