Facebook Funds Comedy Series From Sarah Silverman and Group Nine’s Jash

  • Variety
Facebook is bringing more content to its Watch episodic-video platform, with the release of relationship-therapy spoof series “Please Understand Me” from Sarah Silverman and Group Nine Media’s Jash comedy studio.

The five-episode comedy is executive produced and narrated by Silverman and created by Steven Feinartz and Ahamed Weinberg.

Facebook is funding the series as part of its effort to deliver TV-style programming — and advertising — to the social service’s massive user base. Group Nine declined to disclose terms of the pact for “Please Understand Me.”

The first two episodes of “Please Understand Me” debuted May 30 on the show’s Facebook Watch page at, with the remaining three segments to be released on following Wednesdays. The show also will be promoted by Group Nine’s Thrillist and Silverman.

In each episode, two mismatched comedians pretend to hash out the problems of their fake relationship — in front of a real therapist,
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Sundance 2018 Ushers In the Age of Independent TV With Indie Episodics Line-Up

  • Indiewire
Sundance 2018 Ushers In the Age of Independent TV With Indie Episodics Line-Up
At the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, TV is invading the schedule in a whole new way. The Park City film fest has previously dabbled in what’s possible on the small screen, but this year marks the launch of the Indie Episodics section — which will spotlight TV pilots that mostly lack mainstream distribution.

The selections include “America to Me,” a new docu-series by “Hoop Dreams” director Steve James; as well as “The Mortified Guide,” a screen adaptation of the popular stage show “Mortified,” spotlighting the most embarrassing true stories of adolescence. There’s also “This Close,” showcasing star/creators Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern (both of whom are deaf), and “Franchesca,” featuring digital star and “The Nightly Show” writer/contributor Franchesca Ramsey.

This marks a major change for Sundance, and a renewed commitment to independent television. While Sundance has featured TV programming since the premiere of “Top of the Lake” in
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That Fruit Ninja Movie is Apparently Still Happening

With The Angry Birds Movie making tons of money at the box office and the ludicrously-named Emojimovie: Express Yourself looming in our near future, it seems like Hollywood executives are looking inside their phones for movie ideas. That pattern continued with an announcement a few months ago that Fruit Ninja would be turned into a new film, and now THR reports that New Line Cinema has acquired the film rights to the fruit slicing game. Sounds like this movie is really going to happen.

Tripp Vinson (San Andreas) is producing, while J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani (who wrote the upcoming film How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack) are writing the screenplay. The story "will revolve around a team of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in order to save the world." Sounds an awful lot like Adam Sandler's let's hope, for everyone's sake, that
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New Line Acquires Rights To Fruit Ninja Movie

Yeah, Hollywood has a nasty habit of taking really dumb ideas and adapting them to the big screen. Battleship? Stupid. An Emoji movie? Pass! Angry Birds? Bleh!

In Hollywood, brand recognition is perhaps the single most important asset. It doesn’t matter if that brand is fit for the medium. If audiences recognize it, they’re more likely to go see it in theater than, say, Kubo and the Two Strings, a film you’ve never heard of, and are therefore less invested in. It’s because of this fact that this next news piece is no surprise.

According to THR, New Line has acquired the film rights to Fruit Ninja, the mobile game that lets you slice and dice your favorite fruits for no reason other than the fact that it’s strangely rewarding. Producing the flick is Tripp Vinson, one of the guys behind the Journey to the Center of the Earth
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Mobile game 'Fruit Ninjas' headed to the big screen

  • Hitfix
It’s the world we live in. First, there was Angry Birds. Then came Pokemon Go. And now, a game about a knife-wielding man with a vendetta against fruit is being turned into a movie. is reporting that the popular mobile phone game Fruit Ninja is headed to the big screen. The script will be written by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani. It’s being produced by New Line. According to the publication, Fruit Ninja will center around a “team of misfits” who become Fruit Ninjas to save the world. How all those components work together, we’ll just have to wait and see. Released in 2010, Fruit Ninjas is among the most popular mobile games of all time. In September 2015, the game passed the 1 billion download mark, rarified air for or mobile application or game. No release date has been announced for Fruit Ninjas.
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Fruit Ninja Movie Is Happening at New Line

  • MovieWeb
Following the success of The Angry Birds Movie this summer, New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to another popular mobile game, Fruit Ninja. The studio has brought on screenwriters J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani to write the script, with Tripp Vinson set to produce. Unlike The Angry Birds Movie, though, this project will be a live-action adaptation.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that producer Tripp Vinson teamed up with Halfbrick Studios, the creators of the mobile game, to develop this live-action movie. The game centers on ninjas who slice and dice fruit at a rapid pace. This movie adaptation will center on a group of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in an effort to save the world.

Fruit Ninja was first released for the iPhone and iPod devices in April 2010, before rolling out to other Android and Windows devices later that year. The game has players
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‘Fruit Ninja’ Video Game Movie Goes to New Line

  • The Wrap
New Line has won the film rights to “Fruit Ninja,” a movie based on a popular and self-explanatory mobile game featuring ninjas who chop fruit with different blades. The script was written by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, who were behind Sony Animation’s “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack.” Producer Tripp Vinson partnered with the game‘s developer, Australia’s Halfbrick Studios, to develop a live-action adaptation of the game, which was a Top 5 Worldwide seller in 2015, per mobile analyst App Annie. Vinson produced the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” films for New Line and was also an executive producer on.
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Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' Coming to TV as a Crime Procedural

  • Yidio
2016-09-02T12:44:57-07:00Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' Coming to TV as a Crime Procedural

From the "Who asked for it?" file today comes news that NBC and Joel Silver are adapting Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist as a TV series. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the network has given the script go-ahead for a contemporary take on the story, which will be called Twist.

The extremely loose adaptation features a 20-something woman who teams up with a talented band of misfits who together fight crime. The proposed adaptation seems to have virtually nothing in common with Dickens' novel other than part of its title.

The series will be produced by Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon) and written by Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin, who are currently working on a film adaptation of the once-popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja.

Dickens' novel features a young orphan boy
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NBC to Reboot Oliver Twist as a Female-Driven Procedural

NBC to Reboot Oliver Twist as a Female-Driven Procedural
Well, this is quite a twist. An… Oliver Twist.

The classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist is being reimagined as a female-driven crime procedural by NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project, tentatively titled Twist, promises “a sexy contemporary take” centering on a twentysomething woman named Twist who teams up with a group of skilled outcasts to catch wealthy criminals.

RelatedThe Departed Reboot Series in Development at Amazon

This is just the latest are-they-serious? reboot heading to the small screen. Earlier this week, Fox announced they would reboot the tale of King Arthur and Camelot as a police procedural.
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Fruit Ninja Is Getting a Feature Film Adaptation

A couple of weeks ago I posted a short film based on the hit mobile game Fruit Ninja. It made for a fun and silly short, but I never imagined that Fruit Ninja could ever be a feature film. Well, Hollywood has proved me wrong once again. I guess if Angry Birds can be a successful film, any mobile game can.

Fruit Ninja will be developed as a live-action family comedy that centers on ninjas with an inexplicable vendetta against fruit. It sounds absolutely absurd, but who knows, maybe something funny will come out of it. If The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were attached to it, I could see it being good.

As of right now, Tripp Vinson is set to produce the movie under his Vinson Films production banner, and he’s hired J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani to write the script. They recently adapted
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Slice of the action: smartphone game Fruit Ninja to be made into film

Halfbrick Studios, the makers of the billion-selling fruit-slicing game, have announced plans to convert it into a live-action family comedy

Mobile phone game Fruit Ninja is to follow The Angry Birds Movie into cinemas, in a move sparked by the latter’s impressive box-office results.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Halfbrick Studios, the makers of the popular smartphone fruit-slicing game, have partnered with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters producer Tripp Vinson to create “a live-action family comedy” inspired by the game. Few details of the proposed project have emerged, other than that the script is due to be written by Jp Lavin and Chad Damiani, previously responsible for the as-yet-unproduced crime romance Kamikaze Love, which appeared on the 2007 Black List of most-liked screenplays.

Continue reading...
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Fruit Ninja Movie On The Way

Since Hollywood never met a pop-culture fixation it couldn’t appropriate (see: this weekend’s Angry Birds Movie), perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that someone is working on bringing the Fruit Ninja mobile app to the big screen in – get this – a “live-action family comedy.”

No, it’s really not too surprising that we’ll be getting a Fruit Ninja movie (and possibly a franchise, seeing as how these kinds of things usually go), but that certainly doesn’t make it any less depressing. And here I was, just coming to terms with the fact that The Emoji Movie is probably going to make bucketloads of money.

For those of you not versed in app-phenomenon culture, Fruit Ninja is the second-highest-selling iOS game of all time, with more than 1 billion downloads since its launch across mobile platforms. It essentially amounts to an endless barrage of fruit flying
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Live-action Fruit Ninja movie in development

The hugely popular mobile game Fruit Ninja is heading to the big screen, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that Vinson Films is partnering up with developer Halfbrick Studios for a feature film adaptation.

Although details are scarce, the movie will be a live-action family comedy, and is being penned by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, who wrote the Black List script for an adaptation of Chuck Sambuchino’s How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, which is being developed by Sony Animation and ImageMovers.

See Also: Tetris The Movie secures $80 million budget, will shoot next year

Released in 2010, Fruit Ninja sees players swiping their screen in order to slash various items of fruit. It has enjoyed enormous success, with over 1 billion downloads.
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Mobile Game 'Fruit Ninja' To Become Feature Length Film

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Tripp Vinson of Vinson Films along with Halfbrick Studios is gearing up to turn the mobile game, "Fruit Ninja", into a feature length film. "Fruit Ninja" is considered the second-highest-selling mobile game on the App Store with over a billion downloads. 

Vinson is developing the project with screenwriters J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani writing the script which is being described as a "live action family comedy." Lavin and Damiani recently penned the script for"How To Survive A Garden Gnome Attack", based on the 2010 book by author Chuck Sambuchino, which is set up at Sony Animation with director Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers developing the project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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Fruit Ninja videogame is becoming a movie




Blame Angry Birds: Fruit Ninja is now on its way to the movies...

Classic films sometimes come out of nowhere. The makers of The Wizard of Oz didn't know they'd made a classic until years after the movie debuted to a lackluster box office. King Kong never thought he'd play outside Skull Island. But an upcoming cinematic experience will show there ain't no ape in apricot.

Fruit Ninja is coming to the big screen. Now you can watch as someone wildly makes a fruit salad out of miles of digital celluloid. In anticipation of the all popcorn crumbs Angry Birds will be leaving in the aisles, Tripp Vinson announced it will produce a feature film treatment of the mobile app Fruit Ninja.

The addictive game already spawned a live action version from a YouTuber named ScottDW but this one will come from Vinson Films. The screenplay
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‘Fruit Ninja’ Movie in Development With Producer Tripp Vinson, Halfbrick

‘Fruit Ninja’ Movie in Development With Producer Tripp Vinson, Halfbrick
The Angry Birds franchise has some sharp competition on its hands — top-selling mobile game “Fruit Ninja” is now in development as a feature film. Creator Halfbrick Studios have partnered with Tripp Vinson‘s eponymous production company — behind the recently announced “Rose Red” prequel at Disney — to bring it to the big screen as a family adventure, an individual familiar with the deal told TheWrap. J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will write the script, the insider said. The film is currently planned as a live-action adaptation. Also Read: Disney Plans Live-Action Movie About Snow White's Sister “Fruit Ninja” was a Top 5 Worldwide seller.
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"Fruit Ninja" Movie In The Works

On the eve of the release of the "Angry Birds" film, Halfbrick Studios and producer Tripp Vinson's Vinson Films banner are teaming to turn the mobile app game "Fruit Ninja" into a live-action family comedy feature.

"Fruit Ninja" has had over one billion downloads so far. The popular game centers around ninjas with an inexplicable vendetta against produce, and is the second top-selling iOS game of all time.

Jp Lavin and Chad Damiani ("How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack") will pen the script while Sam White and Tara Farney are serving as executive producers.

Source: Heat Vision
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CBS Developing ‘Jet Set’ Drama From Jon Turteltaub

CBS Developing ‘Jet Set’ Drama From Jon Turteltaub
CBS has put in development Jet Set, a drama from National Treasure helmer Jon Turteltaub and CBS TV Studios. Turteltaub is executive producing through his Junction Entertainment banner. J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani are co-writing and executive producing. In Jet Set, a young, rich socialite partners with a blue-collar FBI agent to pose as the new “it” couple to investigate and apprehend suspects who have hidden behind wealth and influence to escape other charges. The last…
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News Bits: Bosses, Cups, Stanley, Akira

Horrible Bosses 2

Several new photos are out of Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine's father-and-son villains in the upcoming comedy sequel "Horrible Bosses 2". Waltz plays a rich investor who tries to take control of the new business of our trio (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis) so they plan to kidnap the son (Pine). [Source: Flickering Myth]

Knight of Cups

Appearing at the annual Cine event in Riccione, Italy, the CEO of the Italian distributor of the Christian Bale-led Terrence Malick drama "Knight of Cups" says the film will reportedly score a limited U.S. theaterical run later this year. It's also suggested the film will be up for multiple Oscar nominations. [Source: The Film stage]

Flat Stanley

Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin ("Kamikaze Love," "Max Steel") have been hired to rewrite the live-action adaptation of the children's classic "Flat Stanley" for 20th Century Fox and Walden Media. Josh Greenbaum will direct.

The story
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Fox’s Flat Stanley Movie Moves Forward With New Director And Writers

A film adaptation of Jeff Brown’s beloved children’s book Flat Stanley has been in the works over at Fox for some time now, but today brings news that the project is finally moving forward with a new director and pair of writers. Josh Greenbaum, who previously directed a golf documentary titled The Short Game, has signed on to helm. Additionally, Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin will re-write the film, which is being envisioned as a live-action take, working from an earlier draft by Adam Goldberg (Aliens in the Attic, ABC’s The Goldbergs) and Chris Bishop (The Goldbergs).

Flat Stanley (first published way back in 1964) centers on a boy named Stanley Lambchop, who is accidentally flattened by a bulletin board but uses his new paper-thin body to explore many extraordinary places. The book is considered to be a classic and has birthed an entire series, so Fox could
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