Baby born with half a heart shows wonder progress with swimming therapy

London, August 27: A baby, who was born with half a heart and whose doctors gave him a very slim chance of survival, has stunned everyone by going from strength to strength after undergoing pool therapy.

Charlie Cobb underwent open heart surgery just hours after he took born and surgeons had warned his parents that he may not survive things looked even more grim when he had a heart attack after the procedure, and underwent two further operations and was rushed into hospital several times to fight off infections.

But the baby survived and went from strength to strength - after his mother Louise Bushby took him swimming.

The 26-year-old nursery aide said that her child seems to thrive in the water.

She said.
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Universal Picks Up Villains

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Viper Comics’ miniseries “Villains” has recently been picked up for the silver-screen treatment by Universal Pictures, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. “Villains”, by Adam Cogan and Ryan Cody, is about a young man named Nick Corrigan, a down-on-his-luck loser with no job, no prospects, and a mean temper, who can’t stand his city’s local hero The Flying Ace. Nick finally finds purpose in his life when he discovers a secret about his elderly next-door-neighbor, Charlie Cobb. He was formerly a notorious super-powered villain known as The Hardliner, and Nick blackmails his way into an apprenticeship in super-villainy under Cobb, but having no idea what the original Hardliner has in store for him to teach [...]
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Universal Hiring Some Comic Book 'Villains'

It wasn't long ago that we were debating whether supervillains could be front and center in their own movie. And now we might get to find out! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has optioned Villains, a four-issue series penned by Adam Cogan and Ryan Cody.

Villains follows Nick Corrigan, an aimless young man who discovers that his elderly neighbor, Charlie Cobb, used to be the notorious supervillan, Hardliner. He's now living the quiet and anonymous life -- and Corrigan offers to help keep it that way if only Hardliner will teach him the ways of the supervillain. Hardliner would rather, in the words of Issue 2, "rip the kid's throat out," but he grudgingly complies, and even lends Corrigan his armor. But if there's one man you shouldn't trust to be straight with you, it's a retired supervillain, and things go sour pretty quickly. You can get a peek at
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