Geeks Vs Loneliness: counting Christmas blessings

Jane Roberts Dec 1, 2017

Jane wants to have a chat about Christmas, kindness, and malfunctioning skirt...

Cards on the table - I’m a Bah Humbug kind of person. Christmas comes but once a year for which I am thankful. This year it appears to be having a four month gestation period. The slush factor kicks in right about the time The X Factor raises its many hydra-ed head. And with it comes the ants of anxiety.

I can’t watch those adverts and think my life’s problems will be solved with a gastric bellyache of pudding and excess. It isn’t going to be solved with oversized pyjamas with kittens on them. Or by drinking the smorgasbord of unholy beverages that manifest as actual Christmas spirit (chocolate liqueur anyone?). Yeah, there’s the Doctor Who Christmas special but I’m usually too far gone in wine by air time
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I've got questions about the Rainbow Cinematic Universe

Jenny Morrill Aug 16, 2017

How does Geoffrey make a living? What's the deal with Rod, Jane and Freddy? Jenny dives deep into the mysteries of Rainbow...

You think Pixar films leave you with questions? Try being a fan of Rainbow. Over the years, my binge watching of the show has left me scratching my head on numerous occasions, and not just when I was 6 and had nits.

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In this article I will attempt to ignore the fact that I'm in my 30s and writing articles about Rainbow. I'll also have a crack at unravelling some of Rainbow's more intriguing mysteries.

Be sure to leave a comment asking “Why is this on Den of Geek?”, as this is
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‘Fargo’ and ‘Veep’ are Back, Plus More TV You Must See This Week

Ewan McGregor in ‘Fargo

Two of the best series on television return this week as HBO brings back Veep and FX debuts another season of Fargo. Additionally, there are anticipated fiction and nonfiction shows as well as a new HBO biopic we’re excited about, at the same time we’re set to say goodbye to other favorites, either for the year or forever. To help you keep track of the most important programs over the next seven days, here’s our guide to everything worth watching, whether it’s on broadcast, cable, or streaming for April 16–22:

(All listed times are Eastern)

SUNDAYVeep (HBO, 10:30pm)

This show is back for the first time since the election, and fans are surely wondering how the political humor will reflect the new administration. Probably not at all, considering it was never a reaction to current events before. Instead, the focus on the first episode of season six, “Omaha
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MipTV: ‘Victoria,’ ‘Prime Suspect’ Among ITV Studios’ Robust Drama Sales

MipTV: ‘Victoria,’ ‘Prime Suspect’ Among ITV Studios’ Robust Drama Sales
ITV Studios Global Entertainment has secured a raft of new Emea deals for its top dramas, including “Victoria” and “Prime Suspect: Tennison.” The company announced Tuesday that it had signed a number of new agreements for three of its dramas, including the upcoming “Loch Ness.”

Hit royal series “Victoria” has seen latest sales to satellite broadcaster Yes in Israel; VOD service Ivi in Russia, where it will see a simultaneous pay-tv launch on Tricolor Russia’s Kino Premium Channel; and Mediaset in Italy for free-to-air TV broadcast, which will follow its current pay-tv run in Italy on the Feltrinelli Group’s La Effe.

“Victoria” was an instant ratings hit in Britain, becoming ITV’s top-rated drama of 2016 after debuting last August. The show, which stars former “Doctor Who” companion Jenna Coleman as the young monarch and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert, will return for a second season later this year.

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Len Blavatnik, Danny Cohen’s Access Ent. Backs Bad Wolf (Exclusive)

Len Blavatnik, Danny Cohen’s Access Ent. Backs Bad Wolf (Exclusive)
Access Entertainment, led by former director of BBC Television Danny Cohen and owned by billionaire industrialist Len Blavatnik, has taken a 24.9% stake in Bad Wolf, the production company behind the forthcoming TV adaptation of Philip Pullman’s epic “His Dark Materials.”

Bad Wolf was launched in 2015 by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, former BBC drama executives responsible for “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” and “Da Vinci’s Demons.” The company, which has the support of the Welsh government and is co-sited in South Wales and Los Angeles, produces high-end TV and film for the global television market.

“This investment by Access Entertainment provides Bad Wolf with further support to fast-track its already burgeoning scripted productions and grow its business globally,” according to a statement.

In addition to “His Dark Materials,” Bad Wolf is also in the midst of producing “A Discovery of Witches,” based on the bestselling novels by Deborah Harkness, and an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s “Warlord
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Ruth Wilson webchat – your questions answered on The Affair, Idris Elba and Marmite

The Olivier-nominated actor joined us live from the National Theatre to talk about crying on cue, why American TV takes so many risks and what she has in common with Hedda Gabler

2.07pm GMT

Thanks for reading! And watching. Great answering all your questions - au revoir!

2.05pm GMT

helizsct asks:

Do you find parallels between the characters you play – ie Stella and Hedda? Both are destructive in their own way. Do you ever draw on your experiences playing other characters with whom you can see similarities?

Sometimes there are similarities, but I've never put those two together. I've seen moments of Alice in Hedda, and moments of Alison in Hedda - in their self loathing. Alice is a psychopath, and is slightly different, she enjoys it and doesn't have a conscience; Alison and Hedda have a deep sense of self-loathing, with Hedda it's quite far down and she doesn't recognise it.
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Prime Suspect 1973 episode 1 review

Gem Wheeler Mar 2, 2017

ITV's Prime Suspect prequel gets off to a strong start. Spoilers...

This review contains spoilers.

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Jane Tennison (Stefanie Martini) isn’t having a good day. Her journey to work is interrupted when she witnesses a mugging and rushes off the bus to give chase, but the woman involved, while grateful, isn’t interested in reporting the crime. When the young Wpc finally arrives at the police station in Hackney at which she’s on probation after completing her training, her hair’s dishevelled and her make-up’s smeared. She gets an earful from the overbearing Sergeant Harris (Andrew Brooke) and is swiftly put on tea-and-biscuit duty for her male superiors, who are quite happy to leave their washing-up
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Criterion Reflections – Spirits of the Dead (1968) – Fs

David’s Quick Take for the Tl;Dr Media Consumer:

The resume is solid and the references check out: Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim each shouldering a directorial third of the project, with talented crews working at their behest to create visually elegant environments to support the stories they tell. Top shelf recruits from leading “beautiful people” actors of their generation: Brigitte Bardot. Alain Delon. Jane Fonda. Peter Fonda. And then there’s Terence Stamp, probably less renowned than the preceding quartet, is roguishly seductive as a disheveled blond wastrel with a suicidal bent. Source material drawn and freely adapted from short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Ray Charles contributes to the soundtrack. A goosebump inducing first person Pov midnight dash through the streets and alleyways of Rome in a vintage 1964 Ferrari Lmb Fantuzzi just adds extra sprinkles on top. Though the overall impact of the film makes it
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Program announced for Sydney’s 10th annual Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival

Presented by Deadhouse Films, The 10th annual A Night of Horror International Film Festival, and Fantastic Planet: Sydney Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, screen simultaneously at Dendy Cinemas Newtown from November 24 to December 4, 2016. Says festival director Dean Bertram:

The 10th annual festival is going to be our biggest event yet. Featuring over 100 films, several international filmmaker guests, multiple parties and a horror filmmaking master class; Sydney’s genre fans and filmmaking community are going to be treated to eleven days of the best and freshest horror, sci-fi, and fantasy from around the globe.

The festival opens on Thursday November 24, with the Australian premiere of the international festival hit Peelers, plus a Q&A with special international guest: Canadian director Sevé Schelenz. And in keeping with the spirit of the bloody hilarious film, the screening will be followed by a “zombie and strippers” themed after party.

The closing night film,
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Class episodes 1 & 2 review: For Tonight We May Die & The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo

Louisa Mellor Oct 22, 2016

Witty, energetic Doctor Who spin-off Class wears its influences well and gets a great deal right for its target audience...

This review contains spoilers.

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1.1 For Tonight We May Die & 1.2 The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo

“Where are all the teachers?” screams a girl running into a packed school prom to warn her classmates of their impending death. Thus Class obeys the first rule of any young adult adventure: adults should be absent, useless or evil; the kids are the ones who save the world.

With one exception in this case. As a Doctor Who spin-off, a certain Gallifreyan has licence to pop in and wave his Sonic Screwdriver about from time to time, as he does in For Tonight We May Die.
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Peter Davison interview: Doctor Who, naked Germans, Campion

Simon Brew Oct 10, 2016

From Doctor Who and The FiveIsh Doctors to Campion and Button Moon: we chat to the fifth Doctor, Mr Peter Davison...

Ah, the mighty Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor, All Creatures Great And Small, Campion, and living in a house with Freddy from Rainbow are just some of the topics we chatted to him about, ahead of the publication of his terrific autobiography, Is There Life Outside The Box.

We’ve got a fair bit to get through, so without further ado….

I got a sense you thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, once you were over some initial research-y hurdles. Would that be fair?

Yeah, that’s fair. It was kind of a journey, really. A reassembling. I’ve had these memories, and it was really a chance to put them down on paper and order them. Everything fragments as you get older, and things come out,
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Rainbow: ranking the Bungles

Jenny Morrill Nov 29, 2016

It's time to answer the question that's tearing the nation apart: who was the best Bungle in Rainbow?

It may come as a surprise to anyone who doesn't spend all their time thinking about Rainbow, but there were different Bungles throughout the show's run. Each Bungle brought something different to the party and had their own unique characteristics, a bit like a Spice Girls made entirely of bears.

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Here, then, are the Bungles ranked from worst to best, taking into account such qualities as hairiness, stupidity, and fondness for dressing up as Jane. Stay tuned for an exciting tie for first place, and also the bit where I talk about nipples.

Paul Nuttall
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TV Review: ‘Frequency’

TV Review: ‘Frequency’
For some time now, the CW has tried to turn Peyton List into one of the network’s home-grown stars, and for good reason. List, possibly best known to TV fans as Roger Sterling’s wife Jane on “Mad Men,” is an appealing presence; she provided brisk leadership on the short-lived CW sci-fi drama “The Tomorrow People,” and changed gears adroitly for her brief stint as a melodramatic villain on “The Flash.”

This time around the network has put List in “Frequency,” which unites two of the fall’s biggest drama trends: time travel and missing parents (a number of new programs showcase mothers and fathers who are a major presence in their children’s lives, before and after their deaths or disappearances). But despite strenuous efforts to bring emotional weight to this tale of a decades-spanning connection, “Frequency,” which is based on the 2000 film of the same name, cannot disguise its true identity as a fairly
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Funko unveils New York Comic Con 2016 exclusives

Funko has revealed a selection of its New York Comic-Con 2016 exclusives which includes Golden Girls ReAction figures, Jane of the Volturi Guard from Twilight, Knives Chau and Scott Pilgrim from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Dark Crystal Garthim ReAction Box Set, a Pop! Anime Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Trunks vinyl figure and a Pop! Television Shane Walsh vinyl figure from The Walking Dead, a Pop! Television Hawkgirl vinyl figure from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Pop! Heroes White Lantern Batman and Rainbow Batman vinyl figures, a Pop! Heroes Classic Batgirl vinyl figure, Pop! Heroes Killing Joke Joker and a Suicide Squad Granade damage Joker, Dorbz Suicide Squad Harley Quinn with Mallet and Deadshot with Eye Scope and a Pop! Television Olivia Moore Zombie from iZombie; take a look below…

New York Comic Con runs between Thursday October 6th and Sunday October 9th.
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Beyond He-Man and She-Ra: celebrating the Filmation legacy

Andrew Younger Sep 2, 2016

Tarzan, Space Sentinels, The New Adventures Of Batman, Flash Gordon, Bravestarr and more, as we salute Filmation...

For a child of the 1970s and 80s, nothing readied you for a half hour of quality entertainment quite like the Filmation logo. Immortalised by their phenomenal success with He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, and its spin off She-Ra: Princess Of Power, Filmation produced some of the most fondly remembered animated series to grace the small screen.

Over a period of 26 years - in tandem with classic Doctor Who funnily enough - the company's writers, artists and producers delivered a staggering amount of programming. While naysayers point to Filmation's penchant for reusing a stockpile of rotoscoped body movements, or the heavy handedness of its moralising and educational content - children on the other hand, thrilled to an irresistible mixture of action, adventure and superhuman heroes.

Now something of a lost art form,
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Geeks Vs Loneliness: 19 positive things that have happened this week

Simon Brew Jul 29, 2016

Looking for something to offset all the downbeat news around at the moment? Then how about starting here...

Last week, in Geeks Vs Loneliness, we asked you for stories of human goodness, positivity and general niceness that have happened in the last week or two. Given that the newspapers would have us believe that all life is awful right now, we wanted to use Geeks Vs Loneliness this week to shine a light on the many good things that happen week in week out, that nobody really seems to talk about.

You did not disappoint. Here are 19 random, small, wonderful little things that have happened in the last week or two. Keep adding your own in the comments too please…

We thus salute:

1 Sophie, the barista in Costa Coffee near where Jane Roberts lives, who always has nice things to say about people’s T-shirts.

2 Den Of Geek reader Mike Grace,
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‘Jane the Virgin’: Why Team Rafael Just Makes Sense

Now that the wonderful second season of “Jane the Virgin” has entered the home stretch — the season finale arrives May 16 — I have a confession to make. I’m Team Rafael.

I am sure a number of “Jane the Virgin” fans will have strong feelings about this. But just hear me out before you compose your agitated tweetstorm.

First of all, when it comes to “Jane the Virgin,” my primary allegiance has always been to Team Jane. I would be fine if she were single next season, met a new guy, or just focused on her writing and her family. The CW show is her personal journey, and I am fully on board. As the Narrator (my favorite human being on TV) has told the audience, like the fiction Jane herself writes, this show does not hinge upon “the Marriage Plot.” That’s just one of many strands the show skillfully weaves together each season.
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Joe Corallo: The Right Way

This past weekend was Emerald City Comic Con. It’s one of the up-and-coming cons that seems to be getting exponentially bigger and more important to the industry every year. I have yet to have the pleasure and privilege to attend Eccc, but it’s on my bucket list.

Eccc has increased in importance to the point where some major announcements in the comic world are now made there. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, announcement made was from DC Comics. They announced a new DC imprint headed by Gerard Way titled Young Animal. The flagship title of this new imprint will be Doom Patrol; the first issue of which will be hitting the shelves in September of this year. I know he’ll be writing or otherwise involved in all the titles Young Animal is putting out including Shade, The Changing Girl, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye,
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Line Of Duty series 3 episode 3 review




The superb Line Of Duty changes your mind utterly about its characters from week to week. Exhausting, but brilliant...

This review contains spoilers.

Line Of Duty series three is proving as tricky to pin down as AC-12’s interviewees. Three episodes in and do we even know who the lead character is? Danny Waldron first looked set to take the role before that rug was pulled away from under us. Then it seemed as though Rod, Jane and Freddie (I think those are their names?) were our focus. Not so.

Episode three has left us with a much more tantalising prospect: this is ‘Dot’ Cottan’s story, the tale of the Caddy.

Craig Parkinson’s furrowed brow was the star of this week’s instalment. It got a close-up each time the investigation moved a step closer to the truth he’s trying to steer his team
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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Flash, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Legends, NCIS, Five-0, Outlander, Pll, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Flash, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Legends, NCIS, Five-0, Outlander, Pll, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More
Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: Can we get some juicy spoilers on the Flash/Supergirl crossover? —Cordell

Ausiello: Look (or listen?) for shout-outs to Cisco, Caitlin, S.T.A.R. Labs and Green Arrow in the March 28 event.

VideosThe Flash Races Over to Supergirl in First Crossover Teaser

Question: I am so happy Bones finally has a return date! Do you have any more scoop you can share with us about the second half of the season? —Cassidy

Ausiello: A paralyzed Hodgins
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