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Atlanta Now Casting ‘Anathema’ and Other Auditions

Talent is currently being sought for the feature film “Anathema,” starring Patricia McKenzie and Don Wallace. The film follows Kylie, a private eye who enlists the help of a detective in her hunt for a killer. Video submissions are being accepted from Atlanta actors. Several roles are being cast for “Anathema,” which shoots December 7–17 in Atlanta. For more details, check out the full casting notice for the film here, and be sure to check out the rest of our exciting Atlanta audition listings!
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Film Review: Cosmopolis (2012): Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg

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  Cosmopolis (2012) Film Review, a movie directed by David Cronenberg and starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, Abdul Ayoola, Emily Hampshire, Samantha Morton, Zeljko Kecojevic, Jay Baruchel, Philip Nozuka, Mathieu Amalric, and Patricia McKenzie. Cosmopolis opens with a shot showing the grill of a car. Not just a car, a [...]

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Robert Pattinson's Official Score Card: Tallying His On-Screen Lovers

Fans may have gotten all in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart's recent real-life indiscretions, but Robert Pattinson hasn't exactly been the most faithful soul either, at least cinematically.

R.Pattz has more than a few notches on his belt on the big screen, including "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1" and his new head trip "Cosmopolis," and we're going to count every single salacious piece of tail this sparkly vampire has sunk his teeth, among other things, into.

'Vanity Fair' (2004)

Character: Rawdy Crawley

Number of Conquests: 0

Although his scenes were deleted and only available as an alternate ending on the DVD, this film is notable for being Pattinson's first major appearance and his first role alongside Reese Witherspoon. He briefly plays the son of her literary heroine Becky Sharp, a pairing that would come back to haunt him later in his career.

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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'Cosmopolis' Movie Review (2012)

It's a new morning in New York City and newlywed, billionaire Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) wants a haircut. The President is in town, which is causing massive traffic jams, but nevermind, he's made his decision and, even if it takes all day, he's going to get that haircut. This, in the most simplest of terms, is the plot of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis based on the novel by Don DeLillo. The film, and its telling, as it turns out, are so much more, delivering a commentary on the lives we lead, where we are going, where we have been, where we are right now and what we must do if we are to truly gain "freedom". And I can't say I have even started to scratch the surface of everything it explores.

Multiple viewings are essentially required for Cosmopolis to even begin to dissect each and every nuance of its story.
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Cosmopolis | Review

Consuming Dystopia: Cronenberg’s Latest a Morose Microcosm of Greedy Consumption

David Cronenberg returns to a familiar formula, that of creating a uniquely original film from notoriously “unfilmable” source material, this being the first adaptation of a work by Dom Delillo, Cosmopolis. Neither the best nor worst of Cronenberg’s novelistic adaptations (Crash, from a novel by J.G. Ballard may forever stand as the most difficult to appreciate of these), Delillo’s stylized dialogue, rhythmically intact, and a curiously subtle performance from a most unexpected source, makes this pretentious, foreboding, and mostly engaging mutant mostly a winner. Moving sluggishly along, it’s like a new age creature melding the apocalyptic dystopian vernacular of cinema with the most current of current events. Perhaps it’s a mutant that can’t quite fly, but it’s stank movements will certainly cause pause for reflection, one that will repel as equally as it may attract.
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Robert Pattinson Stars In New Cosmopolis Trailer – In U.S. Theaters August 17

Watch the brand new trailer for David Cronenberg.s Cosmopolis. It had its World Premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where it played in Competition and was nominated for the Palme d’Or. (Michael Haneke.s Amour won). The movie stars Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Kevin Durand, Samantha Morton, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire and Patricia Mckenzie.

Howard Shore’s soundtrack was released on July 10th by Howe Records.

Cosmopolis is an adaptation of Don DeLillo.s story about a 28 year-old billionaire who crosses Manhattan for a haircut. New York City, not-too-distant-future: Eric Packer, a 28 year-old finance golden boy dreaming of living in a civilization ahead of this one, watches a dark shadow cast over the firmament of the Wall Street galaxy, of which he is the uncontested king. As he is chauffeured across midtown Manhattan to get a haircut at his father.s old barber,
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Robert Pattinson Speaks Out About ‘Awkward’ Cosmopolis Sex Scenes

Kristen Stewart better keep an eye on her man! Rob's spilling the beans on going all the way with other women and revealing what he really thinks about getting down and dirty for the cameras. Robert Pattinson sat down this week with GQ where he revealed what really went on during his steamy love scenes with Juliette Binoche and Patricia McKenzie for his newest film, Cosmopolis, which comes out on Friday. Rob, 26, confessed that doing a sex scene is "always a big thing." And while he was thrilled to get to work with the accomplished and beautiful Juliette Bionche, Rob revealed, "Juliete Binoche is one of my favorite actresses and within five minutes of meeting her we were pretending to have sex. Which wasn't in the script. That was a little awkward." But while sometimes the chemistry is just there Pattinson didn't feel a connection with his other love interest in the film,
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Robert Pattinson doesn't mind sex scenes - News

Robert Pattinson doesn't mind sex scenes - News
London, June 3: Robert Pattinson, who shares sex scenes with co-star Patricia McKenzie in new film 'Cosmopolis', has revealed that he is just as happy to bare his body as his fangs.

The 'Twilight' hunk thinks it's more difficult for actresses as they are worried about how those scenes can be exploited by the media.

"I don't really have a problem with those scenes or nudity in general," the Sun quoted the 26-year-old British actor as saying.

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Robert Pattinson Cannes Photo

CosmopolisRobert Pattinson, David Cronenberg, Sarah Gadon, Paul Giamatti, and Emily Hampshire posed for photographers at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, where Cosmopolis is in the running for the Palme d’Or. The above Robert Pattinson photo was posted at Just Jared, which has several other images from the Cosmopolis photo call. Cronenberg’s chaotic comedy-drama was screened today at Cannes. Reviews were mixed for Cosmopolis, which some found too talky, but they were highly positive for Robert Pattinson, 26, best known until now for his lovestruck vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies. [Check out: Cosmopolis Mixed Reviews; Robert Pattinson 'Flawless'.] According to Just Jared, when Pattinson was asked a Twilight-related question, Cronenberg interfered, telling the journalist that Robert Pattinson is a “real person with a history and a past. The history and the past is not Twilight. It is Cosmopolis.” In addition to Robert Pattinson as the young multibillionaire New Yorker Eric Packer, the Cosmopolis cast includes the aforementioned Sarah Gadon,
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Cosmopolis Reviews: Robert Pattinson Flawless

Gucci-clad Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis I could be wrong, but expect David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis to win something at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Reviews haven’t been unanimously favorable for Cronenberg’s "ethical fable" about a (disastrous) day in the life of a New York City multibillionaire (Robert Pattinson) determined to get a haircut. But no matter. Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life was last year’s Palme d’Or winner despite a highly mixed reception. Robert Pattinson, in the process of shedding his Twilight image, has mostly earned extremely positive (and surprised) notices. [Check out the awesome Cosmopolis trailer.] Below are a translated snippets from a few French-language reviews. A chief complaint about Cosmopolis is that it’s too chatty. David Cronenberg reportedly wrote the screenplay in six days, keeping much of author Don DeLillo’s dialogue intact. In addition to Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis features Sarah Gadon, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti,
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First Looks At K'Naan, Patricia McKenzie In David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis"

Who knew? I didn't know before today that rapper K'Naan and actress Patricia McKenzie both co-star in David Cronenberg's eagerly-anticipated Cosmopolis. Twilight star Robert Pattinson looks to wash off all that vampire angst (and teenage girl fans) in what looks like quite a shift for him. It's Cronenberg after all; put the kids to bed :) And it's a film on my "to-see" list for the year. What's it about? New York is in turmoil, the age of capitalism is drawing to a close end. Eric Packer, a high finance golden boy, dives into a white limousine. While a visit from the President of the United States paralyses Manhattan, Eric Packer has...
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New Images From Cosmopolis: Robert Pattinson, Jay Baruchel

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As the young women of the world eagerly await the upcoming Robert Pattinson film, Cosmopolis, and the boyfriends of the world eagerly await being dragged to a Pattinson film they probably won’t hate, these latest images have been unleashed upon the world by a generous and loving movie god. By now, you’re certainly well aware of this flick, directed by David Cronenberg from Don DeLillo’s novel, to be released this year. In the film, Pattinson plays a successful banker, off to get a haircut. Sounds inocuous enough, but this is a Cronenberg movie, so any simple errand like this is going to also include sex, violence, and the protagonist shooting himself in the hand.

What’s more is that these photos allow us to focus on some of the supporting cast, whom some readers ou there may also want to drool over. Perpetual babyface Jay Baruchel plays a character named Shiner,
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Rats! Watch the First 'Cosmopolis' Clip

The excitement for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis is quite interesting as one side seems particularly interested because the film stars Robert Pattinson and the other side is excited because it's David Cronenberg and both sides seem pleased with what they've seen so far when it comes to the film's trailers. It's a win-win for all. The film is set to hit French theaters on May 23 following its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival where it will hope to find domestic distribution. Based on the novel by Don DeLillo, Pattinson plays newly married billionaire Eric Packer who, over the course of one day, will cheat on his wife, be pursued by a stalker (Paul Giamatti), get attacked by a protester and gradually lose his entire fortune. Co-starring in the pic are Juliette Binoche as Didi Fancher, Sarah Gadon as Elise Shiffrin, Mathieu Amalric as Andre Petrescu, Jay Baruchel as Shiner, Kevin Durand as Torval,
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Another New Trailer for David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'

In a late March interview with, writer/director David Cronenberg talked about his latest film Cosmopolis saying, "I don't think anyone will be able to say they have seen a movie like that before - from anybody. Never mind me." For anyone that has seen a Cronenberg film those are words likely to get you quite excited. We typically know what to expect from the director of The Fly, Scanners and Videodrome (to name only a few), but to contemplate the chance of seeing something like nothing we've ever seen before is always exciting and to know it is coming from Cronenberg is simply a multiplier. With that said, following the film's recent selection at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, I have a second international trailer for the film I just received along with a gallery of images from the pic. Set to hit theaters on May 23 in France,
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David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis Trailer Is Here

David Cronenberg.s much anticipated film, Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson will have its World Premiere at this year.s Cannes Film Festival running from 16-27 May 2012. The film will play in Competition which is the most prestigious section at the festival and is one of the films that will compete for the Palme D.Or. Check out the exciting new trailer below!

Cronenberg.s new project assembled a remarkable cast, headed by Robert Pattinson in the leading role, and some of the most amazing contemporary stars, including Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Kevin Durand, Samantha Morton, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire and Patricia Mckenzie.

World famous Howard Shore, and Oscar winner composer for the .Lord of the Rings. trilogy soundtrack, is also involved in Cosmopolis, as well as David Cronenberg.s regular cinematographer, Peter Suschitzky, renowned for his works in .Empire Strikes Back. or .Crash..

Cosmopolis is an adaptation of
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Cronenbergs Cosmopolis Scores Poster and Robert Pattinson Naked in New Teaser

Visionary filmmaker David Cronenberg ('eXistenZ', 'A History of Violence') will be returning to his surreal and visceral best for his newly adapted project 'Cosmopolis'. The new drama from Cronenberg is based on the novel of the same name by American author Don DeLillo and stars 'Twilight' teenage crush Robert Pattinson as a multimillionaire on a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan. Pattinson, who thankfully appears to be breaking away finally from his popular teenie bopper vampire role, features in the newly released teaser trailer naked along with nude co-star Patricia McKenzie and it looks fantastic! In spite of 'Cosmopolis' gaining a variety of international releases thus far which spread throughout 2012 there is no current word of a Us or UK release date. But hopefully that'll change real soon. Pattinson is joined by Samantha Morton ('Minority Report'), Jay Baruchel ('The Apocalypse'), Paul Giamatti ('Shoot 'Em Up',
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A Deadly Game of Die Hitting DVD This March From Entertainment One

Entertainment One will be releasing a special director's cut DVD of the Dominic James helmed horror 'Die'. The flick which sees 6 strangers thrown into a deadly game of dice was penned by scribes Domenico Salvaggio and Nick Mead and stars John Pyper-Ferguson, Emily Hampshire, Caterina Murino, Elias Koteas ('Shutter Island'), Stephen McHattie ('Watchmen', 'Pontypool') and Patricia McKenzie. Check out the plot and DVD artwork below and make sure you catch it on DVD across the Us from 27 March....
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Elizabeth Reaser Reveals Why It’s Shocking Rob Has So Many Sex Scenes

Robert Pattinson got in between the sheets with Kristen in 'Breaking Dawn,' he has two sex scenes in 'Bel Ami' And he has has a love scene in 'Cosmopolis' -- is it because he's totally confident in bed? Robert Pattinson is jumping into bed with gorgeous women left and right! But the irony behind it all is that while Rob appears to be at the height of his onscreen sexual peak has the real story. We spoke to Rob's Breaking Dawn co-star Elizabeth Reaser at the NYC premiere of her new film Young Adults and we told her Rob got nervous before his Cosmopolis sex scene and this is what she said: "Ya he is shy," she revealed. "He was shy when I met him, he's still shy! When I see him he's like , 'hi,'" and she imitates Rob, with his head hanging down, humbly looking at his feet.
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Another Robert Pattison Co-Star Revealed He Started Drinking To Prep For Movie Sex

Another Robert Pattison co-star revealed he started drinking to prep for Bel Ami sex. According to Hollywood Life, another one of Twilight star Robert Pattinson's co-stars recently chatted it up with Cosmopolis Italia about their sex scenes in the new,Cosmopolis flick that's still waiting for an official,release date. It turns out that Rob decided to just hit the beer can to get prepped to do the "nasty." They spoke with Patricia Mckenzie,who plays character Kendra Hays in the flick,and she revealed exactly what they did to prepare for their movie,sex romp. She said that neither one of them had time to get in the perfect shape they wanted to be in. "But I did a juice fast three days prior, and he went to the pub and drank a beer." Patricia's character is a sexy body guard who is hired to protect Rob's character Eric Parker.
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How Robert Pattinson Prepared For ‘Cosmopolis’ Sex Scene, Reveals Co-Star

Rob has said it was totally awkward shooting the 'Breaking Dawn' sex scene with Kristen Stewart, but it sounds like he was way more nervous filming this one. Here's why! Robert Pattinson is filming sex scenes left and right! The 25-year-old's Cosmopolis co-star Patricia Mckenzie tells Cosmopolis Italia that their sex scene was actually bumped up an entire month which left them both completely unprepared -- but can you believe what Rob did to shake his nerves? Instead of hitting the gym like crazy, it turns out Rob hit the bottle instead! "Neither of us had time to get in the exact shape we wanted to be in," Patricia says. "But I did a juice fast three days prior, and he went to the pub and drank a beer." Patricia plays Kendra Hays, a super hot body guard hired to protect Rob [Eric Parker]. She says even though they weren't
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