Film Review: ‘Felony’

Film Review: ‘Felony’
A traffic accident involving a young boy spins a web of lies, suspicion and cover-ups around three policemen in “Felony,” a tension-packed drama from Aussie helmer Matthew Saville. The script, written by lead actor Joel Edgerton, teems with moral conundrums, as straight-arrow righteousness, self-serving pragmatism and plain, old-fashioned guilt duke it out amid drug busts and family disintegration. Thanks to Saville’s tightly controlled direction and a superlative cast, the mere exchange of glances builds as much suspense as the kinetic action sequence that opens the pic. This stylish psychological thriller could gather momentum after its projected late-summer Australian and Stateside release.

The camera follows policeman Mal Toohey (Edgerton) with handheld immediacy as he chases an escaping suspect during a raid on a drug lab; he gets a bullet lodged in his protective vest and hero status for his trouble. Driving home late at night after partaking of a few
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Little Deaths gets limited release

DigiSPAA winner Little Deaths will receive a limited theatrical release at Cinema Nova in Melbourne.

The film, produced by Jason Byrne and featuring  eleven shorts written by Giula Sandler, will begin this limited engagement on November 4.

In Little Deaths, each story comments on and adds to the ones that came before and after. As a feature film, the story of the lonely tollbooth operator (Abe Forsythe) provides the thread that joins the interweaving tales. Whilst he imagines the love stories of those who pass through his toll gate, he discovers one of his own to explore and ultimately, the stories help guide him toward true love.

The shorts were directed by Ben ChessellSian Davies, Melanie BruntGiula SandlerChris BenzFin Edquist, Jarrah Gurrie, Genevieve Bailey, Geoff Hitchins, James Teh and Toby Angwin. The cast includes Magda Szubanski, Adam Zwar, Alexandra Schepisi, Abe Forsythe and even Animal Kingdom director David Michod.
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