Downton Abbey Star Says Down With Dog And Cat Meat

Downton Abbey star Peter Egan joined campaigners from the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition and Care2 to hand deliver a petition to the Indonesian Embassy calling for an end to the country’s brutal dog and cat meat trade.

One million signatures were collected from around the world, to represent the more than 1 million dogs and hundreds of thousands of cats who are killed each year in Indonesia for human consumption.

Dmfi is a coalition of international and Indonesian animal protection organisations comprising Change For Animals Foundation, Humane Society International, Animals Asia, Four Paws, Animal Friends Jogja and Jakarta Animal Aid Network who have spent years documenting the brutality of the dog and cat meat trades, and campaigned tirelessly for an end to these horrors on grounds of both animal cruelty and risks to public health.

The petition hand in follows a series of Dmfi investigations exposing the heart-breaking horror of the trade.
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Celebrities Call For End To Horrific Dog And Cat Meat Trade In Indonesia

Some of the biggest names in acting, music and sports from around the world have come together to sign a letter urging President Joko Widodo of Indonesia to end the brutal slaughter of millions of dogs and cats for the meat trade.

More than 90 celebrities, including Keely & Pierce Brosnan, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres, Simon Cowell, Kate Beckinsale, Elizabeth Hurley, Ricky Gervais, Moby, Leona Lewis, Courteney Cox, Alfie Boe, Lucy Lawless, Brian May, and Tyrese Gibson, are supporting the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition after its investigation exposed horrific treatment of dogs and cats being bludgeoned and blow-torched to death in Indonesia’s gruesome markets. The Dmfi coalition comprises Animal Friends Jogja, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International, Jakarta Animal Aid Network and Four Paws.

Beyond the cruelty and brutality, the trade poses a serious threat to the health and safety of Indonesian citizens, due to the spread of rabies and
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I Didn't Know - Indonesia's Cruel And Dangerous Dog Meat Trade Exposed

Shocking nationwide investigations by animal campaigners from the newly-launched “Dog Meat-Free Indonesia” coalition, expose the horrifying brutality and suffering endured by up to a million dogs every year for Indonesia’s dog meat trade.

Video: I didn't Know - ending the dog meat trade in Indonesia - UK

In the coalition’s campaign video launched today, dogs, including stolen family pets, are shown being roughly snatched from the streets and crammed onto the back of trucks with their legs and mouths bound with string. The clearly terrified dogs are driven for hours to supply markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants, where they are brutally beaten and then bled out for their meat in front of each other. The World Health Organization has also identified Indonesia’s dog meat trade as a major contributor to lethal rabies in the country.

Most people in Indonesia don’t eat dogs, and calls are growing to
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