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Boston Herald (US) November 19 2010, by: James Verniere, "Mandvi, friends cookin' in 'Special'"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (US) April 1 2010, by: Christopher Rawson, "Subway is a platform for humanity in 'January Feels Like Summer'"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (US) March 30 2010, by: Alice T. Carter, "Review: All Things are Possible in City Theatre's 'January'"
The New York Times (US) June 24 2009, by: Neil Genzlinger, "Bring on Silly Costumes, but Without Kid Gloves"
New York Post (US) February 2 2009, by: Frank Scheck, "Chemotherapy for the Soul"
The New York Times (US) January 28 2009, by: Anita Gates, "Dark Humor That's Not Quite Ready for the Gallows"
New York Post (US) December 4 2007, by: Frank Scheck, "Blvd. of Broken Schemes"
Village Voice (US) November 27 2007, by: Alexis Soloski, "Charles Mee's Queens Boulevard"
The New York Times (US) January 24 2007, by: Jonathan Kalb, "Greek Tragedy Wears A New, Brash Mask"
The New York Times (US) October 31 2006, by: Anita Gates, "Dialogue Starts in a Cab, With Still a Long Way to Go"
Village Voice (US) October 31 2006, by: Andy Propst, "Fare Minded"
The New York Times (US) January 25 2006, by: Phoebe Hoban, "Just Sign Here, and Your Parts Are Company Property"
The New York Times on the Web (US) September 17 2005, by: Anne Midgette, "Of First Love, Bullies and Adolescent Otherness"
The New York Times (US) September 13 2002, by: Bruce Weber, "Muslims Feeling Dagger Eyes"

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