Thursday’s best TV: Educating Greater Manchester; Tin Star

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Impressive tough love from Harrop Fold school’s student development team. Plus Tim Roth as a Rocky mountain cop

Did you ever come across a beautiful woodland clearing and think: “I know what’s missing here: a huge pile of Lego”? This week, the teams must build a spectacular display for an Essex nature walk, possibly incorporating a Madagascan crocodile and, under the watchful eyes of guest judges Bill Bailey and Lego artist Sean Kenney, as many miniature plants and creatures as can be made in 45 minutes, using just 15 bricks each. Ali Catterall

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12-Year-Old’s Super Minimalistic Lego Sculpture Is Pure Genius

Lego is one of the most popular toys ever made, and it has even inspired a passionate community of artists who use thousands of Lego bricks to create beautiful works of art. These intricate sculptures are imaginative, whimsical and visionary. Most of all, they’re time-consuming to build—well, if you’re not as creative as this 12-year-old, that is.

Over the weekend, the Internet fell in love with a kid’s Lego sculpture, not because it was overly complex, colorful, or particularly beautiful (or even a sculpture for that matter), but because of its simplicity. That’s because 12-year-old
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On Mubi / Off #1: "Terminal Island" & "Spectre"

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The parameters, mutually agreed upon by my editor Danny Kasman and myself, are these: A bi-weekly (every two weeks) column, entitled "On Mubi / Off," covering two films—one currently available on the Mubi streaming platform in the United States, the other screening offsite (in theaters, on VOD, Blu-ray/DVD, etc). The movies may share some similarities in approach, execution and theme, or they may not. Mostly, my own interests and curiosity will dictate what films are covered and in what way, and I hope you'll find the prose, the pairings, and/or the analysis compelling enough to follow along.On MUBITerminal Island (Stephanie Rothman, 1973)Sight unseen, I thought Stephanie Rothman's 1973 exploitation cheapie Terminal Island would make for a good inaugural article lead-off—something Z-grade disreputable to complement the A-level sleaze (not necessarily a criticism) of the other movie covered in this column. (We'll get to you momentarily, Mr. Bond.
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Top 5 Obscure Metallica Tracks

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If you love Metallica, you know all about how great Master of Puppets, Creeping Death, Seek & Destroy and all of the classic tracks are. Metallica’s entire pre-radio play catalogue contains a litany of definitive songs that fans pretty much agree are great.

But there are also lots of Metallica tracks that aren’t as appreciated on such a large scale as the band’s more popular and acclaimed songs. With Metallica playing more and more varied setlists these days, digging into lesser explored corners of their back catalogue, we look at five of the best obscure Metallica tracks.

If you don’t see your favourite obscure track listed here, share it with us in the comments! What are your favourites?

5. Tuesday’s Gone

This Lynyrd Skynyrd cover was originally recorded in 1997 for a Ksjo Radio acoustic session, to promote Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit gigs,
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