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Interviews (16)

Vancouver Sun (CA) March 15 2005, pg. C 1, by: Alex Strachan, "Now It's Sex, Drugs and Dinner Rolls"
Ottawa Citizen (CA) March 15 2005, pg. D 6, by: Alex Strachan, "Trouble Cooking in the Kitchen"
Kingston Whig-Standard (CA) March 14 2005, pg. 21, by: Alex Strachan, "Chicken Soup for the Saucy Soul"
Montreal Gazette (CA) March 13 2005, pg. B 4, by: Alex Strachan, "The Dish on New Resto Drama"
Vancouver Sun (CA) March 12 2005, pg. I 8, by: Lynne McNamara, "Sex is a Hot Menu Item at TV Yaletown Eatery"
The Jasper Booster (CA) March 9 2005, pg. 14, by: Kevin Gill, "Jasperite Lands First Leading Role in a TV Series"
Edmonton Journal (CA) February 13 2005, pg. B3, by: Archie McLean, "Jasper Actress Serves Up Star Turn"
Playback (CA) December 6 2004, pg. 15, by: Ian Edwards, "Scenery worth chewing at Godiva's"
TV Guide (CA) May 1 2004, Vol. 28, Iss. 1427, pg. 4, by: Stephanie Earp, "Get Ready To Rumble"
Vancouver Province (CA) March 14 2004, pg. C8, by: Jeremy Hainsworth, "Television Premiere: Family Sins, Daughter of Cheers"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 10 2004, pg. C1, by: Daily Dish, "Jasper Actress Lands CBS Role"
Edmonton Journal (CA) March 10 2004, pg. C5, by: Jeremy Hainsworth, "Karpluk's Latest Role Worth Cheering About"
The Province (Vancouver) (CA) February 17 2004, pg. B11, by: Glen Schaefer, "Erin Karpluk: Regular on 'Glory Days'"
Edmonton Journal (CA) February 15 2004, pg. B1+ B5, by: Bill Rankin, "Jasper-Born Actress Cracks TV Big-Time"
The Jasper Booster (Alberta) (CA) September 24 2003, pg. 8, by: Kevin Gill, "Jasperite Making Her Way In The Acting World"
The Province (Vancouver) (CA) August 15 2003, pg. C5, by: Sorelle Saidman, "All-Star Bulletin: Erin Karpluk On Set Of 10.5"

Articles (43)

TV Highlights (DE) July 2005, pg. 28+29, by: Claudia-Janet Kaller, "Taken Mini-Serie"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) March 16 2005, pg. D 8, by: Alex Strachan, "A Close-Up Look at Tonight's TV"
Leader Post (Regina) (CA) March 16 2005, pg. B 4, by: Alex Strachan, "Fine Tuning"
National Post (CA) March 16 2005, pg. AL 9, by: Alex Strachan, "Stay For a Second Helping at Godiva's: Restaurant Drama Has Tepid Start, But Gets Better"
The Montreal Gazette (CA) March 16 2005, pg. D 6, by: Alex Strachan, "Don't Give Up on Godiva's"
Toronto Star (CA) March 16 2005, pg. F 1, by: Vinay Menon, "Godiva's Serves up Flash, Flesh, Flavour"
Vancouver Province (CA) March 16 2005, pg. B3, by: Dana Gee, "Godiva's A Spicy Treat For Viewers"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 16 2005, pg. C3, by: Alex Strachan, "Godiva's Peeps Into Restaurant Lives"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) March 16 2005, pg. D 6, by: Michael D. Reid, "Sex, Drugs & Trendy Dining"
The Windsor Star (CA) March 16 2005, pg. B 7, by: Alex Strachan, "Series Focuses on Restaurant"
The Halifax Daily News (CA) March 13 2005, pg. 19, by: Lindsay Brown, "Grammer Tries Sketch Comedy"
National Post (CA) March 12 2005, pg. TO 37, by: Staff Reporter, "TV Highlights This Week"
The Halifax Daily News (CA) March 11 2005, pg. 17, by: Alex Strachan, "Bravo Puts Sex, Drugs on The Menu With Godiva's"
Vancouver Province (CA) March 10 2005, pg. B 5, by: Staff Reporter, "Art Imitates Life"
The New York Times (US) December 13 2004, pg. E 8, by: Ned Martel, "No Partridges, No Pear Trees, Just Violence"
Vancouver Sun (CA) December 8 2004, pg. C2, by: Lynne McNamura, "Air Date: Godiva's"
Vancouver Province (CA) December 1 2004, pg. B4, by: Sorelle Saidman, "All-Star Bulletin:Waiting On Godiva's"
Vancouver Sun (CA) October 25 2004, pg. F1, by: Lynne McNamara, "Producer Says B.C. Unions Saved Film From Collapse"
Vancouver Sun (CA) October 11 2004, pg. D3, by: Lynne McNamara, "Studio Redraws Boundaries: Team Has Learned To Cope With Changing Industry"
Vancouver Sun (CA) October 9 2004, pg. B8, by: Malcolm Parry, "Young Actress To Duck School For Starring Role"
Vancouver Sun (CA) October 4 2004, pg. F3, by: Lynne McNamara, "Producer Cooks Up A New Show"
Calgary Herald (CA) May 2 2004, pg. C14, by: Jonathan Storm, "Earthquake Drama An Epic Disaster"
San Francisco Chronicle (US) April 30 2004, pg. E1, by: Tim Goodman, "Earthquake Epic '10.5' Presents A Choice: Either Run Screaming Or Pass The Beer And Savor A Camp Classic"
LA Times (US) April 30 2004, pg. E1, by: Robert Lloyd, "Television Review; The Coast's Days Are Numbered In '10.5'; NBC'S Four-Hour Tale Of A Lethal Mega- Quake Isn't A Disaster, But It's Too Close For Comfort"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 13 2004, pg. E6, by: Staff Journalist, "Writer Thriving In 'Wonderful Box'"
North Shore News (North Vancouver) (CA) March 12 2004, pg. 34, by: Julie Crawford, "Travel Guys Remix Standard TV Formula"
The Jasper Booster (Alberta) (CA) March 10 2004, pg. 13, by: Kevin Gill, "More Acting Roles For Former Resident"
People (US) February 23 2004, pg. 36, by: Terry Kelleher, "Picks & Pans/TV: It Must Be Love On CBS"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) February 15 2004, pg. B1, by: Michael D. Reid, "Two Cheers for Erin"
Providence Journal (US) February 15 2004, pg. TV 3, by: Andy Smith, "A Real Marriage That Lasts While They Act Out Divorce"
NY Times (US) February 14 2004, pg. B18, by: Virginia Heffernan, "Stuck in the Woods on the Way to Divorce"
LA Times (US) February 13 2004, pg. E39, by: Carina Chocano, "And Just What Do These Movies Espouse?"
Variety (US) February 13 2004, pg. 17, by: Michael Speier, "Review of ' It Must Be Love'"
Variety (US) February 11 2004, pg. 13, by: Michael Speier, "It Must Be Love"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) January 16 2004, pg. C1, by: Michael D. Reid, "Rushes: Another University Of Victoria theatre Graduate Is On A Roll"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) January 16 2004, pg. C2, by: Michael D. Reid, "Screen: Filmmaker Takes Trip Down Memory Lane"
The Jasper Booster (Alberta) (CA) January 14 2004, pg. 20, by: Kevin Gill, "Former Jasperite Appearing In TV Mini-Series"
Edmonton Journal (CA) July 5 2003, pg. B2, by: Bill Rankin, "Albertan Lands Part In Series Taken"
Edmonton Journal (CA) June 15 2003, pg. B1, by: Liane Faulder, "Sci-Fi Meets Soap Opera In Spielberg's Taken"
Variety (US) November 3 2002, pg. 13, by: Phil Galbo, "Carrie"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) October 17 1999, pg. A11, by: Susan Down, "Les Canadiens Score A Winner At UVic"
Vancouver Sun (CA) April 23 1999, pg. D11, by: Peter Birnie, "Well-Produced Superman Dated Quickly"
Victoria Times Colonist (CA) September 1 1998, pg. A17, by: Staff Reporter, "Oleanna A Tragic Battle Of The Sexes"

Pictorials (1)

Edmonton Journal (CA) February 13 2005, pg. A1, by: Staff Photographer, "Local Jasper Girl: Erin Karpluk"

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