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Exclusive: Brawler 'How Much I Love You' Clip

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Exclusive: Brawler 'How Much I Love You' Clip
We have an exclusive clip from Brawler, director Chris Sivertson's indie drama that is currently on VOD formats before hitting theaters in New Orleans September 7 and Los Angeles September 13. Nathan Grubbs and Marc Senter star as the hard-hitting Fontaine brothers, who fight in brutal, no-holds-barred matches in the New Orleans underworld. Take a look at this clip where Charlie Fontaine (Nathan Grubbs) tries to explain to Kat (Pell James) how much he really loves her.

Brawler - Exclusive How Much I Love You

Based on true events, Brawler is the gripping tale of two brothers caught in the web of a vicious, bone-breaking underground "fight club" set on mob-run New Orleans riverboats. After a devastating personal betrayal, the once-inseparable brothers go head-to-head in a fight to the death.

Brawler was released September 7th, 2011 and stars Nathan Grubbs, Marc Senter, Bryan Batt, Michael Bowen, Pell James, Lance E. Nichols, Megan Henning,
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Trailer Park: Pulling John, Yesterday Was A Lie, The Messenger, Giggle Giggle, Quack, Runaway Ralph

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By Christopher Stipp

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The Messenger - DVD Review

Woody Harrelson is a human litmus test for what the ravages of war can do to an individual.

The Messenger is a movie that defies a conventional critique as the movie unspools in a manner that feels more real than it does made up, more visceral than it does imagined. While Kevin Bacon’s turn in Taking Chance was a heartfelt swan song to one human’s life who died for his country, The Messenger is grittier in its portrayal of a man tasked with delivering the news no family member wants to get about their fallen soldier.

It’s grittier and more immediate thanks to the liberating decisions made by first time director Oren Moverman. The
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Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Details

For a while it seemed like Grey's Anatomy could do no wrong, until one of the most outspoken critics of the show turned out to be one of the lead actresses. Katherine Heigl's diva-ish withdrawal from Emmy consideration – or would that be non-submittance? – on the grounds the the writing was 'not worthy' seemed to open the question to public debate. Well, the past is behind us now and not only has Grey's Anatomy redeemed itself by turning in one nail biter of a season finale last year, it did so in a way that also gave the writers the opportunity to nix Heigl herself. Since they didn't, we can assume all egos are in check and ready to move forward. Of course, there is the hanging question mark of what a T.R.Knight-less Grey's Anatomy dynamic will look like, and for that we call your attention to September 10th,
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The 2009 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Results

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The votes have been compiled and counted, and the readers have spoken: It’s time to announce the winners in our poll of the best horror films and filmmakers of 2008, as well as how the runners-up placed. Elaborating on our report in Fangoria #285 (on sale now), here’s a complete rundown of how the nominees ranked, in descending order, with write-ins also acknowledged (and don’t worry, fans, we’ll get to Martyrs and Deadgirl next year!):

Best Wide-release Film

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (pictured)


The Strangers

The Ruins


Write-ins: Funny Games; Doomsday; Mirrors

Best Limited-release/Direct-to-video Film

Let The Right One In

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer



The Living And The Dead

Write-ins: Inside; Machine Girl; Mother Of Tears

Best Actor

Ron Perlman, Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Kare Hedebrant, Let The Right One In

Marc Senter, The Lost

Trevor Matthews, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Leo Bill,
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Anchor Bay nabs rights for 'Walled,' 'Lost'

NEW YORK -- Anchor Bay Entertainment has picked up rights to two thrill-filled novel adaptations: Walled In, from the Stephen King of France Serge Brossolo, and The Lost, from horror writer Jack Ketchum.

The distributor picked up U.S. rights to Gilles Pacquet-Brenner's psychological thriller Walled In, which stars Mischa Barton as a demolotion company exec who finds disturbing things are unearthed when an old building is razed. Deborah Kara Unger and Cameron Bright also star in the film, based on Brossolo's novel Les Emmures.

Anchor Bay also picked up North American rights to Chris Sivertson's Lost, based on Ketchum's novel, which follows the trail of a suburban serial killer (Marc Senter). Michael Bowen, Dee-Wallace Stone, Ed Lauter, Megan Henning and Erin Brown also star. The film will hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles later this month, followed by a DVD release.

Walled In is the first feature from Leomax Entertainment. The outfit's genre label Indigomotion will theatrically distribute the film later in the year in conjunction with Anchor Bay.

'Harry's' guy is Garson; Lynch on way to 'N.H.'

'Harry's' guy is Garson; Lynch on way to 'N.H.'
Sex and the City's Willie Garson has been cast in the CBS comedy pilot Harry's Girl. Meanwhile, Jennifer Esposito, who was cast as the lead in the Warner Bros. TV/CBS Prods. comedy, has departed over what were described as creative differences. Additionally, John Carroll Lynch has been cast as one of the three leads in David E. Kelley's new drama series for CBS, The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire. Also cast in the project are Ann Cusack, Megan Henning, Angela Goethals and Cleo King. In other casting news, Christopher Gorham (Showtime's Odyssey 5) has been tapped as the lead in the UPN drama pilot Weapon X, Liz Vassey has been recruited as one of the two leads in ABC's drama pilot The Partners, and David McCallum has been cast in the CBS/Paramount Network TV JAG spinoff, which focuses on the work of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

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