Fox Orders ‘Ocean Village’ Animated Presentation From Daniel Cardenas Katz

Fox Orders ‘Ocean Village’ Animated Presentation From Daniel Cardenas Katz
Exclusive: Fox Entertainment is adding Ocean Village to its animation development slate. The network has given a script commitment to the project, from creator Daniel Cardenas Katz (Deep Space 69), and has ordered a backup script plus animatic supervising, Ocean Village follows the Diaz family as they navigate life in a sun-baked tropical village based on the Florida island where series creator Katz grew up, and experienced his first iguana attack. The Diazes are part-immigrant, blended, multi-cultural, and trying to get by in what would be paradise if it wasn’t for the raccoon gangs, beach bums, crusty retirees and mosquitos the size of cats.

Katz executive produces with Josh Bowen, Managing Director, Blue Ant Media’s animation studio Look Mom! Productions,; Dan Lubetkin; and Nick Weidenfeld. The
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American Dad Season 16 Episode 1 Review: Fantasy Baseball

Baseball may never be the same again when Steve’s unconventional approach to the sport takes off, much to Stan’s chagrin!

This American Dad review contains spoilers.

American Dad Season 16 Episode 1

“Now that I’m not trying to make my dad proud anymore, I’m doing baseball the ‘Steve way.’”

Well it’s been a long, agonizing wait of seven days since the end of American Dad’s last season and the start of this brand new one, but the series has gloriously decided to barrel on ahead with new episodes since TBS’ commitment to this show isn’t in any danger at the moment. This season premiere even airs at a timely point on the calendar since the start of baseball season was only a few weeks back.

There are many episodes of the series where Stan and Steve are at odds, which allows a contrast of personalities and interests,
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Community, Ep. 5.05 “Geothermal Escapism” says an emotional farewell to Troy Barnes

Community Season 5, Episode 5 “Geothermal Escapism”

Written by Tim Saccardo

Directed by Joe Russo

Airs Thursday nights at 8pm Et on NBC

There’s been two distinct motifs in the first four episodes of Community‘s fifth season that come together for a brief moment in “Geothermal Escapism”, when Britta and Troy are trying to revive Abed, whose fallen into the fake lava (long story short: the school’s playing Lava Floor in honor of Troy and Abed’s friendship) that he sees as being real. Britta suggests to Troy – understanding that engaging Abed’s alternate realities are more useful than rejecting them, shown best way back in season two’s “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” – that they create a perfect clone of him, Dr. Who-ing him (or Inspector Spacetime-ing him, if you prefer) for the next journey of his life. Like “Repilot”, the moment is all about redefinition, about moving
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Nathan Fillion buys 'Community' crew pizzas with Captain Hammer sign as thanks

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In case there was any doubt, Nathan Fillion is just as cool a dude as you'd always hoped he would be. The "Castle" star and "Firefly" alum recently filmed a guest appearance on "Community," and he showed his thanks in the best way possible: by getting the crew a pizza chef and putting up a big "thank you" sign that shows him as his "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" character Captain Hammer.

The crew, understandably, was ecstatic. "Pizza chef for the #Community crew, courtesy of @NathanFillion!" writer Tim Saccardo tweets. Meanwhile Jonathan Weber tweets, "Thanks @NathanFillion for the pizza!" Fillion responds, "No. Thank You."

Even some of the cast members got in on the pizza. Yvette Nicole Brown tweets, ".@NathanFillion is a king among kings! Yes, that is a pizza oven. Thank You! You're welcome back Anytime! #Community."

"King among kings"? That does seem like a suitable title for Fillion. Need further proof?
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Thursday Comedy Roundup: ‘Community’ 4.07 & ‘Archer’ 4.10

Community, Season 4, Episode 7: “Economics of Marine Biology”

Written by Tim Saccardo

Directed by Tricia Brock

Airs Thursdays at 8pm Et on NBC

The last three or four episodes of Community have settled into a pattern that we have to assume is the new normal for the show. They are primarily emotionally, rather than comedically, driven, and a primary focus seems to be Jeff’s relationship with his father. This is particularly true of tonight’s episode and the Thanksgiving episode, but it also factored heavily into the Halloween episode. This works, to the extent that it does, because the show seems to be developing a feel for the characters. The other aspect to these episodes, that is far less effective (and were it effective it might help to offset the show’s general humor deficit this season), is Abed’s attempt to mold the narrative via pop culture references.
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'Community' spoilers: Scoop from the show's writers on Season 4, Chevy Chase and more

When you want to know something about a TV show, ask the writers. They know everything. This was certainly the case on Saturday (Feb. 9) when five "Community" writers spoke a CommuniCon, a fan convention for the program.

Chris McKenna, Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Steve Basilone and Tim Saccardo had plenty to share on what's coming in Season 4, the show's issues with former star Chevy Chase, and even on "Community" ideas so bizarre they never got made.

Here are some of the highlights:

Whatever you may think of "Community" as it goes into Season 4 without creator Dan Harmon at the helm, the writers have been very, very worried about it. "We're breaking the show" was apparently the feeling in the writers room before every script.

Seriously, they're worried about fan reactions. "Before you watch Season 4, watch all of your least-favorite episodes of Season 3," Megan Ganz advised.

Two unproduced episodes of "Community
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Five things we learned from 'Community' writers and Joel McHale on Reddit

Five things we learned from 'Community' writers and Joel McHale on Reddit
Ladies and gents, it’s finally “October 19,” and Community is back on the air tonight. In honor of the new season, the cast and crew took to Reddit last night and this morning in an “Ask Me Anything” (Ama) chat that unearthed some secrets from the set.

1. NBC initially halted production on the the “Dungeons & Dragons” episode.

“Thankfully, Dan rejected their rejection,” Community writer Megan Ganz explained.

2. There is a sex tape!

Ganz said is always surprised that fans find the easter eggs so fast. But running jokes, like the Beetlejuice gag, are favorites of fans and the writers alike.
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