Kirk Douglas at 100: a one-man Hollywood Mount Rushmore

Born the son of an immigrant ragman, the great survivor of film’s golden age – from Detective Story to Spartacus – celebrates his centenary today

“I’m Spartacus!” – “I’m Spartacus!” – “I’M Spartacus!” Every film buff knows that moment, every panel-show comedian riffs on it. A mob of defeated slave rebels in the pre-Christian Roman empire is told their wretched lives will be spared, but only if their ringleader, Spartacus (Kirk Douglas), comes out and gives himself up to be executed. Just as he is about to sacrifice himself, one slave, Antoninus (Tony Curtis) jumps up and claims to be Spartacus, then another, and another, then all of them, a magnificent display of solidarity, while the man himself allows a tear to fall in closeup.

This variant on the Christian myth – in the face of crucifixion, Spartacus’s disciples do not deny him – is a pointed political fiction. In real life,
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'Please Stop' Wearing Redface To A Tribe Called Red Shows

Most of the professional difficulties that Ian Campeau (Aka Deejay Ndn) of first nations DJ crew A Tribe Called Red faces aren’t that of the usual show-booking or money-making variety. The act is insanely popular, selling out gigs all over the world, getting support from Edm impressario Diplo, and indexed on the Polaris Prize long list for the second straight year.

No, what has been the group’s tallest mountain to scale has been the reconciliation of attitudes towards a group of young, aboriginal men bluntly incorporating both sound and imagery of their race into their music and performances. Lately, it’s escalated, with the band pleading online with their non-aboriginal fans to discontinue wearing headdresses to the shows; taking on the city of Nepean, Ontario’s football team’s racist name; and facing the intense backlash that has hit them square in the face.

Now that you guys are touring the world,
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