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John Hannah Reunites With ‘The Mummy’ Actors for Horror Pic ‘Lair’ (Exclusive)

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John Hannah Reunites With ‘The Mummy’ Actors for Horror Pic ‘Lair’ (Exclusive)
John Hannah, Corey Johnson and Oded Fehr will star in “Lair,” billed as a socially conscious horror movie about an Lgbt family embroiled in one man’s attempt to prove the existence of the supernatural.

The trio all appeared in the successful franchise “The Mummy,” and their new picture goes into production later this year. Katarina Cas, Julian Kostov, Alexandra Gilbreath and Jen Brister also star. Ditto Films will produce, and Adam Ethan Crow writes and directs.

The film follows self-proclaimed occult expert Dr. Steven Caramore (Johnson), who ekes out a living debunking claims of possession, haunting and anything supernatural for a quick buck. When a friend (Fehr) accused of murder claims he was possessed by a demon, Caramore has to test his own beliefs. Hannah stars as his lawyer.

Caramore litters an apartment with cursed items, outfits it with surveillance equipment and rents the place to an unsuspecting family,
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Berlin Station exclusive: Hector smells a rat ahead of mother of all twisted finales

Light spoilers What can we say about Sunday’s twisted finale of Berlin Station that won’t anger fans who hate spoilers and those who want no speculation about the action to unfold? Let’s begin by sharing a pretty ambiguous exclusive clip where a phone call between Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and Hector Dejean (Rhys Ifans) appears odd and stilted. Hector plays coy about his whereabouts, but why and more importantly, what does he know? What does he remember? The finale promises heart-pounding moments for Sofia Vesik (Katarina Cas), who aims to restore Estonia’s power grid while April Lewis (Keke Palmer) is […]

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Berlin Station exclusive preview: April and Sofia strategize how to fight Russian trolls

Join our newsletter to get more stories like this On the next episode of Berlin Station’s ongoing Estonian takeover yarn, it’s all hands on deck as the whereabouts and the viability of Daniel (Richard Armitage) is still an unknown. In our exclusive clip, April (Keke Palmer), his handler, is asked by Valerie (Michelle Forbes) to connect with Sofia (Katarina Cas) who is the key to getting the truth to the people of Estonia via social media. Warning: There are slight spoilers ahead for the upcoming episode, If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish. We all know what happened to Henrik, […]

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Exclusive: Berlin Station’s Daniel gets ‘meat glue’ treatment from Sofia and Kirsch is spooked

On the Sunday episode of Berlin Station, the death of Henrik has ignited the action and pace of the story. We open with Leland Orser’s Robert Kirsch trepidatiously exiting his shower quite certain someone has attempted to enter and break into his apartment. Clearly, he is spooked and this is because he was the one the Russians figured out was given the DNA sample that Daniel Miller had secured before they dramatically parted ways in the train station last week. Cut to: Beautiful, social media savvy and politically relevant, Sofia Vesik (Katarina Cas) who Daniel Miller seeks out. But she wants to know, […]

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Second Opinion – Terminal (2018)

Terminal, 2018.

Directed by Vaughn Stein.

Starring Margot Robbie, Mike Myers, Simon Pegg, Max Irons, Dexter Fletcher, Matthew Lewis, and Katarina Cas.


In the dark heart of a sprawling, anonymous city, Terminal follows the twisting tales of two assassins carrying out a sinister mission, a teacher battling a fatal illness, an enigmatic janitor and a curious waitress leading a dangerous double life.

Do you fancy your Alice In Wonderland mythology with an Eastern European hint of red light district indecency? Ever wonder what Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn would sound like with an Australian accent? Vaughn Stein’s Terminal addresses both questions while messily posing so, so many more. Expect a psychotic standoff between crime lords, hitmen and custodial staff that’s puppeteered by one mad-as-hell vixen hoping not to get burned – like that’s ever a worry given her cool-as-ice kiss.

Ms. Robbie stars as Annie, a contract killer searching for steady work.
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The Rift and Returning from the Dead - Again!: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by the film's publicity arm. Directed by: Dejan Zecevic Writers: Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic. Cast: Ken Foree, Katarina Cas, Monte Markham and Dragan Micanovic. With the Eastern Bloc defunct, more and more films are coming out of Eastern Europe nowadays. The Rift bills itself as Serbia's first science fiction film. But, the film sets itself amongst a number of genres. It is essentially a mystery. There are strong elements of action here, as well. When the dead come back to life, there will be gunfire, especially with longtime horror vet' Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, 1978) starring. The soundtrack is a bit overwhelming; it bounces between instrumentals, rock music and a few other styles. Meanwhile, the film's story covers existentialist themes. This viewer wondered if the film was trying to answer the question: what if Jesus wore a spacesuit? Overall,
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Serbian Sci-fi Thriller The Rift Crash Lands onto Video-on-demand this November 28th

Release details are available for Dejan Zecevic's The Rift. Also titled The Rift: The Dark Side of the Moon, this sci-fi thriller will show through Video-on-demand in late November. This indie title was shot in a couple of Eastern European countries. As well, The Rift features: Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Katarina Cas and several others. The film's story involves a crashed satellite and its recovery. But, this is no ordinary mission. Something has inhabited this satellite. More details on The Rift's release are hosted here. The official artwork is here, along with a couple of photos. The most recent material focuses on a darkened spacesuit. What lies within? The Rift is part mystery and part sci-fi thriller as seen in the latest promotional materials. Cleopatra Entertainment will release this title in November and December. The Rift will show through Video-on-demand, on November 28th. This digital showing will
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The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon Trailer + Release Details

Cleopatra Entertainment will release The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon, a new horror/thriller about a team of Us and Serbian agents dispatched to an American military satellite crash site where all is not as it seems on November 28. The film is directed by Dejan Zecevic and stars Ken Foree, Katarina Cas, Monte Markham and Dragan Micanovic.

The Rift will also have a DVD release date of December 12th.

[Continued ...]
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‘The Rift’ DVD Review

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Stars: Ken Foree, Katarina Cas, Monte Markham, Dragan Micanovic, Denis Muric, Miroljub Leso, Sonja Vukicevic, Mick Garris, Ratko Turcinovic | Written by Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic | Directed by Dejan Zecevic

Produced by Milan Todorovic and Marko Jocic, The Rift stars Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), Monte Markham (The Six Million Dollar Man) and Katarina Kas (The Wolf Of Wall Street) as CIA agents sent to explore the aftermath of a Us space craft which has crashed in Serbia. In a derelict building they discover an astronaut who holds the secret to the ill fated mission and is the carrier of a mysterious virus which threatens mankind by bringing the dead back from the grave.

Billed as Serbia’s first ever sci-fi film, The Rift comes from the writing team of Barry Keating and Milan Konjevic, both of whom previously penned Killer Mermaids and Apocalypse of the Dead – which also starred zombie-killing legend Ken Foree.
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Trailer for Serbia's First Sci-Fi Film The Rift

While it's co-produced with south Korea, Dejan Zecevic's sci-fi horror hybrid, The Rift, is being billed as the first Serbian sci-fi film. The flick which sees the dead rise due to a cosmic event stars Ken Foree (Candyman) and Katarina Cas.

The first trailer for the film has arrived online and thanks to our pals at 28Dla we've got it here. The co-production comes from Viktorija Film and More In Group.


The CIA receive a signal that one of their spy satellites has crashed [Continued ...]
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The Rift Touches Down in this Thrilling Trailer

The Rift is a sci-fi and horror film from director Dejan Zecevic. Billed as the first sci-fi film from Serbia, this title stars Ken Foree (Candyman) and Katarina Cas. Now complete, a trailer for the film shows a rift in space, which causes all sorts of problems back on Earth. This title is a co-production from Viktorija Film and More In Group. And, fans of science fiction or of horror can view the first trailer of the film here. The story talks about a spy satellite. It has crash landed in Serbia. Now, a team of Us agents are tasked with retrieving the satellite's recordings. But, it has disappeared and strange occurrences are taking place around the crash site. The Rift brings a number of plot points to the screen. For instance, astronauts find something strange in space, a mother is struggling with a cancer stricken son, zombies get a
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More In swings with 'The Monkey King 2'

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More In swings with 'The Monkey King 2'
Exclusive: Korean sales outfit is selling the China box office hit and Dejan Zecevic’s The Rift at Efm.

Korean sales company More In Group is handling international sales on Soi Cheang’s The Monkey King 2, which grossed $60m on its opening three days in China.

Produced by Hong Kong’s Filmko Entertainment and Chinese partners, the 3D fantasy epic stars Aaron Kwok and Gong Li. Filmko has already sold the film to around 15 territories. It opened in China on February 8, the first day of the Chinese New Year holidays.

More In Group is also selling Dejan Zecevic’s sci-fi thriller The Rift, which it co-produced with Serbia’s Viktoria Film and Slovenia’s Bbo Star.

The English-language thriller stars Us actor Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) and Slovenian actress Katarina Cas (The Wolf Of Wall Street). It tells the story of an astronaut who mysteriously disappears following a space shuttle crash in Eastern Serbia.

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Spotlight Takes Top Honors As The Alliance of Women Film Journalists Announces 2015 Eda Awards

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the winners of the 2015 Eda Awards.

Spotlight was the top winner with four including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Ensemble Cast.

Carol and Mad Max: Fury Road were each awarded two EDAs.

Awfj Eda ‘Best Of’ Awards

These awards are presented to women and/or men.

Best Film


Best Director (Female or Male)

Tom McCarthy for Spotlight

Best Screenplay, Original

SpotlightJosh Singer, Tom McCarthy

Best Screenplay, Adapted

CarolPhyllis Nagy

Best Documentary

AmyAsif Kapadia

Best Animated Film

Inside OutPete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen

Best Actress

Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Kristen Stewart in Clouds Of Sils Maria

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Paul Dano in Love & Mercy

Best Ensemble Cast (tie)


Straight Outta Compton

Best Editing

Mad Max: Fury Road
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Awfj 2015 Eda Awards winners announced

Update 01.12.16:

And the winners are…

Awfj Best Of Awards

These awards are presented to women and/or men without gender consideration.

Best Film: Spotlight

Best Director: Tom McCarthySpotlight

Best Screenplay, Original: SpotlightJosh Singer, Tom McCarthy

Best Screenplay, Adapted: CarolPhyllis Nagy

Best Documentary: Amy

Best Animated Film: Inside Out

Best Actress: Charlotte Rampling – 45 Years

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Kristin Stewart – Clouds of Sils Maria

Best Actor: Leonardo Di CaprioThe Revenant

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Paul DanoLove & Mercy

Best Ensemble Cast: Spotlight and Straight Outta Compton (Tie)

Best Editing: Mad Max: Fury RoadMargaret Sixel

Best Cinematography: CarolEdward Lachman

Best Film Music or Score: The Hateful EightEnnio Morricone

Best Non-English-Language Film: Son of Saul

Eda Female Focus Awards

These awards honor women only.

Best Woman Director: Marielle HellerThe Diary of a Teenage Girl

Best Woman Screenwriter: Emma Donoghue
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"Carol" Leads Eda Awards Nominations by Alliance of Women Film Journalists!

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the nominees for their 2015 Eda Awards recognizing the amazing work done by and about women -- both in front and behind the camera. According to their site, "the EDAs are named in honor of Awfj founder Jennifer Merin.s mother, Eda Reiss Merin, a stage, film and television actress whose career spanned more than 60 years. A dedicated foot soldier in the industry, Eda was one of the founders of AFTRA and a long-standing Member of AMPAS."

Todd Haynes' "Carol" led the pack with nine nominations, followed by "Mad Max: Fury Road" with six, "Room" and "Spotlight" with five each, and "The Martian" with four.

I wish I can vote for the Eda Awards because their Special Mention Awards are just too darn fun with categories like "Best Nudity," and "Actress Most In Need of a New Agent!"

Winners of the 2015 Eda
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The Martian, Spotlight, Carol Among The Awfj’s 2015 Eda Award Nominees

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the nominees for the 2015 Eda Awards.

Carol leads this year’s nominations with nine, followed by Mad Max: Fury Road with six, Room and Spotlight with five each, and The Martian with four.

The Awfj is an association of professional female movie critics, reporters and feature writers working in print, broadcast and online media, dedicated to supporting work by and about women – both in front of and behind the cameras.

The Eda Award winners will be announced on January 12, 2016.

Awfj Best Of Awards

These awards are presented to women and/or men without gender consideration.

Best Film


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian



Best Director

Lenny Abramson – Room

Todd HaynesCarol

Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu – The Revenant

Tom McCarthySpotlight

George MillerMad Max Fury Road

Ridley ScottThe Martian

Best Screenplay, Original

Ex MachinaAlex Garland

Inside OutPete Docter,
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‘Danny Collins’ DVD Review

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Stars: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Plummer, Katarina Cas, Giselle Eisenberg, Melissa Benoist, Josh Peck, Brian Smith, Scott Lawrence | Written and Directed by Dan Fogelman

It is fair to say that Al Pacino has made some questionable decisions as to what movies he has starred in recently. With Danny Collins though he reminds us just how charming he can be, in a movie about reclaiming lost life…. Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino plays Danny Collins an aging 1970s rocker who keeps himself going through the use of coke and alcohol. When his manager and best friend Frank (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40-year-old undelivered letter to Danny from John Lennon, it inspires Danny to look back on his life and to his roots. In visiting his home town though and seeking out his family, he may not like what he finds.

There is no doubt
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Danny Collins – The Review

Is it ever too late to change directions? To mend broken fences, even build new ones? These are the main themes and ideas in the new release that’s being sold as a cutesy look at a mature “quirky” character, a chance to watch some screen vets grabbing some laughs at the expense of their Aarp status. But it goes much deeper than that. The past is not so easily erased and no “free passes” are issued. Oddly something from the long ago past is the catalyst for the title character’s turn-around. Kudos for the film makers for admitting in the post-opening title card that this isn’t a strictly adhered “inspired by true events” work. This gives them much more license for that humor provided by a screen icon now in his fifth decade of stardom. That’s reason enough to make the movie’s title his character’s name,
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More In Group launches sales on 'The Rift'

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More In Group launches sales on 'The Rift'
Exclusive: Dejan Zecevic’s sci-fi thriller is currently in production in Serbia.

Korea’s More In Group has launched sales on South Korea-Serbia-Slovenia co-production The Rift at Filmart.

Award-winning Serbian director Dejan Zecevic, whose latest feature was The Enemy, a horror film set in the aftermath of the Bosnian civil war, is currently in production with the sci-fi thriller.

The Rift stars American actor Ken Foree, who was in George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Knightriders as well as the Robert Pattinson starrer Water for Elephants; Slovenian actress Katarina Cas, who was in The Wolf of Wall Street and Danny Collins; Swedish veteran Bo Svenson (The Great Waldo Pepper, Kill Bill, Vol. 2) and Serbian star Dragan Micanovic (Bad Company, Coriolanus).

In the film, a Nasa space shuttle crash lands in Eastern Serbia and a team of Us and Serbian agents are sent to investigate and secure the remains of the shuttle’s lone passenger
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Danny Collins | Review

Dan in Real Life: Fogelman’s Sugary Directorial Debut Hobbles its Own Charms

Screenwriter and producer Dan Fogelman makes a high profile directorial debut with Danny Collins, nabbing a handful of high profile names to lead his glossy family issue drama wrapped in melodramatic showbiz antics. When he’s not writing directly for children and family friendly audiences (Cars; Bolt; Tangled), Fogelman’s screenplays are often gilded with jejunish countenances (The Guilt Trip; Last Vegas), the types of outrageous yet uncomplicated cinematic fabrications that hail from some medicated hinterland beyond the realm of mere escapism. His first stint as a director finds him returning to this hypertrophic mode of drama wherein potentially insurmountable life tragedies get mushed together to equal one big positive, though kernels of authentic emotions sometimes shine through the contrivances.

Danny Collins (Al Pacino) is an aging rock star currently touring with another greatest hits album.
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