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  • (1921 - 1931) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1921) Stage Play: Two Little Girls in Blue. Musical comedy. Music by Paul Lannin and Vincent Youmans. Lyrics by Arthur Francis. Book by Fred Jackson. Musical Director: Charles Previn. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones and Paul Lannin. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Costume Design by Shirley Barker, Henneage and Iverson. Directed by Ned Wayburn. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 3 May 1921- 27 Aug 1921 (135 performances). Cast: Patricia Clarke (as "Ophelia"), Daisy Daniels (as "Ensemble"), Edith Decker (as "Mary Bird"), Carolyn Erwin (as "Ensemble"), Madeline Fairbanks (as "Dolly Sartoris"), Marion Fairbanks (as "Polly Sartoris"), Helen Gates (as "Ensemble"), Etienne Girardot (as "Dudley La Fleur"), Ellwood Gray (as "Ensemble"), Frank Hall (as "Ensemble"), Fred Hall (as "Newton Canney/Sammy Snipe"), Otis Harper (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Harrison (as "Ensemble"), Kay Harrison (as "Ensemble"), Vanda Hoff (as "Maid o' the Mist/Orienta/Cecile"), Olin Howland (as "Morgan Atwell"), Jacquelyn Hunter (as "Ensemble"), Emma Janvier (as "Hariette Neville"), Stanley Jessup (as "Captain Morrow"), Julie Kelety (as "Ninon La Fleur"), Edith Kessler (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Law (as "Margie"), Muriel Lodge (as "Ensemble"), Leonora Lukens (as "Ensemble"), George E. Mack (as "Captain Morrow"), Gayle Mays (as "Ensemble"), Beulah McFarland (as "The Bride/Ensemble"), Margery Morrison (as "Ensemble"), Paul Porter (as "Ensemble"), Jobyna Ralston (as "Ensemble"), Fred Rogers (as "Ensemble"), Fred Santley (as "Jerry Lloyd"), Oscar Shaw (as "Robert Barker"), Rosemary Sill (as "Ensemble"), Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Harold Thompson (as "Ensemble"), Jack Tomson (as "Jennings"), Tommy Tomson (as "Kennedy"), Peggy Underwood (as "Ensemble"), Fay West (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Abraham L. Erlanger.
  • (1922) Stage Play: For Goodness Sake. Musical comedy. Material by Fred Jackson. Lyrics by Arthur Jackson. Music by William Daly and Paul Lannin. Musical Direction by William Daly. Additional music by George Gershwin. Additional lyrics by Arthur Francis. Musical Staging by Allan K. Foster. Additional Staging by Julian Alfred. Directed by Priestly Morrison. Lyric Theatre: 21 Feb 1922- 20 May 1922 (103 performances). Cast: Harry R. Allen, Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire, Roger Buckley, Helen Ford, Vinton Freedley, Marjorie Gateson, Jack Goeirs, Kitty Gray, John E. Hazzard, James Herold, Doris Hyde, Sylvia Jocelyn, Charles Judels, Bebe LaVelle, Muriel Lodge, Lenore Lukens, Dana Mayo, Peggy Mitchell, Fred Packard, Helen Paine, Ann Poulson, Phyllis Reynolds, Lorraine Sherwood, Russell Swann, Violet Vale. Produced by Alex A. Aarons.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Lady, Be Good. Musical comedy. Music by George Gershwin. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. Based on material by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. Musical Director: Paul Lannin. Music orchestrated by Paul Lannin, Robert Russell Bennett, Charles Grant, Stephen Jones, Max Steiner and William Daly. Musical direction by Sammy Lee. Directed by Felix Edwardes. Liberty Theatre: 1 Dec 1924- 12 Sep 1925 (330 performances). Cast: Victor Arden, Ward Arnold, Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire, Jayne Auburn, Charles Bannister, James Bradbury, Walter Catlett, Patricia Clarke, Hal Crusins, Richard Devonshire, Dorothy Donovan, Alan Edwards, 'Cliff Edwards' (as "Jeff"), Edna Farrell, Jack Fraley, Alfred Hale, Peggy Hart, Maxine Henry, Dorothy Hollis, Harry Howell, Dorothy Hughes, Mary Hutchinson, Madeline Janis, Edward Jephson, Jeanearl Johnson, Grace Jones, Elmira Lahmann, Charles LaValle, Ethel Lind, Frances Lindell, Gertrude Livingstone, Bryan Lycan, Lionel Maclyn, Kathlene Martyn, Lillian Mitchell, Esther Morris, Francis Murphy, Phil Ohman, Tony Otto, Jessie Payne, Peggy Pitou, Peggy Quinn, Richard Renaud, Sylvia Shawn, Gerald Oliver Smith, Daniel Sparks, Mildred Stevens, Doris Waldron, Irene Wiley, Paulette Winston. Produced by Alex A. Aarons and Vinton Freedley.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Hit the Deck. Musical comedy. Music by Vincent Youmans. Book by Herbert Fields. Lyrics by Clifford Grey and Leo Robin. Based on a play by Hubert Osborne. Musical Director: Paul Lannin. Music orchestrated by Paul Lannin and Stephen Jones. Choreographed by Seymour Felix. Directed by Lew Fields and Alexander Leftwich. Belasco Theatre: 25 Apr 1927- 25 Feb 1928 (352 performances). Cast: Edward Allen, Lila Anderson, Anne Austin, Harriet Britton, Arnold Brown, Murray Browne, Jack Bruns, Madeline Cameron, Mary Carney, Ben Carswell, Rachel Chester, Ah Chong, Margaret Collins, Fan Conway, Peggy Conway (as "Rita"), Nancy Corrigan, Mars Craft, Jimmie Cushman, Jerome Daley, Brian Donlevy (as "Donkey"), Robert Duenwihe, Roger Gray, Louise Groody, May Hunter, Jane Hurd, Charles King, John Kneley, Anthony Knilling, Elsie Lawritson, The Locust Sisters, The Lyric Quartette, Stella Mayhew, Jack McCauley [credited as John McCauley] (as "Lieut. Alan Clark"), Charles McClelland, William McGurn, Jack Mead, Celie Neska, Leo Nierle, Kendall Northrop, Gladys Pender, Bobbie Perkins, John Perkins, Olive Pierson, Florence Price, Sid Salzberg, Cecil Shires, Billy Sobel, Daniel Sparks, Jeanne Sutro, Jeanne West, Cliff Whitcombe, Beatrice Wilson, Ruth Witmer, Franker Woods [credited as Franker Woods] (as "Battling Smith"), Victor Young. Produced by Lew M. Fields and Vincent Youmans. Note: Produced by Radio Pictures [later known as RKO Radion Pictures] as Hit the Deck (1929) (presumed lost as of 2013).
  • (1927) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1927. Musical revue. Book by Harold Atteridge and Eddie Cantor. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Music by Irving Berlin. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Ferde Grofe, Arthur Gutman, Louis Katzman, Paul Lannin, Frank Tours and Roy Webb. Featuring songs by Bill Munro. Directed by Sammy Lee, E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.. New Amsterdam Theatre: 16 Aug 1927- 7 Jan 1928 (167 performances). Cast: Jean Ackerman, Pirkko Ahlquist, Wilma Ansell, Jean Audree, Anita Avila, Franklyn Bauer, Dorothy Bauman, Leo Bill, Bonnie Blackwood, Antoinette Boots, Helen Hayes Brown, Genevieve Browne, The Brox Sisters, Gloria Bujee, Edna Bunte, Dorothy Burr, Bobbie Campbell, Eddie Cantor, Kae Carroll, Olga Chalmers, Peggy Chamberlin, Paul Chezzi, Lillian Clark, Babe Colby, Ripples Covert, Eileen Cullen, Mignon Dallette, Myrna Darby, Claudia Dell, Irene Delroy, Dorothy Donahue, Mary Donahue, Pauline Dove, Alma Drange, Anna Dumar, Cliff Edwards, Ruth Etting, Fairchild & Rainger, Murrel Finely, Grace Fleming, Lora Foster, Amy Frank, Vera Fredericks, Marie Gale, Rose Gale, Paul Ghezzi, Doreen Glover, Rita Glynde, Frances Gorton, Evelyn Graves, Velma Grimm, Edith Hayward, Dan Healy, Ross Hines, Edna Wallace Hopper, The Ingenues, Bob Ingersoll, Mary Irwin, Madeline Janis, Billie Jenks, Paula Jones, Bettye Junod, Helen Kaiser, Lily Kimari, Lydia Krashinsky, Kathleen Krosby, Ida Lanvin, Marjorie Leet, Frances Leighton, Marguerite Lichti, Claire Luce, Polly Luce, Marie Marceline, Margaret Mayer, Harry McNaughton, Beth Milton, Mixi, Catherine Moylan, Bonnie Murray, Myrio and Desha, Marie Novak, Agnes O'Laughlin, Blanche Olsen, Peggy O'Neil, Nona Otero, Jessie Payne, Frank Phillips, Nickie Pitell, Alice Pleis, Louise Powell, William H. Power, Albertina Rasche Girls, Gladys Rennick, Anita Rice, Kathryn Ringquist, Virginia Roberts, Olga Royce, Lee Russell, Dorothy Ryan, Phil Ryley, Blanche Satchell, Bunny Schum, Mickie Seiden, Tommie Shannon, Frank Sherlock, Al Siegel, Mina Smith, Mina Sorel, Laura Standish, Cora Stephens, Jack Stevens, Wanda Stevenson, Norma Taylor, Andrew Tombes, Nildred Turner, Frances Upton, Blossom Vreeland, Florence Ward, Marion Wellman, Lucy Westgate, Gertrude Williams, Frances Woodward, Gladys Young. Produced by Abraham L. Erlanger and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1927) Stage Play: A la Carte. Musical revue. Music by Herman Hupfeld, Louis Alter, Norma Gregg, Paul Lannin and Creamer and Johnson. Material by George Kelly. Lyrics by Louis Alter, Norma Gregg, Herman Hupfeld, Paul Lannin, Henry Creamer and Creamer and Johnson. Directed by George Kelly. Martin Beck Theatre: 17 Aug 1927- Sep 1927 (closing date unknown/45 performances). Cast: Bobbe Arnst, Fred Bishop, Bly Bradford, Roy Fant, Cynthia Farr, Elvira Giersdorf, Irene Giersdorf, Rae Giersdorf, Marian Hamilton, Myrtle Hayes, Harriet Hoctor, William Holbrook, Crles Irwin, Rose King, Mr. Kotchetovski, Little Billy, Helen Lowell, Joseph McKenzie, Maude Powers, Frank Rowan, Margaret Schilling, Frances Stein, Jay Velie, Vernon Wallace [final Broadway role], Chick York. Produced by Rosalie Stewart.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Here's Howe. Musical comedy. Music by Roger Wolfe Kahn and Joseph Meyer. Book by Fred Thompson and Paul Gerard Smith. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Musical Director: Paul Lannin. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. Broadhurst Theatre: 1 May 1928- 30 Jun 1928 (71 performances). Cast: Ingrid Aakesson, Florence Allen, Nitza Andre, Ben Bernie, Billie Blake, Eric Blore (as "Sir Basil Carraway"), Marion Bonnell, Gene Brady, Helen Carrington, Douglas R. Carter, Peggy Chamberlin, Ralph Chaterdon, Betty Clark, Elsie Connor, Alan Crane, Colette D'Arville, Irene Delroy, Evelyn Ellsmore, William Frawley (as "Toplis"), Alan Hale (as "Ensemble"), Ray Hall, Peggy Hart, Arthur Hartley, Edith Hayward, Ross Himes, Mary Horan, Madeline Janis, Allen Kearns, Evelyn Kirmin, Fuzzy Knight (as "Pelham"), Polly Luce, Charles McClelland, Nesha Medwin, Jack Miller, Elsie Neal, Kendall Northrop, Dillon Ober, June O'Dea, Adeline Ogilvie, Gladys Pender, Charles Scott, Sylvia Shawn, Helene Sheldon, Al Siegel, Kay Smythe, Cora Stephens, Jack Stevens, Lee Stockton, Jacques Stone, Howard Stuart, Beryl Wallace (as "Ensemble"), Florence Ward. Produced by Vinton Freedley and Alex Aarons.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Great Day. Musical comedy. Music by Vincent Youmans. Material by William Carey Duncan and John Wells. Lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu. Musical Direction by Paul Lannin and Nicholas Kempner. Choreographed by LeRoy Prinz. Directed by R.H. Burnside and Frank M. Gillespie. Cosmopolitan Theatre: 17 Oct 1929- 16 Nov 1929 (36 performances). Cast: Ismay Andrews [Broadway debut], Olive Ball, George Battles, May Brenton, Mayme Briggs, Letha Burson, Bob Burton, Elizabeth Carroll, Edward Cartier, Hugh Chilvers, Kitty Coleman, Grace Connelly, Jackie Corrtez, Frank Daley, Christine Davis, Mildred Dawson, Peggy Deighton, Doris Delairs, Lois Deppe, Harold Des Verney, Diana Doering, Jean Donnald, James Downes, Maude Eburne, William Ehlers, Georgia English, Irene Evans, Gertrude Fayde, Jewell Fisher, Olga Fox, Rita Garcia, Loise Gay, Lackaye Grant, Josephine Gray, S.H. Gray, John Haynes, Millie Holmes, Olive Hopkins, Halle Howard, Lillian Howard, Carrie Huff, Herman Hylander, Pearl Johnson, Jean Joyce, Adelaide Kaiser, Walter C. Kelly, Roberta Kent, Frank Larsen, Buddy Lavon, Blanche Le Clair, Dixie Lester, Larri Lorear, Assorta Marshall, Emily Martin, Kay Mason, Mary Mason, Mayo Methot (as "Emma Lou Randolph"), Hamilton McLean, Snippy Mason, Hamilton McLean, Beth Meredith, Alfred Milano, Margaret Miller, Miller and Lyles, Josephine Mostler, Helen Newton, Ethel Norris, Ralph Northern, Marjorie Porter, Allan Prior, Ken Pulsifer, Essie Queen, Alma Reynolds, Louise Reynolds, Estell Richardson, Mildred Schroder, Vincent Simonin, Herbert Skinner, J. De Witt Spencer, Frances Stevens, Billy Taylor, Billy Toy, Vanessi, Vera Villon, Helen Wallace, Olive Wanamaker, Jean Warren, Gladys Wells, Harriet Williams, Margie Woods, Paulyne Wynter. Produced by Vincent Youmans.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Smiles. Musical comedy. Music by Vincent Youmans. Based on material by William Anthony McGuire. Lyrics by Clifford Grey [final Broadway credit during lifetime] and Harold Adamson. Additional lyrics by Ring Lardner. Music orchestrated by Paul Lannin [final Broadway credit]. Musical Director: Frank Tours. Choreographed by Ned Wayburn [final Broadway credit]. Directed by William Anthony McGuire. Ziegfeld Theatre: 18 Nov 1930- 10 Jan 1931 (63 performances). Cast: Arline Aber, Charline Aber, Jean Ackerman, Larry Adler, Pirko Alquist, Adele Astaire (as "Dot Hastings"), Fred Astaire (as "Bob Hastings"), Mabel Baade, Elsie Behrens, Joey Benton, Virginia Biddle, Dorothy Bow, Bobby Broadsley, Virginia Bruce (as "Ensemble"), Pamela Bryant, Katherine Burke, Georgia Caine, Irving Carter, Gordon Clark, Frank Coletti, Betty Collette, Mary Collins, Walter Costello, Gertrude Dahl, Louis Delgado, Claire Dodd (as "Clara"), Marion Dodge, Betty Dumbris, Madeline Dunbar, Marcelle Edwards, Georgia Ellis, Caja Eric, Louise Estes, Dorothy Flood, Eddie Foy Jr. (as "Gilbert Stone"), Agnes Franey, Paul Gregory, Maxine Gross, Burnie Halloway, Kathryn Hereford, Maurine Holmes, Bob Hope (as "Ensemble"), Meredith Howard, Tom Howard, Ken Huntington, Jackie Hurlbut, Lorraine Jaillet, David Johns, Juliette Jordan, Bernard Jukes, Ann Sothern [credited as Harriette Lake] (Broadway debut), Marjorie LaVoe, Preston Lewis, Neva Lynn, Joe Lyons, Roy Mace, Martha Maggard, Pat Mann, Christine Maple, Rose Mariella, Doris May, Nellie Mayer, Constance McKenzie, Olive McLay, Marilyn Miller (as "Smiles"), Joseph Minitello, Hilda Moreno, Ruth Morgan, Patsy O'Day, Agnes O'Laughlin, Dorothy Patterson, Ruth Patterson, Peggy Peacock, Edward Raquello, Dolores Ray, Anna Rex, Adrian Rosely, Olga Royce, Charles Sager, Blanche Satchell, Phil Sheridan, Jack Spinello, Michael Stark, Ward Tallman, Ruth Tara, Norma Taylor, Harry Tighe, Lee Timmins, Helen Walsh, Jean Warren, Gil White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

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