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‘The Taste of Money’ review [Lkff 2016]

The Taste of Money review: An ensemble piece that looks at the sordid life of a wealthy family, and the power they have.

The Taste of Money review, Luke Ryan Baldock at the London Korean Film Festival.

The Taste of Money review

Each year at The London Korean Film Festival, a performer is thrust into the spotlight for a look back at a body of their work. This year it is the turn of Baek Yoon Sik, a man who first came to notice in the delightfully dark and mad Save the Green Planet. The first of his films to be screened is The Taste of Money, a confrontational look at the wealthy elite, their sordid practises, and the corruption that keeps them in power. An interesting choice, as it is an ensemble piece in which Baek shares screen time equally with a rich and diverse cast.

Young Jak (Kim
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The Taste of Money Review

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In Competition at Cannes Film Festival in 2012, it’s taken an incredible 18 months for renowned South Korean auteur Im Sang-soo’s The Taste of Money to make its way to cinemas in the UK. However on this evidence, you can see why – as this melodramatic crime thriller fails to live up to its promise, as a film oddly nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or.

We enter into the sordid world of a privileged, affluent family from the perspective of their newly hired gofer Joo Young-Jak (Kim Kang-woo), who takes a backseat as he watches on as this corrupt household exploit their indefinite power. At the head of the family is Yoon (Baek Yun-shik), who enters into an affair with his maid Eva (Maui Taylor). When his beleaguered wife (Yoon Yeo-Jung) learns of his infidelity, she drags Young-Jak into this unfavourable set of affairs, as he becomes unwittingly entwined in
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Review: ‘The Taste of Money’ Makes Opulence Appealing, Appalling and a Little Bit Empty

Im Sang-soo‘s The Housemaid is a devastating look at class distinctions in South Korea couched in a film that manages to be sexy, blackly comic and stunningly photographed. Its heady mix of beauty and wit makes it a film that stuns and engages on multiple levels. Im’s latest film, The Taste of Money, takes aim at a similar target, but while nearly every frame is pleasing to the eye it misses the mark in some key areas. Yoon (Baek Yun-shik) is the CEO of a large Korean corporation looking to expand into the Americas, but while he runs the company his wife Geum-ok (Yoon Yeo-jung) rules everything else with a watchful eye and an iron fist. Her secretary Young-jak (Kim Kang-woo) is ambitious and looking to climb the ladder of wealth and status, but the behaviors he witnesses are slowly breaking his resolve. The couple’s grown daughter, Na-mi
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Exclusive Clip: Watch A Break-In From Im Sang-Soo's 'The Taste Of Money'

It seems that what goes on behind closed doors continues to fascinate director Im Sang-Soo. Two years after remaking the South Korean classic "The Housemaid," the director returned to the Cannes Film Festival with "The Taste Of Money," a potent blend of sex, love, deceit and much, much more. And with the movie now in limited release, we have an exclusive clip to show you the wicked world this film takes place in. Starring Hyo-jin Kim, Maui Taylor, On Ju-wan, Kwon Byoung-gil, Hwang Jung-min and Darcy Paquet, the story centers on Young-jak, a private assistant to the patriarch of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Seoul. Being so close to the top allows him to see the rotten core of everything around him, but when his boss' wife Madame Baek catches her husband in an affair, it starts a chain reaction that could bring everything tumbling down.
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The Taste Of Money In Select Theaters And On SundanceNOW

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IFC Films and Im Sang-soo’s ” The Taste of Money” is slick, full of intrigue and now out in select theaters and on SundanceNOW (along with other digital platforms). The film, a follow-up to “The Housemaid,” stars Hyo-jin Kim, Maui Taylor, On Ju-wan, Kwon Byoung-gil, Hwang Jung-min and Darcy Paquet. Take a look below the post to see the trailer and, if you love it, make sure to head to SundanceNOW. “The Taste of Money” is the story of one of the most powerful families in South Korea: “In a mansion on the outskirts of Seoul lives one of the richest families in the entire country. Yoon is the president [ Read More ]

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The Taste of Money (2012) Movie Review

Im Sang Soo’s 2010 dark erotic drama “The Housemaid” caused quite a stir, winning awards at a variety of festivals around the world and being nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or at Cannes. Still, it’s somewhat of a surprise that for his 7th outing, the acclaimed director chose a follow-up sequel of sorts, featuring one of its characters as a grown up and again exploring the lives of the indecently rich and amoral in Korea. The film boasts a power ensemble cast of top Korean talent, including “Housemaid” veteran Yoon Yeo Jung returning in a different role, joined by Baek Yoon Shik (“Tazza: The High Rollers”), Kim Kang Woo (“A Better Tomorrow”), Kim Hyo Jin (“In My End is My Beginning”) and Ohn Joo Wan (“My Mighty Princess”), joined by Filipina actress Maui Taylor and, rather bizarrely, Us film critic Darcy Parquet. This time, Yoon Yeo Jung plays Heum Ok,
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Fox Lands U.S. Rights To Jean-Luc Godard's 'Goodbye To Language 3D'; 'Holy Motors,' 'Like Someone In Love,' 'Reality' & More Get Picked Up

Every major film festival ends with films being gobbled up by distributors, and the Cannes Film Festival is no different.

The most interesting and exciting acquisition of the lot has to be Fox getting the U.S. rights to French New Wave icon Jean-Luc Godard’s newest film, “Goodbye to Language 3D.” As the title suggests, the film was shot in 3D, a format that Godard has previously expressed interest in and one that fellow auteurs, Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese have previously dipped their toes in. There’s no official release date yet, and the only synopsis we have is Godard’s own hilarious rambling description of it, but this is something that we’re definitely anxiously awaiting. Now, just to clarify, this will probably shift down to one of Fox's subsidiary shingles (hello Fox Searchlight) but it's easily the biggest distributor to bank on Godard in quite some time,
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Watch: New Clips From Hong Sang-Soo's 'In Another Country' & Im Sang-Soo's 'The Taste Of Money'

Cannes fever is starting to grip the film world and part and parcel with an international festival is the unveiling of photos, clips and tidbits to appease and tease the rest of us who are unable to attend. On this occassion, we have three clips each from the two South Korean films in competition: Hong Sang-soo's Isabelle Huppert starring "In Another Country" and Im Sang-soo with "The Taste Of Money."

Hong's film sees Huppert star as three different characters all named Anne who all visit a seaside town, stay at the same small hotel by the shore, venture onto the beach and meet the same group of people, including a certain lifeguard who restlessly wanders up and down the beach. For the most part, these new clips encapsulate the essence of Hong's work depicting small, funny and awkward moments between his characters. Moon Seong-geun, Yu Jun-Sang and Moon So-ri also
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The Taste Of Money / Do-nui Mat (2012) Movie Trailer: Sang-soo Im

The Taste of Money Trailer, Do-nui mat Trailer. Sang-soo Im‘s The Taste of Money / Do-nui mat (2012) movie trailer stars Yun-shik Baek, Hyo-jin Kim, Kang-woo Kim, Ju-wan On, and Maui Taylor. The Taste of Money‘s plot synopsis: “Young-jak , who is a private secretary of madam Paik, the center power of Korean conglomerate, witnesses immoral private issues of her [...]

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First Look At Cannes Competition Entries Matteo Garrone's 'Reality' & Im Sang-soo's 'The Taste Of Money'

Cinephiles have unwrapped the presents put under the Cannes Film Festival Christmas tree this morning, with organizers unveiling their impressive lineup for the 2012 festivities. And this is the gift that will keep on giving. Over the next four weeks in the lead up to the fest, an array of stills and footage will be released for the films headed to the south of France, and things are off to a good start already. The brand new trailer for David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" arrived a few hours before it was officially confirmed for Cannes, and now a couple of fresh images for some In Competition movies are out of the gate.

First up is a look at at Matteo Garrone's "Reality" (previously known as "Big House"). Starring Claudia Gerini, Aniello Arena and Loredana Simioli, exact plot details are still under wraps, but the as the title hints, this time around
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Rakenrol Review

Rakenrol is a lot of firsts for its director, Quark Henares. It is his first feature film to be produced and directed independent of any major studio backing. It is his feature first film to be completely free from any genre limitations. It is also his first feature film after the untimely death of his most loyal supporter and most honest critic, Alexis Tioseco, to which he dedicates the film as a partial fulfilment to one of Tioseco's famous wishes for Philippine Cinema.   Gamitan (2002), produced by Viva, was clearly bankrolled to maximize the very popular sex appeal of Maui Taylor, who pumped fresh blood and class to the waning genre of titillating films that dominated Philippine cinema in the last few years of...
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