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SXSW Reminder: SAG Foundation Workshop Today

For actors at SXSW, don't forget about the SAG Foundation's final workshop, Actors: Create Your Brand & Corner Your Market, today at 3:30 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center. Details below! SXSW Workshop with the SAG Foundation - Actors: Create Your Brand & Corner Your Market! When: Tuesday, March 12, 3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Where: Austin Convention Center, 4th Floor, Room 13Ab, capacity 152 • Moderator: Rochelle Rose, Screen Actors Guild Foundation • Speaker: Beth Sepko, Beth Sepko Casting / 3rd Coast Extras • Speaker: Bonnie Gillespie, Cricket Feet Casting
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Tmp Interviews: Kathi Carey, Award Winning Director of 'One in Nine'

Separate stories of three individuals whose lives are

completely changed by the same three words:

“You Have Cancer.”

Like Crash and The Hours:

One in Nine … how many women do you know?

One in Nine was never a movie award winning screenwriter and director Kathi Carey intended to make. She had already said all she needed to say about a topic feared and endured by so many people with her acclaimed film Reflections of a Life. Yet there’s no stopping fate, and the demands of fans and her husband’s brilliant idea on just how she could make a feature film while keeping Reflections intact made it impossible for Kathi to ignore that she must make this film.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Kathi about One in Nine, who also directed Worth which is a film that has also garnered numerous accolades. We spoke about One in Nine,
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Poll: Why Are So Many American Superheroes Played By Non-American?

It seems all the American superhero roles are going to foreigners. American's are not winning the roles of some of the greatest superheroes, based on American comics.


From left to right, Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Christian Bale as Batman, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Here's a brief list of non-American's playing superheroes:

British raised Andrew Garfield - Spider-Man in the new Spider-Man Reboot Australian Chris Hemsworth - Thor in Thor and the upcoming The Avengers English actor Christian Bale - Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises Australian Hugh Jackman - Wolverine in the X-Men series Australian Eric Bana - Bruce Banner/Hulk in Ang Lee's Hulk Scot James McAvoy - Charles Xavier in X-Men First Class Australian Sam Worthington - Terminator: Salvation and Clash of the Titans Canadian Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordon/The Green Lantern in
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New Casting Directors

Lisa Soltau was living in Seattle when her friend Bonnie Gillespie sent her a book she had written called "Casting Qs," a compilation of interviews with casting directors. "I read it and I absolutely loved all the aspects of the job," says Soltau. "I loved the entertainment industry and movies and television. The process of casting sounded wonderful."She called one of the two casting offices in Seattle and ended up working as an intern there for about six months. But the CD told her she should move to New York or Los Angeles if she really wanted to pursue a career in casting. "I picked L.A. because I had lived there once for about three years and I thought it would be easier to acclimate there," Soltau says. "Plus I wanted to work on 'Six Feet Under,' which was airing at the time.
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New Web Series Teaches the Business of Acting

To succeed as an actor, you need to run your career as a business, and a new website,, aims to teach actors how—through an 11-week Web series."It's becoming more and more important that actors know about the business side of things to get a leg up and to show off their craft," said casting director Bonnie Gillespie, who co-created the program with actor Mitchell Fink and casting director Marci Liroff. All three host each episode; the first, "Auditioning for Film," was posted Sept. 22. Each episode features industry guests—working actors, directors, writers, casting directors, producers, and agents—who talk about their experiences. The lineup so far includes director Mark Waters, actor Anna Vocino, agent Louise Ward, and actor-producer Mark Gantt."Never before has anybody pulled these many professionals together and gotten them in an involved setting, shot with multiple cameras, in a teaching format," said Fink.
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Looks Bad on Paper

When it comes to lying on your resume, be it a slight exaggeration or a full-blown falsehood, we can offer but one piece of advice: Don't. Not only does it irritate the casting director but there's no need for it. It won't make you a better actor. And whatever you made up is probably not the reason you were brought in. Says casting director Sarah Katzman, "If your headshot is something fantastic and spectacular, meaning it really captures the essence of you, which then translates into what we're looking for, then I'm turning it over and looking at the resume. So I don't even look at the résumé until I've decided that that person is probably coming in for us."Also, if you lie, prepare to be caught. Actor Lisa Ann Nicolai recalls an audition at which the woman in front of her was called out. "She claimed to have
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L.A. Readers' Choice: Casting Directors

Here are the 2010 Los Angeles Reader's Choice results for categories dealing with casting directors. To look at all of the categories, be sure to visit the main page.Favorite Casting Director Workshop: Talent to GoSix years ago, accomplished actors Patricia Tallman and Judy Kain found that work had slowed for each of them. They decided it was time to create a casting director workshop that would help experienced actors further their careers in a way that showcased the actors' strengths."When I get a piece of copy, I get coached and I'm familiar with that copy," says Kain. "We were not going to do one of those cold-reading workshops—not that there's anything wrong with them—but we wanted to do something where the actor could really put their best foot forward. Where it was advantageous for the actor. Where they could really show what they do best, so that
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