‘Harvey Putter’ goes to Snogwarts: first-ever Harry Potter feature film parody is absurdly entertaining

By Whitney Milam You thought you knew everyone’s favorite scarred, messy-haired, bespectacled boy wizard. You thought wrong. And after watching Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, you’ll never look at Harry Potter the same way again.

The first-ever (and only) full-length feature film Potter parody, the ground-breaking Harvey Putter follows the titular punkish wizard celebrity (played to disaffected, hilarious perfection by Bryce Cone) and his friends Hernia Grunger (Sunny Williams) and Rod Cheesley (Joe Scheibelhut, whose exaggerated Rupert Grint facial expressions are likewise excellent) through their final twisted year at Snogwarts–made a little more complicated when Headmaster Alfus Mumblemore explains that they’re all just fictional characters in a mega-popular book series, and must unite all seven “Hortexts” in order to escape before the final chapter.

The ambitious film, over two years in the making and spoofing aspects from all seven books, is rife with
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