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Overview (4)

Born in Lourdes, France
Birth NameJulien Simon Pelletier
Nicknames J.
Hacked by J.
Maître J.
Natural Born J.
Le Monteur
Lezard Hurlant
Le Visionnaire
J. from 11
Height 5' 9¾" (1.77 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Julien Pelletier aka J. was born on June 18, 1984 in Lourdes, France. He is the founder of Marsanaryas. Passionate about audio editing and NICT, he began his apprenticeship in 2003 on radio UltimeVision. After several radio projects, he produces low-budget movies from cryptocurrencies. The style he developed is to combine new technologies with the poetry of nature in a contemporary underground universe.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Marsanaryas

Family (1)

Spouse Soraya (? - ?)  (separated)
Alice (? - ?)  (separated)
Emi (? - ?)  (separated)
Courtney (? - present)

Trade Mark (6)

Asian tunic

Trivia (66)

Founder of Marsanaryas (productions).
Julien Pelletier is also a Go player (3 kyu).
Was the first to broadcast a program dedicated to free culture on FM in France - Endoctrasia on Radiom FM - 2007 - (Radiom FM was founded in 2006 by the former Studio 34 team of UltimeVision radio).
Was the founder of the pirate radio UltimeVision (2003 - 2005).
Has produced several artistic podcasts on RADIO87 (2018 - 2019).
Has created several hundred short audio stories with mixing musical tracks, sound effects, tv reports and movie replicas since 2004.
Is Pauline's grand cousin.
The script for the film La Tigresse du Darknet (2018) is based on the true story.
Is a privacy activist and rarely uses mass social media.
Works with a small team on film shoots to maintain an intimate atmosphere.
Prohibits any form of communication with the outside world including Wi-Fi, computers and smartphones during filming or behind the scenes.
Is passionate about ancient tales and Asian poetry.
Likes to work in black and white and sometimes using the subliminal message technique inserted in video sequences.
Considers that, in some projects, the commercial system can coexist with free culture and open source software.
Author of erotic poems.
Is an interviewer behind the camera in À chacun son Cercle (2020).
Appears in a short cameo (credited as Phénix) in La Tigresse du Darknet (2018).
Creator of an audio series in Creative Commons (2007).
Founder of an electronic music label (2007).
Founder of a multidisciplinary art collective.
Contribution on a video of Deborah De Robertis N.T.P collective (2020).
Produces movies from cryptocurrencies.
Makes corporate films since 2020.
Is a former member of an Anonymous group (2004 - ?).
Contribution on a video of Miss Ming "Belle Marianne" (2020).
Refuses any press interview.
Is a self-taught in website creation, IT security and audiovisual productions.
Always does his local castings outside near the Saint-Martial bridge in Limoges.
Was a digital communications consultant.
Was a specialist in social engineering.
Contribution on a video "Hommage à ma ville natale" (2020).
Is friends with many artists from various backgrounds.
Considers that in France, talented autodidacts are underestimated.
Considers himself a citizen of the world.
Considers video editing as his primary discipline.
Refuses to join any community or public group on the Internet.
Is the author of several original scripts.
Is apolitical.
Contribution on a video "L'art de la nouvelle guerre" (2020).
Contribution on a video "L'art de la nouvelle guerre 2" (2021).
Is a convinced European.
Considers that the experimental genre is a form of artistic exploration which must include the codes and techniques of classical cinema.
Considers that the "independent label" doesn't exist since by definition any process is linked to another.
Lives in Limoges in France.
Founder of the kingdom of MARSANARYAS (2021).
Considers that today's art is incompatible with mass social networks because the general conditions of use aren't compatible with the total freedom to create.
Is behind the camera in À chacun son Cercle 2 (2021).
Gives private Go game lessons up to level 7 kyu.
Is against any form of "cancel culture", especially in the media. Archives must remain archives.
Uses the nickname "Lezard Hurlant" in the world of cam girls.
Is the first filmmaker to take an interest in the NFT market.
Considers it important to create spaces without technology in order to rediscover the spirit of pre-digital civilization.
RADIO87 was the first website in France recognized as an FM frequency.
Considers that it's more profitable for an independent to sell a single copy of a film on the art market than to distribute it to all VOD platforms.
Considers that the junction between the dematerialized art markets and the many underground artists will generate many millionaires. The first condition being that an artistic project draws its roots from a living support (technology) and the second being non-communication (as opposed to the omnipresence strategy such as classic marketing or social networks).
Practices black powder gun shooting.
Considers that total freedom of expression can only be expressed through an art form.
Regularly broadcasts aggressive or romantic music on the set during the filming of certain scenes.
Has no children.
His grandmother was resistant during the Second World War on a national radio antenna in France.
Was the first to hack an MSN group in 2005 (email spoofing and privilege escalation).
Is a staunch Linux user.
Has hacked many websites in the past for educational purposes.
Practices original Tai Chi Chuan.
Julien Pelletier's films are valued at several million dollars according to a US media.
The movie "Destination 2221 - 199 Years at Auction! (2022)" will be auctioned for 199 years.

Personal Quotes (410)

If you feel "alone against all", persist and work hard, over time the trend will reverse. It is an indomitable law of nature.
With a handful of good warriors, you can defeat an entire army. And it's not a legend.
As long as it sparkles, nothing will replace women and champagne.
You must never forget your past but you must also learn to forgive. Without forgiveness the world would still be in world war today.
The first generation geeks are the real architects of cyberspace and they are the pioneers of a new art. To admire the beauty of this universe, you have to understand its mechanisms. For some, reading a code is like lifting a girl's skirt.
One day the machines will think, understand and have feelings and the meaning of the word "Humanity" will change forever.
Today hackers have a derogatory connotation for the general public but in history absolutely all innovations come from hackers. If you fold a sheet of paper to make it a plane, you are a hacker.
The panthers are unreachable on the phone, the sharks do not take selfies, the eagles do not record their songs and yet nature seems happy.
It is when night falls that light becomes a landmark for the soul.
With current technologies anyone can instantly publish photos, videos or anything on the Internet. But for what purpose ? The true Art is to write, take the time, film, edit and then tell a story. It's called making movies.
The greatest chance that we have in our time is to be able to access unlimited knowledge. If cats hadn't taken our place, society as a whole would be better educated.
Behind the scenes of a project are often extraordinary. The public watching the final work does not necessarily know what is going on under the duvet.
For a rebellious person, the artistic route is preferable to any other route.
Dating sites are full of promise, but true love isn't created in computer servers.
It takes money to put a naked actress in a movie and pay even more so that nothing happens.
Art is not vulgar so make love.
In the future, everyone will have their fifteen minutes of anonymity.
Culture, women and food are the only real assets of this beautiful country which is called France.
It is much more difficult to find what unites human beings than what divides them.
Nothing lasts, nothing dies, everything is transformed.
When beauty is everywhere, it is not easy to choose sides.
The magic of chance is to live certain experiences without being prepared and which can influence a whole life.
When all the doors are closed, you can still try to go through the window.
Any technology deployed is still under control and artificial intelligence and algorithms have now replaced the crystal ball.
The present is like a diamond on vinyl. With a pretty girl and a good glass of wine, time stands still and it seems that the music comes from paradise.
Whoever believes only what he sees should not work in scientific research.
Absolutely all cultures are important and even if borders separate us, we are all citizens of the world.
Education, health, social protection and adequate remuneration for all workers should be a global standard.
An anti-capitalist who spends his time sharing his political ideas on mass social media is as useful as a boat in a desert.
Electronic music and alliances of various styles mark the end of musical evolution.
The Frenchman is a resistant at heart. He likes to debate, exchange or contest ideas during a long meal and he will always defend his art of living.
Feminist activists are all extremists and if the objective is to obtain equal rights with men, the struggle is legitimate, otherwise any form of superiority must be excluded.
Fame must be a vector for the spread of love and tolerance.
Little explored universes are always a source of poetry and creativity.
The main advantage of paper is that it allows you to escape without being disturbed.
Women are identical to plants and in spring which is the most beautiful of the seasons, nature takes back its rights.
It is not easy to put a label on someone who cultivates the mystery.
The creation of a work is only a punctual therapy for the artist who perpetually seeks love. Then he starts again and again until the perfect mastery of his technique. And his work begins to beat from the heart.
The future has always been somewhere before our eyes and it has underground roots that only cinema can bring to light.
The game of Go which is the most complex strategy game in the world allows you to understand your state of mind during a game and also lets you know the real personality of your opponent.
It's in places where there is nothing that there is everything to do.
Love is like a film that begins in color and when the writers no longer have inspiration, ends in black and white.
The artificial intelligence that now defeats all the best champions in Go, will understand maybe one day all the human values that this game brings.
A philosophy that has deep roots in technology and that knows how to adapt and evolve is eternal.
Art has a simple rule : "Whoever is everywhere is nowhere".
The business has another rule : "Whoever is nowhere is nobody".
Always encourage someone who wants to embark on an artistic career, completely failed paintings would have been preferable to a second world war.
Passion is like a spark that quickly ignites an entire forest. The young plants feed on the ashes and the circle is complete.
In a world where everyone is someone, work hoping to remain anonymous. It will be a luxury for your family.
All the actresses want to become famous and that's normal because it's their jobs. And it is during the night that the director composes with the light of the stars.
In French the words "Liberty", "Equality" and "Fraternity" are all feminine. Women assuage warriors and it's important to remember this.
Robots are gradually replacing workers in factories. Over time they will run businesses, become human resource managers, and decide that workers must return to the factories to dance the Twist.
A sleeping people is a dreaming people.
Fighting has always been part of Human history. We fight for a territory, an ideology, a woman or a job... In fact we fight for everything. So we are all mercenaries of life.
Before listening to the speech of a person who wants to change the world, first look at what he himself has changed in his life.
In the public space, a simple citizen is now more filmed than a movie star. Technology is deployed everywhere in our homes and you have to be damn competent to protect your private circle.
The real world and cyberspace are two separate universes that are getting closer and closer over time.
It's human nature that makes mass social networks identical to a giant celebrity press.
The geeks of yesterday created the internet of today and the hackers of today will be the revolutionaries of tomorrow.
Only art has the right to judge.
You never bring people you love to war.
Social peace is the foundation of all democracy. Its balance is very fragile and it's for this reason that states prefer to keep certain secrets to preserve it. Always asking for more transparency only increases surveillance.
The arts of tomorrow are in the underground networks of today.
A true union is never made by force.
Anyone who knows human nature and truly wants peace never engages in politics.
The crowd isn't the people and on the Internet it's the same thing.
One who spends his whole life learning and studying can only find eternal happiness.
Even if the purpose is different, prostitution and the profession of actor aren't two very distant jobs.
In France we often make the revolution but the problem is that we often have to start again.
A society always has politicians who resemble it.
The people need to dream and to escape. From entertainment to culture, being able to make films is the most magnificent experience in the world.
Many anonymous creators have proven that it's possible to dissociate a work of art from Man. It's a logical position in our time of excessive media coverage and a royal road for a whole generation of artists in search of meaning. A name is just a signature and rarity now has a real flavor.
Always respect the technicians because one day they may embark on a different destiny.
If you have nice things to say, take your time, write, erase, start again but above all avoid social networks. It's so great to receive a scented love letter in the mail.
Technology is evolving and today everyone can become their own media. It's for this reason that morons are becoming popular. But geeks will always be superior because rejected at the time, today they control the world.
The superior race is neither white nor black, it's revealed in the code which you use to look at this message.
A first love is like a first step on the moon, we never forget it.
Revolutions are no longer directly in the street, they are done on the Internet and it's the Internet that puts people on the street.
The geeks who control the Internet today will control the revolutions of tomorrow.
The value of a man is not in what he says but in what he does.
Who looks alike gathers.
Since the dawn of time, men have organized themselves into networks and the most powerful networks have always been in the shadows.
If by nature you are not an alpha person, work, study, repeat and you will become one. Intelligence and mastery of technique always win.
The only way to evolve is to always challenge the strongest.
The heart is the best adviser for a mercenary who wants to get involved and change his life.
IT security will evolve until the end of time because hackers will always push the limits. Good or not, hard to judge.
People no longer trust mass media and therefore rebel on mass social networks. Long gone are the good old movies recorded on a VCR; now bogus political opponents on Internet are the favorite and never-ending series for police services.
We aren't all from the same world but we all live on the same planet.
If one day an authoritarian regime comes to power, people who spend their time telling their stories on the Internet will have a big surprise. In several countries, the anonymity of conversations is already a fundamental rule for keeping one's life.
There is nothing more enjoyable for a director than creating certain works anonymously.
Looking through the hole in a door lock never brought the truth.
If you love a woman, give her roses. If you love several, invest in a garden.
The formation of a world government is the only possible way to impose total and lasting peace. The whole of civilization must benefit from equal rights while respecting each tradition. It's no longer conceivable that rich countries overconsume when millions of people are starving.
In life you will have several romantic adventures but there will always be one that will mark you forever. To forget your past is also to forget a part of yourself.
Time is a concept that doesn't exist and if the duration of a life were transformed in a single second, we would all be swingers.
Most wedding guests get drunk because everyone knows how it will end.
When we see the number of fake news on the Internet, we come to understand how a biblical character could have cut the sea in half.
Art is long for autodidacts but the satisfaction of a finished work provides intense emotions.
The night is the best time to put your thoughts on paper.
There is always a woman behind every great man and it's for this reason that in war men are small.
The Internet is the largest telephone in the world, and yet people are no longer talking on the streets.
The fact that no one agrees and that everyone can speak freely means that a democratic system is strong.
Going on an adventure in the middle of the night with a pretty girl and an old car, a simple road map, no phone, a film camera, that's real life.
If you are a filmmaker, never sleep with your actresses as this may cast doubt on all of your work.
If you are on the radio, you can sleep with your lovely listeners but not with the guests.
Many people think that a few hundred listeners for a web radio is not enough. It's true, but when we slept with all the most beautiful listeners, in the end it was a lot.
The profession of fiction director and that of illusionist are almost identical.
Animals don't take acting classes and yet nature plays its role perfectly.
There is nothing sexier than a woman in a military uniform.
Being an introvert isn't a disease. Under the glitter the most brilliant artists are often introverted.
Mastering the technique is the only way to success.
Courage is daring to do different things.
Being the man of a only one woman is complicated in this world but everything is still possible.
Someone who asks to like, share and comment isn't an artist but a digital sheep.
Free culture, especially music, was the first attempt to merge art and technology, however the anti-capitalist philosophy of the pioneers of this movement defeated a vision that could have been much broader. Today making free music is considered by the public as under music.
Politics should never interfere in the dissemination of art.
Diffusing a work of art that criticizes the capitalist system via the commercial system is not heresy and as long as the message is heard, there will always producers, listeners and spectators.
We who were born before the advent of the Internet have a duty to reflect deeply on the new world that currently exists only through new technologies.
Even if the film is bad, as long as there are pretty girls there will always be an audience.
The United States is ten years ahead of France and this may seem worrying for the future of politics here.
Hackers who upload data stolen from states or companies in the name of transparency or citizens who denounce various acts on social networks have a very dangerous model of society. Justice isn't the crowd.
Internet giants who legally steal user data to control their consumption habits are the worst kind of hackers.
A virus is simply a piece of code that takes root in a computer system. A work of art can also become a virus.
The world has been shaped by war for too long, and the creation of Europe was originally a beautiful love story.
Keeping anonymity in the arts is much more complicated than making a name for yourself.
Humanity has transformed the Internet into a giant celebrity press. Everyone thinks they know everything about everyone but in reality only groups of experts have access to the real information. And behind the mirror, everyone's life interests no one except advertising.
A hacker should never give in to the urge to illegally engrave his name. He must take the way of the arts.
Mercenaries are often philosophers.
A great project as always from scratch in a garage.
If you want to be a great cook, you take lessons and you work your technique in the shade for years. If you want instant results, you go in a fast food restaurant.
In France, we like to drink, eat, make love and go on strike.
Faced with extremes, we must do everything to preserve Europe. This construction of unified countries is unique in history and we always have great anecdotes to tell simply by crossing the European borders.
If you come to Europe, you will literally meet love everywhere.
English is today a universal language but it remains less powerful than the french tongue.
In all cultures and in all countries, women are beautiful and that is a positive point to unify the whole world.
War unifies a whole country just as the arrival of a child unifies a family. Always choose to build a family.
Religions aren't necessarily in agreement, but to find the woman of your life, you still have to try several.
You can have dozens and dozens of relationships in a lifetime, you will always remember one person.
If you meet great love in life it will mark you forever. And if you are the man of one woman, avoid failure.
The name Sarah means princess. If one day you come across a Sarah, make sure you are a prince because in this courtyard the vultures are numerous and the appetites are fierce.
In life, we wear all armor, but only the experience and courage of a warrior really display it.
If you want to become popular or seek celebrity at all costs, drop it all. Take care of the people you love in the present moment or later you risk becoming an artist.
It is very important to make the public discover what we really think or behind the scenes of a project, because if one day we sell pancakes, we can say "before I did something else".
If you are preparing for a war like nobody has ever seen, it causes time and money but if in the end art really triumphs with a positive message then you always come out the winner.
Geeks, cam girls and all marginal hackers may not have a background in acting but they have the right to express themselves and when you film panthers in their natural environment, the final work never cheats.
The Internet brings together all of humanity and behind this large mirror, the panthers, snakes and wolves aren't just pseudonyms. And only art can stage all of these instincts.
We have built a totally false digital world, users present themselves on their best day to impress or for their career but the truth is elsewhere.
80% of opinions on the Internet are completely false, but you will never escape the philosophy of true underground geeks.
Large producers find future talent on streaming sites and small producers find their stars on cam girls' sites.
We shouldn't judge an independent woman who has had a difficult career and prostitutes herself on the street or who performs on the Internet.
The mafia is invisible in the street, invisible on the Internet but it is present everywhere.
If France legalized prostitution it would better protect girls and give them more rights. It remains easy to understand especially since all our politicians are perverts.
Money, sex and power have always been intertwined. Having power is no fun if you can't take advantage and nobody works for free.
You cannot change a pervert who has power but can always pervert a pervert.
The subtlety of a good film takes its essence in an infinite variation of tears and laughter.
A good quote is always timeless.
When journalists are no longer doing their job, refuse interviews.
Writing is the most noble art because it requires the least means.
Mass surveillance isn't a subject for conspirators, it's a reality in all developed countries. The average people who do not disturb the power are also concerned but in the end everyone doesn't care. To give up part of freedom for more security is only a total illusion. And if a state doesn't directly control its citizens, for example in China, it will catch up with access to the databases of digital giants. So our system is indirectly identical to that of China.
All of the best hacker groups with significant results are hired directly or indirectly by governments. They are like mercenaries with a big budget and always under the control of a state. A government that will obviously deny if the guys get caught. In this kind of case, the geeks do not have access to defense secrets, it's only money that is king.
Most of the time hackers do not know who they are working for, but depending on the budget, equipment, salary and the nature of the work, there are only two possibilities: a government or a company. The mafia or terrorist enterprise often announces the color. But the biggest trade remains industrial espionage.
To express oneself, a painter attaches as much importance to the grammage of the paper, to the choice of colors, to the quality of the brush as to the final work.
When technology is everywhere and philosophy is nowhere, you can succeed.
If you know a sexy hacker woman around you who has never hacked you, then you can marry her.
Contrast is always one of the keys to success. And today the contrast is in the underground.
Our duty is to awaken the undergound and to show people that the philosophy of geeks, marginalized, rejected, visionaries is alive and well through art.
There is a good chance that some stars of tomorrow will be anonymous and recognized only by their art.
For a film to work in the cinema, the public must fall in love with an actor and his interpretation, but who tells you that this actor really exists in the future ? With artificial intelligence, the machines are already singing, so why not recreate a synthetic character.
Making a film by mixing unprofessional actors, hackers, cam girls and a whole diverse fauna is always a risky bet but as the roots are deep, it can always be a testimony of the old world which was ahead of its time.
We must adapt the philosophy of the pioneers of free culture to the trading system.
The one who is interested in your life is either a friend, a future love, or a traitor. In any case, you will only know it over time.
The best career for a geek is after a while to leave this world to get closer to nature. To make goat cheese or ham, to grow organic vegetables, raise animals, travel or to make films, whatever.
A tiger in a zoo has exactly the same instinct as a tiger in the wild.
Over time, we have strayed too far from nature and it will not fail to remind us.
Whether scientists are wrong about global warming or not, we must listen to the most pessimistic about the future of our unique planet.
Politicians are always everywhere but strangely in art and culture there is never anyone. They may be waiting for something disturbing to open their big mouths.
The world has always been so beautiful and so creative that for art lovers, even after thousands of lives of discovery we could still marvel.
We must never judge the past with today's eyes.
Having an awakened consciousness means being able to understand that everyone has a different awakened consciousness.
Exploring the Deep Net is a bit like diving into the Mariana Trench. It takes a mind of steel and a solid technology to withstand the pressure.
Mass media isn't responsible for mass stupidity when everyone has the power to press the off button.
Mastering the art of disappearing is much more complex than mastering the art of appearing. It's a great luxury to be able to work in the shadows and recognition always comes from others.
A free people is a people who think.
Secrets are always kept by important people in a company therefore all executives in absolutely all sectors must be aware of the basics of computer security but not only. Exploiting human flaws to get results is also a very effective technique. The love of an evening can ruin a business as much as the corruption of an employee.
Communication always represents the packaging of a product and even if the product is bad as long as the customer appropriates the packaging, you can sell absolutely everything you want.
The elites always rub shoulders with the elites and the only way to change that, is to integrate into the elites.
Whatever you do, never forget that the image must remain precious.
The Marianas Net is nothing other than some super calculators that are thirty years ahead of public technologies and connected to a network that is much more powerful than the Internet. The difference in perspective is as impressive as a commercially purchased telescope and a telescope that costs tens of millions of euros.
The one who live on social media will perish on social media.
Loyalty to a philosophy will always have more power than loyalty to an artist.
A work of art must always be superior to its creator. The life of the man behind is of little interest because it is exactly the same as everyone else.
The unification of absolutely all the countries of the world with a single world government is the only way for lasting peace.
He who knows how to listen before speaking will be listened to when he speaks.
Political ideas, money, love and sex are intimate subjects and it has nothing to do on social networks.
Seduction is a game played by two types of people : The manipulators and the future love of your life.
Nature is an endless variation of sex and violence and feelings have little place in the food chain.
Real independence doesn't exist because in reality everything is connected together.
Anonymity allows us to retain elements of truth in everything around us.
When love gives wings, the birds sing and the phoenixes become eternal.
The real quest for life is to be happy. A happy artist will never be a good artist.
Light in light is invisible and the scars of the past or a dark environment give birth to the most beautiful stars.
An artist will always seek love just as a business man will seek profit.
Falling in love with an artist is like falling in love with a prostitute. In any case, it's not a problem of judgment but of choice of life.
Loyalty is the foundation of the anonymous philosophy.
The success is a small paragraph in a draft of ten thousand pages.
If you have important topics to report but nobody cares, stay in entertainment.
The progress of science will one day give birth to a new religion.
The principles of unity and duality of Yin and Yang are universal. This is verified by observing the nature, human behavior and even the binary code of software.
The real will is to never give in to the trend and always stay the course. A boat captain doesn't follow the wind, but uses it to advance towards his destination.
Following the trend and being carried away by the sea is like finding yourself stranded among the rubbish on an abandoned beach.
An open question is nothing more than a subtle reflection to obtain a closed answer.
If our private data is looted by digital giants then the French government is responsible for this situation.
The digital life of French citizens should be stored on French servers while being protected by French laws. It's no longer conceivable that our culture, our art or century-old works containing "nude" are censored on the networks.
It's no longer possible to place an awakened French citizen or artist under the domination of American algorithms. Freedom of expression must adapt to the different cultures that make up humanity as a whole. Dominant positions are never eternal.
When you leave the surface of the Internet, there is a gigantic ecosystem of independent artists. It's all the magic of technology that comes alive.
Just because millions of people make a mistake doesn't mean that all of this doesn't remain a mistake.
Predicting that the world will change is obvious, knowing what isn't a matter of clairvoyance but of algorithms.
In the art world, take your time especially if there is a real philosophy behind it. If people don't like philosophy, there will always be pretty girls.
Sociology is a fundamental discipline for all contemporary artists.
Time will always be a precious friend for the student.
Without culture no man becomes great or eternal.
If the people attached great importance to innovative ideas and creation rather than gossip and futile stories, we would have an advanced civilization of several thousand years.
No human being is smarter than another human being. Learning is a matter of will and context. The real culprits of widespread ignorance are the men who govern. They are responsible for water, oxygen, food, entertainment and their goldfish in the aquarium.
So offer a mirror to the one who governs and who treats his people as "nothing".
To be good at a discipline, you have to experience real pleasure in training.
The creator of the game of Go is an unknown person, an anonymous surrounded by legends who invented the most complex strategy game in the world thousands of years ago.
The best way to beat a machine is to unplug it.
The day when we will see "machine lives matter" demonstrations isn't so far away.
Our era marks the collective memory of the Internet and the digitization of all of Humanity's data. Civilization will never be the same again, but many legends will be born anyway. What we think and write today will remain visible for eternity. Think about the men of the future before you talk about your cat.
Social networks have reinvented the hamster wheel that spins around in a vacuum in its cage.
The man who is bitten by a dog is likely to fear them all his life. The man who is kissed by a stranger will know love forever.
Cryptocurrencies are no longer just for experts. They are marginalized by the traditional financial system and represent safe havens. They are a barometer capable of anticipating a possible financial storm. In the future, all transactions will be digital and states will have their own sovereign digital currencies. As long as governments do not ban independent cryptocurrencies with a communist mathematical model, it will always be worth investing.
An unknown warrior who enters the arena for the first time, defeats all of his adversaries one by one under the cries of joy of a hysterical crowd, then leaves without uttering a word towards distant lands. Here is the poetry of the anonymous.
Anyone with eclectic tastes in art knows the way of openness and reason.
Everyone is free to believe and think what they want, but the letters to write this sentence have indeed been invented by man.
Better to have a small, secret community of smart people than the other way around.
The advantage of the philosophy of geeks is that if the art project is good, you can still finance it via the big cryptocurrency platforms.
When an anonymous person is condemned to success, he will never experience disappointment.
A mercenary will always appreciate communist algorithms that lead to capitalism. It's not about morale, but rather the puzzle of the chicken or the egg that comes first.
Conquest and space research will surely one day answer the big question we all ask ourselves. The infinity of the universe is unfortunately today only a source of reverie. A discovery would inevitably change our outlook. Some hackers who have penetrated government agencies believe they have found evidence but as the skeptic will say, the evidence remains to be proven.
A confirmed and passionate hacker will seek by all means to satisfy his quest for knowledge even if the subject may seem silly. And unexplained stuff that roams the sky isn't a plot but a reality.
The universe and the human mind are endless and there are never bad questions until there are answers.
Always prefer bridges to walls.
Whoever invites you to stop being a sheep will make you another sheep.
No one can attack the true anonymous philosophy when it's embodied in art.
The only freedom that cannot be taken away from a man is the freedom to study.
The Internet is now a technology for finding a girlfriend for one night, shopping for the week, booking vacations and that's it. The elites have long deserted the surface.
People in hiding aren't necessarily weird. At one time it was even normal.
If many people believe in fake news and conspiracies on social media, the real culprits are the creators of its major platforms.
Today, information is far more valuable than money.
If you want to make a good clip, make a clip with everything that is forbidden on social media while respecting the legality.
To resist for freedom is to accept being censored for just a breast. And the free woman who isn't accepted here will go elsewhere. And there are many.
We need a new world order that clarifies global freedom of expression.
In the digital domain in France, our freedom of expression is under the domination of American algorithms. So let them make a little effort and at least accept our naked women.
Someone who knows how to make a website, who uses a simple e-mail address, who knows how to edit his own videos is much more interesting than any moron who enriches giant networks for likes.
If a certain marginality consists in not accepting the pseudo freedom that we are offered then be proud to be marginal. Banish all that is public, cherish your private projects and parties and compartmentalize everything.
The difference is a wealth when the desire to open up to the rest of the world is shared.
Live in the present, always defend your convictions, perfect your art and mark your era.
Today, a single hashtag can ruin a whole career and the reverse doesn't exist. Never forget this.
Being different doesn't make you unique; you are just different because at the base we are all unique.
A mercenary always defends anti-capitalists as long as he is well paid for the work.
In the light the artist is a resistant and in the night the artist is a mercenary.
The man at war in the blood; it's as much written on the monuments to the dead as in the codes of computer programs.
Woman who's screaming, woman already in your bed.
Even if it makes the heart better, having children isn't the priority of mercenaries.
Creating a work of art is the only true means of total expression. Internet censorship is secondary if one leaves the Internet and cinema must remain cinema.
An artist who doesn't push the limits isn't an artist, he is just a technician.
The best encounters are always in the most unlikely places.
If your parents aren't famous, you will be able to make a name for yourself more easily.
The one who cultivates the mystery will keep a real charm forever.
If people think there is some duality in you, tell them that even at night the sun still exists.
The positive and the negative aren't opposites but they are complementary because if one deletes another one no longer exists. The quest for absolute happiness begins with understanding this.
The real path in life is to shed some light when society is a little dark and stay in the night when everything is about going well.
Man is identical to a dominant and dominated pack of wolves. But if you ever come across a hungry tiger, you're done.
The balance is always precarious and if in France you don't yet have an "Fiche S.", it's because the government doesn't really worry.
It's better to be in the center of a circle than at the top of a pyramid.
There is nothing better than meritocracy to be able to rise.
Silences in a conversation are just as important as things not discussed.
Collective intelligence really exists in a small group of a maximum of ten people. Beyond that, it's impossible to take deep and ingenious decisions. Small groups will be more efficient and will always go further than large ones.
Red-haired women are rare and therefore precious. They are the most beautiful women in the world.
When you are poor you love your friends and when you are rich you love your friends too. In any case, you will always defend them. If you look at the top of a pyramid from the bottom you will see plots everywhere but the truth is just a friendship story.
France is one of the most beautiful democracies and everything must be done to protect it.
Cross the border of one country and what was illegal in your country will become legal elsewhere.
People who experienced pre-digital civilization did not be dinosaurs, they just knew how to live.
The future belongs to the one who gets up early, but as money never sleeps, cherish the night too.
Robots are beginning to replace low-skilled trades and in several years even scientists will become the slaves of their own machines.
Whoever says that one day it will rain knows the future because one day it will really rain.
Never have sex in a public place ! There are cameras everywhere.
By taking and analyzing a sample of uninhibited people discussing politics on social media, it's possible to anticipate the results of an election.
Today's hackers are looking for a quarter of an hour of anonymity, the privacy of a bygone era.
In any environment and in any social class you will always meet people who do not feel out of place. Cherish these people for they will bring you so much.
A revolution must take place in peace, in joy, in sharing and in the love of a common project.
The mass media don't like happy people. Go out, be happy, party and invite journalists to your table.
In reality, everything that is free comes at a very high price.
You have to be a righteous person and have a solid ethic to decide whether or not to accept the rules.
The art of being able to express oneself anonymously while affixing one's signature is the supreme art.
The great of this world are already around us and we will see it much later.
Very often we realize what we have lost too late. The ability to turn the page, forget and rebuild is a real science. Everyone writes their own story and art involves sacrifices.
So many women want to be loved, end up in your sheets that you end up losing your own values. This is surely the real price of freedom.
Even when surrounded, extreme solitude makes it possible to understand and analyze what others don't see. It's a gift for those who will benefit from it.
When many men of peace shine in the night, the day finally dawns.
A man who pursues a thousand battles is an expert in nothing.
The soul mate exists, it's obvious. She exists.
Love is the only thing that can transform a man. Even though there is no school, this is something everyone should know about.
Your life and your image must remain precious. Never give it away for free on social media.
If you have the money you have the power and when you have the power you have a wife who loves money.
True values are neither in wealth nor in poverty, they are simply in the heart.
If you understand the system around you and have a real urge, you can do whatever you want.
In a superficial world, always look for the natural. The future will reverse the trend.
We should not take its reality for a truth. To understand you have to study.
The past teaches us that nothing is eternal and that if everyone is in the same place today, the people of tomorrow will be elsewhere.
Live in the present, fight in the present and the future will judge whether your struggles are worthy of being engraved in the past.
A serious autodidact must one day move towards people who have the knowledge and the technique.
It's impossible to succeed without a good lawyer because in the world of show business there are only sharks. If nobody attacks you then you are nobody.
Man improves machines and one day machines will improve man. It's an indomitable law of our nature.
About 1% of the information published on the web is really interesting, everything else is just a huge supermarket with no product free. If you don't buy or sell anything, you are wasting your time.
Influencers are modern day prostitutes, people who believe they are important with their communities but who can disappear with a few clicks. Art has no place in the general conditions of use.
You can study the history of art for a hundred years, the digital age is now. And in a hundred years it's possible that we will pass for primitives and the anonymous of today even more (or less).
Business is played out in seconds, art has no date or time. A happy date is when the two meet.
People who gossip to you a lot about other people are unreliable.
God is anonymous, no one knows his phone number or his address and yet many people turn to him.
Anyone who appreciates poetry knows the reality of the world. Anyone who knows the reality of the world is a mercenary.
The wheel is still turning, it's just a matter of size, speed and above all direction.
The most important thing isn't to participate but to win.
Those who ignore politics and mind their own business are more likely to be happy.
A good director doesn't tell actresses to undress, they do it themselves.
There are only two kinds of people who wear a mask, executioners and heroes.
Whoever accepts censorship on the networks and doesn't have the courage to close his accounts doesn't deserve the label of artist.
Whoever accepts that hatred and fake news proliferate on the networks and doesn't have the courage to close his accounts doesn't deserve the label of artist.
Resistance isn't in the messages that you read everywhere but in the code that allows you to read the messages somewhere.
If you want to exist, pretend nothing exists.
Anyone who gathers a crowd around anger deserves to be neither a guide nor a leader.
The only poetry that can be extracted from a world where technology is omnipresent is that of hackers. The old world, the one dating from before the digital age was so sincere and wonderful that to find it you just need to press the off button. All those people who live to appear will only disappear and only true art will show the way. The artist of the future will master the computer code just as the painter handled the brush.
Is against any form of "cancel culture", especially in the media. Archives must remain archives.
People complain about haters on social media, and they're right. However, tech-savvy haters on darknets are definitely on a higher level.
The heart is like light when the night comes you feel really well surrounded.
Fight against hate and disinformation, close your facebook.
Fight against hate and disinformation, open books (and close your facebook).
Fight against your dopamine, close your facebook, learn to code and become free.
Fight against your dopamine, close your facebook, love cryptocurrencies, make independant films and become really free.
Fight facebook, learn to code, love cryptocurrencies and make independant projects.
Fight youtube, learn to code, love cryptocurrencies and make independant projects.
Fight twitter, learn to code, love cryptocurrencies and make independant projects.
Fight microsoft (Linux for ever), learn to code, love cryptocurrencies and make independant projects.
Fight against disinformation on living people, close wikipedia..
Fight against the French government which sold our digital freedom of expression to the United States.
Fight against the Ministry of Culture in France which doesn't care about the condition of artists.
We are going to become number one because today, absolutely all artists are going digital, but we were there before and for a very long time.
We will become number one because we are 11 years ahead of the current trend. Time for us is luxury
We will become number one because we work in the shadows and that every day that passes we lay a stone like in the game of Go.
We will become number one because for autodidacts, taking the time to make films is exactly the same time as to become seasoned hackers. We have chosen the path of cinema.
We will become number one because for autodidacts, taking the time to become seasoned hackers is exactly the same thing for making films. we chose as the first option the cinema.
The one with the real power is not you or me but the person between us but ultimately by telling you this I am also in the middle.
We all need to exist but choosing social networks is the worst choice because you can work for years to have thousands of followers, us in a few minutes we can delete everything or add thousands of friends to you. So chose the royal road.
The royal road is to inspire the underground.
The royal road is to give the opium that the people wait for to be able to dream, to enjoy, to reflect or to escape.
The royal road is also to show that if you feel like an outsider, you too can be successful.
The royal road always comes from anonymous people who dared.
In the street all the cats are naked.
Since the surfarce, all tigers are in fact kittens. To find real tigers, you have to venture into little-known territories.
When we know that money never sleeps, the future doesn't necessarily belong to the one who gets up early.
An invisible artist is an accomplished artist. He has the luxury of being able to go everywhere and above all to keep his feet on the ground.
You don't know the people behind a screen, you know them through their hard drives.
You might not like an artist, you just need to change the radio station. On the other hand, a politician who wants to change society in times of peace, we have a duty to listen to him and especially never to appreciate him.
Before using a hard drive, make sure that there is no more room in your brain.
The real power is knowing when a pot will be full and investing in the empty pot.
Considers that the arrival of the Internet and unlimited knowledge should have developed the IQ of the whole population.
Omnipresence is a concept that makes a thing or a person lose all value. Politics or mass marketing needs omnipresence, but under the packaging the product is uninteresting. There is no mass product that can remain useful over time.
In the new world, ease is an illusion, always choose difficulty.
Information on the Internet that doesn't make money is useless information.
People on mass social media often have "information from reliable sources" but strangely none of it makes money.
Today it doesn't move anyone that cryptocurrency was initially used by the mafias.
As you stroll down the most beautiful avenue in the world, remember that just below are the sewers, electrical networks and telecommunication cables. Think about this and you will start to think like a hacker.
If in order to be happy in your life you are looking for something that doesn't exist, you have two choices; either you persist or you change.
Intensive repetition is the key to any mastery.
We can react with emotion when behind there is a real reflection and we know that history will repeat itself.
If people talk about you in the third person singular, let them talk unless it's your banker.
If a woman doesn't really know you yet and starts loving you then you can love her and tell her who you are.
The more mass networks fight against fake news by removing content, the more they radicalize a part of the population (8%) that is already totally indoctrinated. These people aren't disappearing, they are just going elsewhere. They are a real security threat.
The values ​​of the French Republic in the digital world are directly subcontracted by the Americans.
Transhumanism will be the next greatest revolution of all time.
We need to strengthen Europe with a lot more major European media. So far, the national television media in France hardly ever talk about our European neighbors. This is a fundamental error which in no way contributes to the cohesion of the European project.
Trade secrets as well as state secrets always lead to fake news influencers. However, conspiracy isn't a totally mistaken notion when considering history.
The total digitization of the whole of society is identical to the rearmament of Germany under the Third Reich. At the time, few people understood the danger. The wars of the future will be fought here.
Even if you take all the best computer security engineers in the world, the war is lost. Our digital footprints are now everywhere.
If people cared more about the depth of technology rather than the surface, the world would be quite different.
The habit doesn't make the monk but it opens the doors of the monastery.
Give five stars to your driver, your delivery man, your hotel, your restaurant, your cinema, your hairdresser... If this is not a form of social control then what is it ? The Internet has become an open-air recycling center which also deserves five stars.
The environment of underground networks will always remain superior to anything visible on the surface because everything visible on the surface is born in underground networks. Whoever seeks glory on the surface will sink like a stone without ever marking the history of the new world.
Artists who waddle on Youtube clips with Ferraris don't have Ferraris. When you have money, you don't waddle. You dance le mia.
The power to vote is a concept that will always be an illusion for the poor.
As long as people will live and think differently, democracy will always be a source of conflict. But as long as people will live and think differently, we will never be a dictatorship. The keeper of this system is money.
The way to total openness is synonymous with chaos. The way to total closure is synonymous with chaos. In politics, the middle way, which must combine with both at a precise moment, is the way of reason.
France is a large community of people who live in communitarianism.
The arms race will never lead to long-term peace and one day someone will start a new global conflict.
The 90s rappers' messages of tolerance, peace and respect have given way today to something akin to egocentric shit. Frankly, you have to live in the sewers to listen to that.
In France, absolutely everything is centralized in Paris. However, Paris didn't invent the cryptocurrencies which are used to finance a film, nor invented the platforms which are used to distribute it. And if you ask an American or a Chinese what their favorite French film is, you may wait a long time for the answer. If France was the beacon of Humanity, Paris is today just a candle that is placed in Lourdes for world cinema.
Feminists are never surprised that in French the word "rose" is feminine and that the words "restaurant," cinema", "gift", "wallet" are masculine.
Large corporations that turn the lives of ordinary citizens into a consumer product aren't forgivable.
You earn a living honestly by offering a product and not by turning people into a product. What does an unscrupulous ruler do when he himself becomes the product of his own creation ? He is investing millions in his own security.
When a part of the citizens adheres to utterly stupid speeches of the part of the politicians, it's understandable that subsequently the elites take a part of the citizens for morons.
Anyone looking for an audience on mass social media is like low-end prostitutes.
To say that intelligence can do without culture isn't a sign of intelligence.
In the future we will be able to work, have fun, learn and even make love from a distance. The brain and its neural connections are the ultimate quest of the digital giants.
No small country or even a group of countries like Europe will be able to regain its digital sovereignty because it is now too late. France is doomed to make cheese and wine for a very long time to come.
Anyone who wants to turn human beings into a simple consumer product deserves all-out war.
We are living in the best time when every person, starting from nothing, can become a millionaire.
All the hatred that emanates from the medium is proportional to all the love we put into our art.
Whoever decides now to stop communicating, to study and to put everything he has in his heart on film will open the doors to new art. Knowing how to keep the mystery is the only real wealth of our time.
We see clearly, we love clearly, we produce clearly.

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