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Episode Recap: Supernatural - 1.06: "Skin"

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St Louis, Missouri. Police stop Dean (Jensen Ackles) and tell him to drop the knife. One week earlier: Dean: "Sam (Jared Padalecki) wears women's underwear." Is the first line Dean utters. Sam's reading some e-mails from his Stanford friends. Dean jibes him about keeping secrets. Sam: "I just don't tell them everything." On a job like this, it's not wise to get close to people. Sam's told them he needs time alone and is on a road trip with his brother. Dean calls that lying. Leading Dean onto his fave topic, when he asks, "Is she hot?" Sam mentions Rebecca (Amy Grabow) and her brother Zach's (Aleks Holtz) been charged with murder. He was arrested for killing his girlfriend. Dean: "What kind of people do you hang out with?" Same kind Dean does, but it's all part of the job for him. Rebecca tells them Zach came home and found his girlfriend in the chair,
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