Best Of ‘Breaking Bad’ (part 1)- 15 Greatest Episodes – Watch The Most Memorable Moments


Season 4, Episode 2: Thirty-Eight Snub

Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Written by George Mastras

Thirty Eight Snub features two memorable scenes. No one can forget Walt receiving a fist to the eye and a half a dozen kicks to the midsection from Mike the Cleaner. Mike is a man of few words, and speaks only to avoid trouble and make his job less complicated, but when Mike speaks, his words are heard and heard loud:

“Do yourself a favour and learn to take yes for an answer.” -Mike

The other unforgettable scene featured Walt purchasing a gun from Lawson. The dialogue in this scene was reminiscent of a Tarantino film or a Elmore Leonard novel: “Some call it a moral right, I do include myself within that class … If you’re not a convicted felon, you might be best advised to bear your arms within the confines of the law.”

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