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Top 100 Christmas TV episodes of all time: 20 - 1




It's the final entry in Wesley's top 100 Christmas TV episodes of all time list, numbers 20 to 1. Merry Christmas to all!

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Since the medium’s infancy, viewers have enjoyed sharing holidays with their favourite television characters. We grow invested in our friends on screen over the years; spending Christmas with them is a rite of passage, a chance for us to share tradition from our world with the fictional ones we see on screen. Some shows embrace the season wholeheartedly, characters in good spirits and enjoying the trappings of the season; others skew a little darker, bringing the more oppressive, burdensome side of the holidays to life. Either way, Christmas episodes tend to demonstrate the strengths of our favourite series, and it’s long been a festive ritual of mine to wheel out old
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Lark Rise to Candleford: the end is nigh

We will miss the costume drama soap-opera and its endless telegram deliveries and matching millinery – but perhaps this was the right time for Lark Rise to depart our screens

So who else is tearing out their ringlets over the demise of Lark Rise to Candleford, which comes to an end this weekend? On Sunday evening we'll give the last tip of our moth-eaten top hats to Twister, the decrepit but well-meaning layabout whose cider-fuelled charisma made toothlessness seem almost desirable, and raise a final restorative glass of port to Dorcas Lane, the postmistress with the most expressive eyebrows in all of 19th century Oxfordshire.

After four series, Lark Rise's demise is hardly sudden. But following viewer complaints, BBC1 controller Danny Cohen has had to defend his decision to axe the show, saying he wants it to go out on a high. (Viewing figures have hovered around 7 million.) In its place?
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