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  • (1900 - 1931) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1900) Stage Play: San Toy. Musical comedy. Music by Sidney Jones. Lyrics by Harry Greenbank and Adrian Ross. Book by Edward Morton. Featuring songs by L. S. Potter. Daly's Theatre: 1 Oct 1900- 24 Nov 1900 (65 performances). Cast: Minnie Ashley, Elgie Bowen, Joseph Cauto, Marie Celeste, Wilfred Clarke, George K. Fortescue, Henry Girard, Joseph Goodrowe, Carolyn Gordon, Frances Gordon, Isobel Hall, Mary Kier, Stella Krum, Nora Lambert, Sarony Lambert, Jean Newcombe, Robert M. O'Neill, Jeannette Palmer, James T. Powers, Virginia Randolph, George A. Roarke, W.W. Scott, Melville Stewart, Elsie Thorne, J.L. Weber, Marie Welch, Flora Zabelle [Broadway debut]. Produced by Daniel Frohman.
  • (1901) Stage Play: The Messenger Boy. Musical comedy. Music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton. Book by James T. Tanner and Alfred Murray. Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank. Musical Director: Louis F. Gottschalk. Additional music by T.W. Conner, Paul Rubens and Bert Brantford. Additional lyrics by T.W. Conner, Paul Rubens, James T. Powers, Leslie Mayne and Harry Boden. Scenic Design by Joseph Harker and T.E. Ryan. Directed by Herbert Gresham. Daly's Theatre: 16 Sep 1901- 4 Jan 1902 (128 performances). Cast: Agnes Blake (as "Wadleigh Chorus"), Rachel Booth (as "Rosa"), Georgia Caine (as "Nora"), Helen Chichester (as "Dorothy Majoribanks"), Armand Cortes (as "Dedong"), Harold C. Crane (as "Lord Punchestown"), Leonora Crum (as "Chorus"), Herbert Darley (as "Mr. Trotter/Purser"), George De Long (as "Comte de Fleury"), Miss Fanchonette (as "Pepita"), Tom Hadaway (as "Professor Phunckwitz"), George Heath (as "Mr. Tudor Pyke"), George Honey (as "Hooker Pasha"), Jobyna Howland (as "Lord Punchestown), Bertha Hunter (as "Chorus"), Harry Kelly (as "Captain Pott"), John P. Kennedy (as "Captain Naylor"), Caroline Locke (as "Chorus"), Sally McNeil (as "Chorus"), Louise Murry (as "Chorus"), Paul Nicholson (as "Cosmos Bey"), John B. Park (as "Clive Radnor"), James T. Powers (as "Tommy Bang"), George Pullman (as "Chorus"), Florence Redmond (as "Chorus"), May Robson (as "Mrs. Bang"), Abner Seymour (as "Chorus"), J.W. Styles (as "Chorus"), Hattie Waters (as "Lady Winifred"), Agnes Wayburn (as "Cecilia Gower"), Dene Woodruff (as "Chorus"), Flora Zabelle (as "Isabel Blyth"). Produced by Sam Nixon and J. Fred Zimmerman.
  • (1904) Stage Play: The Yankee Consul. Opera. Music by Alfred G. Robyn. Book by Henry Martyn Blossom [credited as Henry M. Blossom Jr.]. Lyrics by Henry Martyn Blossom. Directed by George F. Marion. Broadway Theatre: 22 Feb 1904- 2 Jul 1904 (115 performances). Cast: Mr. Armour (as "Chorus"), Charles Books (as "Chorus"), Rose Botti (as "Papinta, her niece/Chorus"), Louise Burpee (as "Chorus"), Madge Burpee (as "Francesca/Chorus"), Estrella Carmichael (as "Inez, Sancho's wife/Chorus"), Eda Chandler (as "Chorus"), Mr. Colishaw (as "Chorus"), Lila Conquest (as "Jacinta/Chorus"), J. Parker Coombs (as "Carlos, a water carrier"), William Danforth (as "Don Rafael Deschado, Governor of Puerto Plata"), Mae Darling (as "Anita"), Eva Davenport (as "Donna Teresa Rebera-y Uruburu, a wealthy widow"), Mr. DeCourcey (as "Chorus"), Clara Eckstrom (as "Chorus"), Lillian Eldredge (as "Panilla/Chorus"), Harry Fairleigh (as "Lieutenant Jack Morrell, Commanding U.S. Gunboat"), M.C. Flavin (as "Chorus/Leonora"), Toma Hanlon (as "Chorus"), Jack E. Hazzard (as "Herr Gebubler, His Secretary"), Raymond Hitchcock (as "Abijah Booze"), Albert Juhre (as "Nunez"), Edna Marsh (as "Chorus"), J.H. McLean (as "Felipo, telegraph operator"), Sallie McNeel (as "Blanca, a bar maid/Chorus"), Basil Millspaugh (as "Rodrigo, local officer"), Gertrude O'Neil (as "Bella/Chorus"), Adelaide Orton (as "Juanita, flower girl"), Jack Pratt (as "Miguel"), Mr. Pugh (as Chorus"), Mr. Purvionce (as "Chorus"), Frank Ranney (as "Sancho, proprietor of Los Dos Toros restaurant"), Freda Rica (as "Chorus"), J. Joe Seley (as "Chorus"), Lester Templeton (as "Chorus"), Miss Turten (as "Chorus"), May Wheeler (as "Estrella, fruit girl/Chorus"), L. Whitte (as "Chorus"), Hubert Wilke (as "Captain Leopoldo, of the Dominican Army"), Sophie Witte (as "Maria/Chorus"), Flora Zabelle (as "Bonita, her daughter"). Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Yankee Consul. Opera [Return engagement]. Music by Alfred G. Robyn. Book by Henry Martyn Blossom [credited as Henry M. Blossom Jr.]. Lyrics by Henry Martyn Blossom. Directed by George F. Marion. Wallack's Theatre: 24 Jan 1905- 4 Mar 1905 (47 performances). Cast: William Danforth, Eva Davenport, John E. Hazzard, Raymond Hitchcock, Albert Parr, Joseph Ratliff, Flora Zabelle. Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1905) Stage Play: Easy Dawson. Comedy. Written by Edward E. Kidder [final Broadway credit]. Directed by George F. Marion. Wallack's Theatre: 22 Aug 1905- 7 Oct 1905 (56 performances). Cast: Miss Arnold, M. Barry, Barry & Samlo, Mr. Boyd, Nick Briglio, Earle Browne (as "Bruce Grierson"), John Bunny (as "Henry Titus"), Scott Cooper (as "Mr. Grierson"), Miss Depew, Miss Desmond, Miss Fairbanks, Grace Griswold, Julie Herne (as "Rose'), Raymond Hitchcock (as "Ripley Royal Dawson"), Miss Kent, Mr. Kramer, Jeffreys Lewis (as "Mrs. Churchill-Churchill-Brenton"), Mr. Lightner, William Martin, Mr. McCaffery, Miss Mills, Mr. Samlo, Phyllis Sherwood, Miss. Smith, Lovell Taylor, Lucy Tonge, M. Walsh, Mr. White, Flora Zabelle. Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Yankee Tourist. Musical farce.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Mascot. Musical/opera (revival).
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Man Who Owns Broadway. Musical. Book by George M. Cohan. Lyrics by George M. Cohan. Music by George M. Cohan. Based on the play "Popularity" by George M. Cohan. Music arranged by Charles J. Gebest. Musical Director: Karl Weixelbaum. Directed by George M. Cohan. New York Theatre: 11 Oct 1909- 29 Jan 1910 (128 performances). Cast: Ernest Band (as "Ensemble"), George Barber (as "Ensemble"), Grace Beaumont (as "Ensemble"), Beatrice Bertrand (as "Ensemble"), Irma Bertrand (as "Ensemble"), Marie Caldwell (as "Ensemble"), William Cody (as "Ensemble"), Johnny Dale (as "Ensemble"), Leonard Davies (as "Ensemble"), Lulu Davies (as "Ensemble"), Trixie DeWitt (as "Ensemble"), Martin Enwright (as "Ensemble"), W.J. Ford (as "Harry Hathaway, A young sport/Butler/Ensemble"), Stanley Forde (as "Anthony Bridwell, a multi-millionaire"), Edythe Gilbert (as "Ensemble"), Harry Glover (as "Ensemble"), Frances Gordon (as "Edith Wilson, Tom's sweetheart"), John Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Mary Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Harlow (as "Detective/Ensemble"), Murry Harris (as "Ensemble"), Maudie Heath (as "Ensemble"), Raymond Hitchcock (as "Sydney Lyons, a Broadway star"), William Hobbis (as "Ensemble"), Mollie Hoffman (as "Ensemble"), William Hovey (as "Ensemble"), Catherine Howland (as "Ensemble"), Rokey Johnson (as "Ensemble"), Curtis Karpe [credited as Curt Karpe] (as "Captain at Martin's/Ensemble"), Armand King (as "Starter/Ensemble"), Mabel Leichman (as "Ensemble"), Paula Leslie (as "Ensemble"), Rose Leslie (as "Ensemble"), Lora Lieb (as "Caroline Curtis, a villainess"), Sadie Livermoore (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite Loveridge (as "Ensemble"), Bonnie Luzon (as "Ensemble"), George Lydecker (as "George Burnham, a villain"), Eddie Lynn (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Lytle (as "Ensemble"), Eva Marsh (as "Ensemble"), Paul McShane (as "Ensemble"), Mary Moon (as "Ensemble"), Maude Morris (as "Anna, a maid"), Dottie Moyer (as "Ensemble"), Irene Moyer (as "Ensemble"), Frances Ross (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Shields (as "Special Officer/Ensemble"), Polly Stanley (as "Ensemble"), Leland Sterns (as "Ensemble"), Mark Sullivan (as "Andrews, a butler/Bill Robinson, Lyons' manager"), Edythe Thorne (as "Ensemble"), Charles L. Tucker (as "Ensemble"), Edward Weinberg (as "Ensemble"), Scott Welsh (as "Tom Bridwell, Anthony Bridwell's son"), Emily Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth Young (as "Ensemble"), Flora Zabelle (as "Sylvia Bridwell, Anthony Bridwell's daughter"). Produced by Cohan & Harris.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Kiss Waltz.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Pearl Maiden. Musical. Music by Harry Archer[credited as Harry Auracher]. Libretto by Earle C. Anthony and Arthur F. Kales. Musical Director: Silvio Hein. Musical Staging by James Gorman. Directed by Al Holbrook. New York Theatre: 22 Jan 1912- 10 Feb 1912 (24 performances). Cast: Burrell Barbaretto (as "Bob Norris, in love with Loraine"), Marie Benton (as "Ensemble"), Henry Bergman (as "Bilge/Alfonse, Kaliko's chef"), Winifred Browne (as "Ensemble"), Herbert A. Burnham (as "Ensemble"), Sadie Carr (as "Ensemble"), Kitty Collier (as "Ensemble"), Lottie Crossland (as "Ensemble"), Maude Crossland (as "Ensemble"), Dan Dale (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Davis (as "Ensemble"), Jefferson De Angelis (as "Pinkerton Kerr, the wireless operator, Mona Island"), Martha Dean (as "Ensemble"), L.J. De Bold (as "Cockeye Morgan"), Dorothy Dunn (as "Ensemble"), Phyllis Erroll (as "Ensemble"), Marie Farrell (as "Ensemble"), Nell Feltas (as "Ensemble"), Alice M. Gibbons (as "Ensemble"), Margie Graham (as "Ensemble"), Patsy Hamilton (as "Ensemble"), F. Holmes (as "Peg Leg Jukes, captain of Nadine's crew"), Maureen Hubin (as "Ensemble"), Thomas LeMode (as "Ensemble"), Daisy Leon (as "Talulu, Kaliko's daughter, the Cannibal Princess"), Grace Lloyd (as "Ensemble"), Walter Lysat (as "Vincenzo"), Ethel Lytle (as "Ensemble"), Albertine Marr (as "Ensemble"), Jerry McAuliffe (as "Gideon Slim, a pearl trader and adventurer"), Joe Murphy (as "Ensemble"), Gordon R. Newman (as "Ensemble"), Carrie Poltz (as "Ensemble"), Florrie Poltz (as "Ensemble"), Russell Price (as "Ensemble"), Charles Prince (as "Kaliko ,King of Powi Island"), Roy Pruette, Jr. (as "Ensemble"), Edna Richardson (as "Ensemble"), Elsa Ryan (as "Loraine, Sharpe's daughter"), Nat Saunders (as "Ensemble"), Gloria Starr (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Sterling (as "Ensemble"), Charles J. Stine (as "Veritas Sharpe, president of the International Pearl Company"), Richard Taber [credited as Richard Tabor] (as "Jack Sharp, Sharpe's son"), John W. Walker (as "Ensemble"), Ella Warner (as "Ensemble"), Davis Wheeler (as "Anaka, a native servant"), Grace Wickahm (as "Ensemble"), Fred Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Nellie Young (as "Ensemble"), Flora Zabelle (as "Nadine, the Pearl Maiden"). Produced by Weich and Aarons.
  • (1913) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1913. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Additional numbers by Gene Buck [earliest Broadway credit] and Dave Stamper. Based on material by George V. Hobart. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Additional music by Will D. Cobb, Harry Ruby, Earl Carroll and Leo Edwards. Directed by Julian Mitchell. New Amsterdam Theatre: 16 Jun 1913- 6 Sep 1913 (108 performances). Cast: Jean Barnette, Miss Beverly, Miss Bowman, Elizabeth Brice, Martin Brown, Evelyn Carlton, May Carmen, Stella Chatelaine, Eleanore Christy, Jose Collins, Miss Cooke, Jean Crane, Jessie Crane, Katherine Daly, Miss Day, Rose Dolly, Bernard Dyllyn, Leon Errol, Miss Gabrielle, Charles Gilmore, Bessie Gros, Elsie Hamilton, Josephine Harriman, Miss Hennessy, Lola Hilton, Miss Howe, Ethel Amorita Kelley, Adele La Pierre, William LeBrun, May Leslie, Hazel Lewis, Jessie Lewis, Ruby Lewis, Ian Maclaren, Miss Marsden, Margaret Morris, Florence Nugent Jerome, Ann Pennington, Charles Purdy, Murray Queen, Max Sheck, Miss St. Clair, Peter Swift, Miss Thompson, Frank Tinney, Lottie Vernon, Daisy Virginia, Miss Wardell, Bunny Wendell, Nat M. Wills, Arthur Woodley, Ernest Woods, Flora Zabelle. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Toot-Toot!. Musical comedy. Book by Edgar Allan Woolf. Based on the farce "Excuse Me" by Rupert Hughes. Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Berton Braley. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Additional lyrics by Edgar Allan Woolf and Emil Breitenfeld. Additional music by Emil Breitenfeld and Anatol Friedland [final Broadway credit]. Choreographed by Robert Marks. Scenic Design by Clifford Pember. Costume Design by Faibsey. Lighting Design by Joseph Wilson. Directed by Edgar Allan Woolf and Edward E. Rose. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 11 Mar 1918- 13 Apr 1918 (40 performances). Cast: Ernie Adams (as "Train Butcher"), Marie Ahern (as "Ensemble"), Louise Allen (as "Marjorie Newton"), Jean Anthony (as "Ensemble"), Earl Benham (as "Mr. Walter Colt"), Annette Besuden (as "Ensemble"), Norman Bryan (as "Lieutenant Flint"), Nina Calame (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Caplan (as "Ensemble"), Alma Claussen (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Cox (as "Ensemble"), Helen Donohue (as "Ensemble"), Greek Evans (as "Captain Jones/Peter Deerfoot"), Jean Fair (as "Ensemble"), Harry Fern (as "Porter"), Hazel Fox (as "Ensemble"), Edward Garvie (as "Mr. James Wellington"), Louise Groody (as "Mrs. Walter Colt"), Ben Hendricks (as "Conductor"), Helen Holcomb (as "Ensemble"), Anthony Hughes (as "Lieutenant Hudson"), Florence Johns (as "Pandora Buncombe"), Billy Kent (as "Hyperion Buncombe"), Rose Kessner, Marguerite La Pierre (as "Ensemble"), Bunola Loraine (as "Ensemble"), Donald MacDonald (as "Lieutenant Harry Mallory"), Daisy MacGlashan (as "Ensemble"), Mlle. Madriene (as "Ensemble"), Irma Marwick (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy McCord (as "Ensemble"), Hazel O'Brien (as "Ensemble"), Oskenonton (as "Indian Chief"), Alonzo Price (as "A Ballyhoo/Gambler"), Daphne Prince (as "Ensemble"), Albert Racklin (as "Karonotowanen"), Lew Renard (as "Messenger Boy"), Irene Smythe (as "Ensemble"), Snoozelums (as "Snoozelums"), Louis A. Templeton (as "Lieutenant Shaw/Minister"), Helen Ukers (as "Ensemble"), Mary Lee Webb (as "Ensemble"), Dorice Wingrove (as "Ensemble"), Clothilde Woods (as "Ensemble"), Flora Zabelle (as "Mrs. James Wellington"). Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Girl from Home. Musical/farce.

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